Squier Bullet Strat – A Piece of History

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | July 13, 2016

Squier Bullet Strat

The Squier Bullet Strat is the perfect “first electric guitar”, no matter what style of music you play.

So, you’ve already worked through our Guitar Buyers Guide, and now you’re ready to choose your first guitar. Or maybe you’ve been playing for some time already, and are looking for your first electric guitar. You might even already own an electric guitar, but now you’re looking for something classic. Something like a Fender Strat, but a little cheaper. If that sounds like you, then the Squier Bullet Strat is the perfect guitar for you!

Perfect for Beginners

If you read the buyers guide, you know that even if you’ve never played the guitar before, you can still start on an electric guitar. So, what exactly makes this the perfect beginners guitar? Simple. The Squier Bullet Strat is where quality meets an unbeatable price. Because this guitar is made by one of the most loved guitar manufacturers of all time, you can be assured of its quality.

Something Classic

Fender is like Harley Davidson; even if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you know what a Harley is. The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most iconic guitars of all time. Great players like Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Jimi Hendrix all famously use(d) a strat. By buying a Squier Strat, you aren’t buying some off-brand knockoff. Instead, since Squier is owned and manufactured by Fender, you are buying a piece of history.

Versatile Tone

The Strat has been used on recordings since the 50’s. That’s a pedigree of over 60 years! Very few guitar brands can boast that level of success. And while the Strat has been refined over the past 6 decades, it is still, for the most part, the same guitar. It has been used for jazz, rock, blues and metal. You name a style of music, and you are almost guaranteed to find someone using a Stratocaster to play it. This isn’t because Fender has a huge marketing machine. This is because the Strat’s tone just fits in where ever it needs to.

If you want to buy one yourself a piece of history, come into any of our stores to test one out. Or, you can head to our online store to check the availability and have the guitar delivered to your front door.

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