Roland SPD::ONE Wav Pad Sample Pad

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 30, 2018

The new SPD::ONE range from Roland has taken the music industry by storm. The pads are compact yet filled with powerful features, and any musician can find a place in their rig for one.

Have you ever used a percussion pad before? If not, you should get in contact, and we’ll arrange a demo for you.

The Roland SPD::ONE Wav Pad is a new type of sample pad that will let you trigger samples on the fly. It is small enough to fit into your gig bag, yet powerful enough to use for an entire set. So, what makes the Wav Pad so unique?

Wav Pad Features

Firstly, it’s a digital percussion pad that you can play with your feet, hands, or sticks! So if you’re a guitarist who doesn’t have a free hand, just use it as a stomp box. Are you the drummer in the band? Just mount it to your kit, and you’re good to go. And singers can put it on a desk to hand trigger it. This is one of the most versatile percussion pads to ever come to the market.

Secondly, it’s one of the best options available for musicians who use backing tracks.

If you play with backing tracks, then you have some first-hand experience with how much of a pain they can be. From a logistical point of view, you need to always take your laptop with you. Before you could get away with just taking your CD along, but as less and less venues have CD players, this isn’t always an option. So you need to take your own CD player with. And then there’s always the risk of your CD getting damaged.

And the third thing that sets the Roland SPD::ONE Wav Pad apart is the click track. When you create your backing tracks in a DAW, you can export the click track with them, and load that onto the Wav Pad. But of course you don’t want the audience to hear your click track, and this is where the Wav Pad shines. It will send the only backing track to the main outs while playing the backing track and the click track on the headphone outs.

Hours of Space

With the Roland SPD::ONE Wav Pad, you can load up to 12 backing tracks, and with its four gigs onboard memory you will be able to get up to 360minutes of audio time. With only four knobs, the Wav Pad is so simple that even the most technologically challenged can use it with ease.

Loading tracks onto the unit is just a simple matter of plugging into your PC or Mac and transferring files. Check out the Roland website for all the specs and additional features.


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