Proel TFLV15P8 Loudspeakers

PROEL TFLV15P8 Loudspeakers

Proel’s TFLV/ TFL flying trapezoidal speaker series is a line of enclosures suitable for installation or touring use, available in hard epoxy texture finish with extremely rugged and anti-scratch coating, or in compact class 1 carpet.The cabinets, designed asymmetrically for wedge monitor applications, are made of 18 mm birch plywood, incorporate a thick metal grille, stand adapter and ergonomic carrying handles for easy transport. Commercial M10 threads/ eyebolts guarantee maximum enclosure suspension facility. High quality woofers feature ISVC (Interleaved Sandwich Voice coils) and die-cast baskets with double ventilation design for improved heat dissipation and to reduce power compression.

The optimised mechanical excursion is granted by a unique DSS system (Double Silicon Spider), which controls the linearity of the transducer. Low distortion and excellent sound quality are furtherly improved by a DDR system (Double Demodulating Rings). Custom high frequency compression drivers feature titanium diaphragms, flat aluminium wire voice coils, low distortion and extremely good frequency response.

Proel’s own SWG (Spherical Wave Guide) dispersion horn has a coverage of 70°Hx70°V and allows uniform dispersion and clear acoustic response. The TFLV/ TFL speakers feature 12/ 24 dB/ oct passive crossovers with electronic protection for permanent reliability under stress. An external Full Range/Bi-Amp selector allows use in multiple speaker systems.

Two professional 4-pin SPK4MP connectors guarantee secure speaker cable locking and excellent power transfer. All Proel speakers are tested according to the AES standard power requirements; all electronic devices are built according to CE norms. A complete series of hardware and accessories is dedicated to the TFLV/ TFL speakers: stands, wall brackets, steel cables, eyebolts, protection covers and professional speaker cables, for the most versatile indoor or outdoor use.

Proel offers also four plug and play FLV/ TFL kits, complete with factory cabled PowerPack racks of amplifiers and optimizer.



System type  : 2-way vented enclosure
Nominal Impedance  : 8 ohms
Input power rating (continuous)  : 400 W
Input power rating (peak)  : 800 W
Frequency response  : 55 Hz – 18 kHz (-6dB, +6dB)
Sensitivity  : 98 dB @ 1W/1m
Maximum (peak) Output  : 127   dB @ 1m
Low Frequency Device  : 15” woofer – 3” voice coil
High Frequency Device  : 1” throat – 1.4” voice coil
Coverage Angle

H. (-6 dB)  :

Coverage Angle

V. (-6 dB)  :

Trapezoidal taper  : 10°
Monitor Taper  : 40°
Crossover Frequency  : 2000 Hz
Signal Processing  : Proel DSO26 (biamp mode)
Flying System  : 4 x M10 – top, bottom, rear
Connectors  : 2 x SPEAKON linked
Construction  : 18 mm birch plywood
Finishing  : Anti-scratch coating
Mounting Hole  : 1 x bottom
Weight  : 23 kg (50.715 lb )
Dimensions (W x H x D)  : 46.5 x 68 x 43 cm




KPTTL15 Adjustable metal wall-mount bracket for loudspeakers TFLV15P/TFL15P. Three M10 knobs and one stainless steel security cable included.
COVERT15 Heavy-duty TNT cover for TFLV15P/TFL15P loudspeaker.