Bass Guitar Effects: Breathe New Tonal Life Into Your Bass Rig

Bass Guitar Effects: Breathe New Tonal Life Into Your Bass Rig

Are you on the market for some bass guitar effects, but aren’t sure where to start?  We take a look at some bass guitar effects pedals and how to select the perfect effects to add to your rig.

Decide What You Need

Setting up your bass rig takes as much thought as buying your bass. Sure, there are some great effects pedals on the market – but will they work for your sound, genre, and style?

Just because a pedal is the best in its class, that doesn’t mean that you need to add it to your rig. You still need to imagine where the effect will work in your current playlist and consider future songs you might want.

You also need to decide between a multi-effects pedal and a single stompbox. If you’re looking for a reverb pedal, then a stand-alone pedal might give you more options. But if you need chorus, reverb, delay, overdrive and more, then a multi-effects pedal works out cheaper, and you can get all your effects in one shopping trip.

Benefits of a Multi-effects pedal


If you want something that can handle almost anything you throw at it, then you should consider a multi-effects unit.


If you’re the kind of player who wants to use more than one or two effects, single stompboxes can take up more room. With a multi-effects unit, you can rest assured that your footprint on stage will be much smaller.

Ease of portability and setup

Once you’ve got your multi-effects pedal dialled in, you can setup your playing rig in seconds. No longer will you need to consider the order that your pedals are in, you won’t need to worry about carrying extra patch cables, and your chance of losing something is diminished.

Ideal for recording

Most modern, high-quality multi-effects pedals have line-out options onboard. That means that when it comes time to record, all you need to do is plug your pedal into the sound card and start playing. What could be easier?

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Benefits of Single Stomp Boxes

More Tonal Control

For the most part, single stompboxes often offer more options when it comes to fine-tuning a specific effect. If you want the best delay, a dedicated delay pedal will often have more options than an entry level multi-effects pedal.

Specific Tones

Just like all beers taste slightly different, all effects pedals sound somewhat different. If you are a tonal purist and want the perfect effect for every song, then you are most likely going to want a variety of pedals from a variety of manufacturers. With single stomp boxes, you can dial in the exact tone you want.

Cheaper Entry Point

A world-class distortion pedal will cost less than a multi-effects pedal with a similar distortion tone. So if you’re on a budget, and don’t want to save for a multi-effects pedal, you can buy a new single stompbox every couple of months when your finances allow for it.

Easier to Use

Do you want your rig to be simple? Does the idea of reading a 300-page instruction manual fill you with dread and boredom? With a single stompbox, all you need to do is plug it in and kick it on.

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