Roland XPS-30 Expandable Arranger

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | May 18, 2017

Roland XPS-30

Do you love the XPS-10 but want even more features? Then the XPS-30 is perfect for you!

To create the XPS-30, Roland first started with all the features of the XPS-10 and then loaded, even more, stuff onto the board. This makes this the perfect machine for anyone who loves performing.

In addition, the acoustic and electric tones sound even better. The internal waveform set can easily be expanded by downloading the FREE sound collections from Roland’s Axial website.

For the Road

The XPS-30 is a powerful machine, but it is also incredibly lightweight. This means that it can be easily carried around by the gigging musician. It is packed with preloaded sounds ranging from Piano and organ to strings, brass and synth tones.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are also a range of authentic local sounds from around the world.

Perfect for Buskers

One of the big problems that buskers face is that they need to either play acoustically or find a corner with a power supply. It goes without saying that this isn’t always an easy task.

The Roland XPS-30, however, is able to run off batteries; that means that you can play wherever you are. No longer will you be tied to a wall socket!

So You Sing As Well?

The Roland XPS-30 not only has a microphone input, but it also has a built-in vocoder which features auto pitch. This means that you will be able to get great vocal tones without the need to carry extra gear around with you.

The vocal channel has its own dedicated vocal reverb to ensure that you can dial in the perfect tone for your voice without affecting your keys or piano tones.

In Conclusion

This keyboard is lightweight, has great tones and is perfect for buskers and singers alike. Any performing keyboard player should consider adding this to their arsenal. To read more about the XPS-30, check out the spec list.


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