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By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | April 19, 2018

Paul Bothner Music is dedicated to finding our customers the best products at the lowest prices. To achieve this goal, we import a wide range of name brands which are exclusively available to Paul Bothner Music and the Village Music stores.

By importing these brands directly, cutting out the middleman, we are able to ensure that we can offer you high-quality products while keeping our prices as low as possible. We have brass and woodwind instruments from Grassi, world-class acoustic guitars from Faith, lighting solutions from Sagiter, and PA equipment from H|H, the iconic British sound reinforcement company.

You’ll also find a great selection of guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and violins from Caraya, one of the world’s largest manufacturers that builds instruments for many top brands. By stocking Caraya instruments as an exclusive brand, we’re able to offer you exceptional quality at a remarkable price

So head down to any of our stores to test drive one of these exclusive products!

Cort Guitars

Have you ever heard of Cort guitars? At this point almost every musician in South Africa has, but for the uninitiated Cort Guitars are known to be one of the best value for money brands in the South African music scene. Paul Bothner Music recognised the value of Cort long before anyone had heard about the brand, and now it is just about a household name.

Not wanting to be a one trick pony, the research guys at Paul Bothner Music have been scouring the planet to see what other brands offer top shelf quality at prices real musicians can afford.


Samick digital pianos are a combination of classic style and unbeatable tone, in an affordable package. If you want to start playing the piano but aren’t sure where to start, you cannot go wrong with Samick.

Samick digital pianos aren’t just an entry-level piano for beginners; they make a great addition to any practice room, and since they have MIDI in and out, they would also be a great addition for home studios.

Using digital technology to deliver high quality piano sounds, multi-layered programmed voices, the end result is a dynamic and rich instrument with beautiful piano sounds. Has 88 hammer action weighted keys with touch response.

H&H Personal Amplification

Take H&H for example. Although not available locally for some years, the brand is a household name in the Personal Amplification market. Just about everyone knew someone who owned an H&H product back in the day. It was the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the times that allowed it to flourish – a design philosophy that carries on to this day.

The new HH RED range has been developed through extensive field-testing and end user feed back to give flexible, highly portable and affordable PA solutions. Coming in at only R8 795 the HH 15A 15 inch speakers are an ideal solution for most small to medium sized requirements. Read more about them here

Faith Guitars

Another gem of a brand that Paul Bothner Music has been able to source is Faith Guitars. Patrick James Eggle is known as one of the world’s top luthiers (guitar builder). Faith guitars have won multiple awards including being named as the best acoustic guitar in the UK. For most people who play on a Faith, they would agree that they’re possibly the best acoustic guitar in South Africa. Some top SA artists like Louise Day, Amy Jones, and Jesse Jordan all play Faith guitar.

The Faith Higloss Jupiter Cutawayl is a traditional 17″, Full-bodied Jumbo guitar, You can sure of a big, powerful delivery, rich in bass and low-end resonance. Take one home for only R14 395,00


Almost all musicians need a PA system, and the guitar is the most commonly played instrument. To truly push the envelope of value, Paul Bothner Music found Caraya. Caraya is a relatively new brand to the SA market, but it’s already a talking point among many local musicians. In fact, it is arguably one of the biggest brands you’ve never heard of… Why you ask? Well as one of the world’s largest OEM (original equipment manufacturers), over 90% of their production is under license are for some of the most loved brands in the world. Truth be told, you’ve probably unbeknownst to yourself owned or played a Caraya in your music career. Caraya creates a range of instruments from violins and mandolins to ukuleles and guitars.

Caraya Violin MV-001 is a full-size violin size (4/4) for the initial training. The upper deck is made of spruce, the body is made of maple, four trimmers for each of the strings are installed on the subframe

A Classy little 8 string mandolin that has a beautiful tone and great resonance.

Caraya Mandolin is a 27 “upper deck – spruce laminate, rear deck and shells – linden laminate, fretboard – rosewood, 8 string mandolin


Of course, Paul Bothner Music hasn’t only thought about musicians on their search for high quality at low prices. They know that for live venues to operate, they need some stage lighting. That is why they have brought in a range of Sagiter lighting solutions. Now you can take care of all your lighting requirements at a fraction of the cost.

FOURAY satisfies all users wishing to cover the largest possible area using more than one laser source. In this case it is a very powerful laser to well 4 linear outputs, capable of generating decided effects of geometrical and great visual impact. You can take one home for only R7 995

One of the value-added services that Paul Bothner Music offers is that if you’re looking for a specific product if it’s available in the SA market, they will source it for you. By finding a variety of brands from around the world, they’ve taken that philosophy one step further.

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