Alto Professional Live 1604 16-Channel Mixer

Alto Professional Live 2404 Mixer

If you’re in the market for a professional mixer that can handle just about all your live requirements, then you should consider the Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer.

Audio mixers come in a variety of sizes. From a simple two-channel mixer for the solo artist to studio mixers with more slides and buttons than the cockpit of a Boeing 747.

It is a good idea to future-proof your mixer. So instead of going for one just big enough to handle your load, you should consider getting one with a few spare channels. With 16 channels, 10 of which are XLR inputs, you would be hard-pressed to completely fill the Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer.

Who Should Consider the Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer

The Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer would be a perfect companion for live music venues, schools, band rooms, and churches. At 16-channels,this desk is big enough to be future proof for most bands and venues, but not so big that you are wasting channels.


The Alto Professional Live 2404 Mixer is a feature packed piece of kit. It has everything that the professional live sound engineer could need. It has:

  • 10 XLR inputs with DNA(TM) microphone preamps
  • Dynamic compression (channels 1-6)
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable mids
  • 4 aux sends; pre/post switching on sends 1+2
  • 60mm faders with mute and PFL/AFL solo functions
  • 100 Alesis DSP effects
  • USB audio connectivity with level control
  • Balanced XLR, balanced/unbalanced 1/4” outputs
  • Headphone out with independent level control
  • Switchable Phantom Power

USB Audio Interface

While the Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer is primarily aimed at live music, it can hold its own for recording as well.  This means you could use it to record live music, church services or even practices.

With the built-in USB audio interface, you will be able to record directly to your Mac or PC. With it, you will be able to convert two channels of 24-bit audio from your main mix or your sub mix straight to your computer.

[Click here] for all the specs on the Alto Professional Live 1604 Mixer, or check the availability on our online store.

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