String Connection: The Synergy Between Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 4, 2016

The Synergy Between Lead, Rhythm

Most artists work alone. There are very few examples of great paintings or sculptures that a group worked on. Most literature that has moved people to do great things was written by single authors. Music, on the other hand, encourages group efforts as well as solo writers.

Join the Chris Ross Band on Saturday, 12 November 2016 at Paul Bothner Music Stellenbosch at 11am, for this FREE workshop!

Working together in a group can often cause conflict. The more people there are working on a project, the more egos there are to take into account. It is because of this that many bands throughout history have broken apart.

But, it is also because of group input that many bands throughout history have written some of the world’s most iconic music. Sure, many bands still only have one songwriter. To illustrate this, look at South African greats, Zombies ate my Girlfriend.

However, the synergy between lead, rhythm and bass guitars is still one of the driving forces behind most bands. Even if there is a single songwriter, the input of the other musicians in the band is often invaluable.

The Chriss Ross Band exemplifies this group work mentality. During this workshop, the guys from the CRB will be discussing their process for working together as a unit.

How to Develop Ideas into Songs

We’ve all been there. You write an awesome riff, but you can’t develop it from there. Too often these idea’s the get forgotten or chucked into the “I’ll get to it one day” pile. During this workshop, the CRB will take you through some steps to make that “one day” come sooner.

The Synergy Between Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitars

Synergy is one of those buzz words that most people in a business setting would cringe at. In a band setting, ensuring that everyone works as a unit is the single most vital element. Come and learn a bit more about effective teamwork techniques aimed at the band as a whole.

How to Rehearse

Practice does, as they say, make perfect. But, are you actually practising efficiently? Are you and your bandmates wasting time. Do you know everything you should be doing? What about everything you should be avoiding?

Serving the Song, not Your Ego

You can’t have your band mates going, cowboy! Everyone needs to play for the song and the genre. Get some awesome tips on how to become one!

Chris Ross Band

The CRB is made up of seasoned musicians who have played in bands like Antipathy, Jakobyn and Die Gubstons. They have all come together to follow Chris Ross on his newest musical journey. These guys know what it takes to work together! Just have a listen to their songs! [soundcloud]

WHERE: Paul Bothner Music Stellenbosch
WHEN: 11am, 12 November 2016
INFO: Call Jaco on (0)21 883-2301 or drop us an email



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