Stimulating Use of Effects For All Genres of Music

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 1, 2017

This workshop is aimed all bass players, guitarists or other instrumentalists who want to take a creative journey into exploring what effects and synthesizers can do your playing.

You are invited to join a free workshop on Stimulating Use of Effects for All Genres of Music at Paul Bothner Music in Tygervalley. The workshop will be presented by local bass and recording legend, Alistair Andrews.

When: 4 November 2017
Where: Paul Bothner Music Tygervalley
For more info, call Alistair on 021-761-4828 or email
Time: 11H00

Stimulating Use of Effects for All Genres of Music

This workshop is aimed all bass players and guitarists who want to take a creative journey into exploring what effects and synthesisers can do your playing.

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Whether you are considering buying effects for the first time, or if you’ve been using them for years, there is something for everyone.

Not a guitarist or bass player? You can still learn a wealth of information from Alistair. Learning what effects guitarist and bass players use, may inspire you to add something new and interesting to your vocal lines. In addition, knowing what effects and synths create specific sounds will empower any songwriting. After all, Knowlege is Power.

Topics for the Workshop

1) Effect Chains

Do you place your distortion pedal before your delay? Where should your looper sit?

2) Authentic Use of Effects

By learning how to fully utilise your effects, you will be able to create a better tone for yourself.

3) The Overuse/Incorrect Use of Effects

When using a new toy, like a multi-effects unit, there is always a danger of overusing effects and ruining your song or your performance

4) Looping and Delays

Looping is a powerful tool for “adding extra band members”. It can also be very useful for practicing.

5) Different Types of Synthesis

Come and explore the wide array of synthesis options available.

6) Conventional and Unconventional Effects

Take a walk through all the commonly used effects, and then explore some of the less commonly used effects like the slicer or harmonizer!


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