Roland CM-110

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 25, 2017

All musicians have played at least one show with awful monitoring. It’s almost a right of passage. But now, if you play an electronic instrument, you can take full control over your monitoring. Introducing the Roland CM-110 2.1 monitoring system.


The CM-110 falls into the category of Roland Cube products. The Cube range has long been a favourite among musicians, because in addition to having great tone they just don’t die. The range is known to be tough and reliable. But then again, would you expect anything less from Roland?

2.1 Monitoring

The Roland CM-110 is a 2.1 monitoring system. It consists of the primary unit and tow smaller satellite speakers. The primary acts as not only the subwoofer but also the mixer and input section.

The Roland CM-110 has custom made speakers with a built-in protection circuit. This means that the system can handle a wide dynamic range. In addition, it can handle continuous high levels, like those expected from synthesisers and electronic drumkits.


The Roland CM-11- features a 3-channel multimedia input, i.ncluding digital, stereo miniature phone type, and RCA phono type

Full Control

Each of the three input channels has a dedicated volume control. This is in addition to the master volume control. The phase switch can instantly change the phase of your tone. This will help you find the ideal placement for your mix.

Furthermore, you can take control of your EQ to fine tune for the perfect one stage monitoring tone.

Protective Circuitry

The unit features high-performance speakers to ensure professional quality tone. This is pair with Roland’s protection circuit. According to Roland this will “Tame wide dynamic ranges and/or continuous high levels from instruments such as synthesizers and electronic drums.”

To clarify, the Cube can withstand any hot input you throw at it.

To read the specs on the unit, click [here]


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