Taylor 210ce Acoustic Guitar

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | September 21, 2017

Taylor 210ce

Great tone, classic styling, and a natural feeling in the hand. These are all terms that can comfortably be used to describe Taylor guitars. The Taylor 210ce is all this, and more…

Since Taylor Guitars first made their debut, they have been universally loved for their not only their wood choices but also for their innovations to the industry.

Taylor 210ce

The Taylor 210ce is the clear product of years of expertise and love. All you need to do to know this guitar’s history is to play it. Once you feel it in your hand you will definitely want one.

All 200 series guitars from Taylor are made of layered rosewood. This gives the guitar a clear and balanced tone and great intonation.

The Taylor 210ce does not have a tone suited to one specific style. You wouldn’t play it and think, “Ah, that’s a country guitar” or “Perfect for rock, but I play jazz”. Instead, it has been built in a way that transcends all genres.

Its tone is great, balanced, and neutral. So if you’re a jazz player, old school rocker or even a classical guitarist looking for a strong steel string sound, this is the perfect guitar.

It’s perfect for session musicians who don’t want to cloud the tone of the song they’re playing. Additionally, this guitar would be a great addition to the cover player who needs to quickly and deftly jump from style to style.

Expression System® 2

Taylor guitars use their in-house Expression System pickups. This gives the ability to capture more of a guitars dynamic properties. This has been achieved by using an entirely propriety behind-the-saddle design.

This means that once the guitar is plugged in, it will sound just like it does acoustically, only louder. Furthermore, there will be no nasty tonal surprises if you use the Taylor 210ce in the studio or on stage.

For more on this guitar, [check out the Taylor Website].


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