Roland RP-302 Digital Home Piano

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 9, 2018

When buying a digital piano, there are two things most people look for. Does the piano sound amazing, and will it look good in the lounge (or music room)? When it comes to the Roland RP-302, you will be able to tick off both of those boxes.

The Roland RP-302 digital home piano is compact, affordable, and sounds amazing. Don’t believe us? Contact us and we’ll arrange a demo for you.

A piano can be the focal point in a home. Many families spend hours around their piano. But, with acoustic pianos being too expensive for most people, that tradition is slowly ending. Fortunately, digital pianos are on the rise and are saving the old family tradition. Even schools and universities have switched to the digital piano. This is because they are more affordable, don’t need to be tuned or serviced, and in many cases sound better than their acoustic counterparts. They can also be moved without the need to tune them again afterwards.

So why choose the Roland RP-302?

The first, and main reason you should consider the RP-302 is because of Roland’s legendary Roland tone. Roland has perfected the tone of their digital pianos, and they keep tweaking it and making it better. The superNATURAL engine delivers the authentic tone of a grand piano.

The Roland RP-302 is also compact enough to fit into most spaces. So even if you live in a small flat, you’ll easily be able to fit it into your lounge.

With velocity sensitive keys, the piano will respond like an acoustic piano. Touch the keys lightly, and you’ll play a soft tone. Bash on the keys like Freddy Mercury at a Queen concert and you’ll get loud tones. This dynamic feel means that pianist can play the RP-302 without having a learning curb. It also means that if you get comfortable playing on the 302, you’ll be able to play any piano you come across.

If you’re looking for the perfect piano for your house or flat, the RP-302 won’t steer you wrong. You can check the availability of the 302 on our online store.


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