Will Adler Signature ESP Warbird

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 17, 2016


Heavy Metal rhythms are unforgiving. They are brutal and harsh, and cannot be sloppy. To ensure that these riffs are tight coming down to more than just a players skill. A large element of the sound of metal comes down to the gear. Enter the Will Adler Warbird.

Will Adler knows what makes a great heavy metal rhythm tone. He is the guitarist for New Wave of American Heavy Metal band, Lamb of God. With just a cursory listen to any Lamb of God song, you will hear Will’s driving rhythm work holding the band together.

A Metal Match for the Ages

In what could be described as one of the best match ups since Eric Clapton signed with Fender, ESP and Will Adler have joined forces. ESP has been making guitars for the rock and metal scene since 1975. The Rolling Stones were one of the first big-name bands to start using the brand.

The Warbird

The Warbird needs to handle more than just single finger drop D chords. Adler is known for his unorthodox playing style. He uses a range of techniques from grooving riffs to weird dissonant chord shapes. And the Warbird handles them all.

One of the styling options of the guitar is inspired by an old skate deck. Will has helping his mom move one day when he came across and old skate deck of his. He thought it would be cool to combine the roadworn effect of the skate deck with his signature guitar.

The Warbird comes with two ESP designed humbucker pickups, that are tight and easy to control when using distortion. They are crisp enough to easily identify single notes in a chord, but aggressive enough to give a solid and aggressive driving tone.

This guitar would be ideal for any guitarist looking to play rhythm in a metal new wave metal band. For all the specs, check out the ESP website


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