The Crossroads Between Blues and Metal

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 16, 2016

Upon first listening to Blues and Metal, you may be forgiven for thinking that they nothing in common. To the uninitiated ear, blues is all about slow, soulful expression. Whereas metal, on the other hand, is all about aggressive and hard hitting riffs and face melting fast solos.

Join Ross Tapson at 11am on 19 November at Glenwood Village Music in Durban for this FREE workshop on the Crossroads Between Blues and Metal

However, if you explore the theory behind metal and blues, you will find that the two share many concepts. How familiar are you with the Crossroads Between Blues and Metal?

Blues has been described as the grandfather of most modern music. And Blues has in fact influenced many genres of music. From rock and pop to certain types of metal. These genres all have a distinctive bluesy flavor.

How to mix scales

A lot of modern metal draws its influence from jazz music and stylings. But not all metal draws from jazz. Nu Metal, for example, has a distinctive blues heritage.

By learning how to mix scales and genres, you will ensure that whatever you write is fresh and interesting.

If you take something like the chromatic run is a blues scale and combine it with a Phrygian mode you can get a great sense of tension in what you play.

By learning how the blues note works, you can use that dissonance to create a large variety of tones. In the same way, if you learn which notes in the Phrygian mode create tension, you can hone in on an exact feeling.

Let us be honest – music without feeling is boring to listen to.

Change Your Sound

Ross will help you change the feel and sound of your music. He will teach you how to comfortably cross between the two genres to ensure that you are getting the fullest out if whatever style you wish to play.

So if you want to add a bit of blues to your metal, or a bit of metal to your blues, this is the workshop for you.

Where: Glenwood Village Music, Durban
When: 11am, 19 November 2016
For more info call (0)31 202 7755 for drop us an email



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