AKG P45V Wireless Microphone

The AKG P45V is the perfect microphone for houses or worship, hotels, clubs and bands. All the tone, none of the cables!

AKG P45V – Perception Wireless

When it comes to microphones it pays to go with a quality unit. No matter how good your voice is, a poor quality microphone can make you sound bad.

The AKG P45V Perception Wireless is a high-performance wireless microphone perfect for most applications. It offers an optimum Plug and Play experience, ensuring that even a layman can use the microphone with ease.

The preset frequency allows the microphone to be easily rigged for all applications ranging from single-channel to multi-channel systems.

Battery Life

Like with all wireless systems, the P45V uses batteries to power itself. I’m sure you’d agree that there is nothing worse than an electronic device that eats through batteries. You’ll be pleased to learn that the Perception System is not a battery hungry device.

You will be able to get eight hours of continuous use out of a single AA sized battery. So if you’re using disposable batteries this will dramatically reduce your daily operating costs.

It would be wise to buy a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries.

Complete Gig Ready Rig

The AKG P45V has everything in the box that you will need to start using it right away. Some kits only contain the receiver and transmitter, but omit the mic.

When you buy this kit you will get everything you need*.


The microphone is a high-performance dynamic microphone; perfect for demanding vocal performances.

In addition, by using the built-in control panel you will have full control over volume and be able to mute yourself. This means that you will be able to control your tone and take control of that stage!

[Click Here] to read the full specs of the mic.


*Batteries not included.


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