Roland SPD::ONE Digital Sample Pad

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 17, 2018

Roland SPD::ONE Digital Sample Pad

If you’re looking to add a new element to your playing, you should consider adding a Roland SPD::ONE to your rig. This range of digital percussion pedals is so versatile, that any musician could use one.

The SPD::ONE series of pads each has its own built-in set of sounds. The SPD::ONE ELECTRO has a variety of electronic percussion sounds like snare and handclaps. Samples for the ELECTRO come from Roland’s legendary TR drum machines. The SPD::ONE PERCUSSION has percussion sounds from shakers to gongs. And the SPD::ONE KICK offers sounds like bass drums, stomp boxes, percussion, and more.

The SPD::ONE PAD is the standout from the crowd. Instead of having built-in sounds, it has a 4BG memory slot for users to upload their own samples. You can also upload full-length backing tracks, and have the PAD operate as a triggered media player.

The PAD has 12 individual memory slots, and 360 minutes of stereo playback time. This means that if you want to load your backings tracks for a show, you will have plenty of space. Now, when you gig you won’t need to worry about taking your laptop to a show. And if you’re still taking your backing tracks around on a CD, then you definitely should consider an upgrade.

Not only is the Roland SPD::ONE versatile tonally, each pad can be used in a variety of ways. From being a stomp box to a hand trigger, to being clipped on a mic stand, there is no-where that the pad will feel out of place.

Would you be keen on trying one of the SPD::ONE pads out? Drop us a mail and let us know which one you want to try, and we’ll get back to you.

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