Roland TD-50DP TD-50 Upgrade Kit

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | April 19, 2017

Roland TD-50DP

Does your V-Drum Kit feel as though it needs a bit of an upgrade? If so, then the Roland TD-50DP upgrade kit was made just for you.

Upgrade any V-Drum Kit with the newest module and trigger pads for the TD-50 series! This means that you will be able to upgrade your existing module to the latest module from Roland. To clarify, in this pack you will receive the newest TD-50 module, PD-140DS Digital Snare and a CY-18DR Digital Ride.

This will add new dynamics and feel into your playing, thanks to Roland’s Prismatic Sound Modeling technology. Thanks to this new technology the new TD-50 module sounds better than it ever has.

Upgrade Your Existing Kit

Drummers become used to a specific setup. How your drums are placed or what drums or pads you use. Because of this, many of us are reluctant to get new drums. We don’t want to have to get used to a new kit.

Fortunately, the Roland TD-50DP upgrade kit will allow you to transform any of your existing kits. Regardless of whether you have a basic TD-10 or one of the latest TD-30 kits, your kit will be compatible. This means that you will have access to the latest sounds, the newest snare and ride. Your drum tone will be elevated to the next level, all while you maintain your current set-up.

There’s no need to relearn your kit after this upgrade.

In addition, the newest module offers the lowest latency of any module to date. You can also import your own .wav files to ensure that you get exactly the tone you’re looking for.

In conclusion

This is a great concept from Roland. The fact that every V-Drum in the entire range is capable of using this kit is fantastic. Overall, this is something that every V-Drum player should consider buying.

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