Boss 500 Series Compact Pedals – As Good As it Gets

Boss is perhaps the preeminent designer and constructor guitar effects, with their standard stompbox design found on almost every pedal board in the world, which is no small feat. Suffice it to say, Boss know what they’re doing.

Enter the 500 series – Boss’ powerhouse trio of standalone digital effects units. Initially released in 2017, the range comprises of the DD-500 delay, the RV-500 reverb, and the MD-500 modulation unit.

The range has been praised the world over for its outstanding sound quality, deep editing capabilities, intuitive interface, and expressive real-time control. 

Each pedal in the 500 series feature class-leading 32-bit AD/DA converters and 32-bit/96 kHz audio quality, a wide selection of highly musical effects algorithms, and much more. Let’s take an in-depth look at each pedal in the range!

The BOSS DD-500 Digital Delay

The DD-500 features 12 different delay modes, crafted for a unique sonic personality and highly musical tones for every setting. Included are basic single and dual digital delays, warm analog and tape echo types, pattern-based effects, and complex modern delay lines that employ pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique digital processing. The DD-500 also includes a Vintage Digital mode, which offers spot-on emulations of sought-after classics including the SDE-2000, SDE-3000, and the DD-2.

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The BOSS RV-500 Reverb

The incredibly powerful RV-500 puts a world-class studio reverb processor at your feet. It offers 12 modes and 21 reverb types, providing everything from standard room, hall, and plate reverbs to shimmer, non-linear, fast decay, SFX, and more. Also available is authentic recreations of two classic Roland products: the SRV-2000 rack reverb from the 1980s, and the RE-201 Space Echo, one of the most revered tape echo units ever made.

Each reverb type includes a huge selection of sound-shaping tools to tweak, including modulation, ducking, EQ, and more. And thanks to the RV-500’s powerful DSP, you can also access a full-featured digital delay with modulation along with every reverb patch!

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The BOSS MD-500 Modulation

Offering 12 modes and 28 different modulation types, the versatile MD-500 houses just about any modulation effect you’d want in one compact stompbox. Included are Boss’ famous CE-1 chorus and Roland’s legendary Dimension D, modern Boss classics like Slicer and Overtone, and flanger, tremolo, phaser, vibe, ring mod, and more.

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