Roland E-A7

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | April 19, 2017

Roland E-A7

So you’re either a solo musician or your band needs some backing tracks? What you need is an Expandable Arranger. More specifically, you need the Roland E-A7.


The Roland E-A7 brings a whole new Expandable Arranger to your fingertips. It offers a host of backing styles and sounds, just a single push of the button away.

Let’s dig a little deeper to look at some of its features.

Variety of On-Board Backing Styles

Unlike many Arranger Keyboards, the Roland E-A7 doesn’t only offer Western music styles. There are many world options, offering styles from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America.

These backing styles are all authentic and have been composed by musicians from around the world.

Great Samples

The E-A7 has over 1500 sounds to draw from. It includes the grand piano, electric piano, organ, strings, brass, and many more.

Every sound has been recorded in consultation with musicians from around the world. Roland has gone to great strides to ensure that all sounds are as close to the traditional tone as possible.

So, what makes it expandable?

In addition to the over 1500 sound on-board, most musicians have collected a fair amount of samples over their career. The Roland E-A7 has a .WAV upload option, so you can import your own samples.

Furthermore, the E-A7 is equipped with an onboard sampling function. You will be able to record your own sounds like backing vocals or drum tracks. You even have access to effects for the sounds onboard. This means you can capture, polish and implement new samples on the fly.

Singers and the Roland E-A7

A keyboard is a great tool for singers. It features a mic port so that a singer can plug straight into the board. There is also a dedicated volume control on the keyboard, so you can quickly adjust the volume on your mic.

You will also have the option to polish your performance with built-in vocal effects.

In conclusion, this would make an excellent addition to any musicians who needs to fill a tonal gap in their performances.

For the full specs on the Roland E-A7 [Click Here]


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