Black Panther Equinox

The snare drum is the most played drum in your kit and is, therefore, one of the things that will most influence your tone. Does your snare stand up to the tone test? Or is it time to upgrade to a Mapex Black Panther Equinox?

The Black Panther Equinox snare is a great looking, awesome sounding snare drum that will help define your tone and help you to stand out. In a world full of drummers, having an outstanding tone could make the difference between getting that gig or being passed over for it!

Want to try an Equinox snare out for yourself? Get in contact and we’ll arrange something for you.

Rock-hard Maple Snare with Big Cat Snarl

The Mapex Black Panther Equinox Snare features a North American maple shell, reinforcement rings, and the classic styling of single-flanged hoops, which evoke musical traditions with modern execution.

It also has 10-lug hoops that give you secure, tight resonance; Puresound premium snare wires for an extra-defined rattle; a Cylinder-drive strainer for a smooth throw off with a tactile click; and SoniClear bearing edges that give a classically dark, throaty rock flavour. This drum possesses the controlled articulation needed to amplify the most subtle ghost notes, coupled with a bright and open presence at full volume.

Mapex Black Panther Design Lab 14” Equinox Snare Features:

  • All-maple shell and reinforcement rings produce warm, guttural, rock-edged response
  • 10-lug hoops solidly secure your heads to the SoniClear bearing edges and preserve your tone
  • SoniClear bearing edges seat heads perfectly and ensures a more musical pitch across all tunings
  • Puresound premium snare wires are super-sensitive and provide a consistently responsive rattle
  • Cylinder-drive strainer is self-lubricating and gives a clean throw off with a tactile, reassuring click

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