This Week at Barleycorn Music Club

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | June 27, 2018

Barleycorn Music Club
The Barleycorn Music Club has one aim: To promote local, original music in Cape Town. If you’ve never played at the Barleycorn Music Club, apply today!

The Barleycorn Music Club

The Barleycorn Music Club is all about promoting local, original music. While this isn’t exactly unique, what sets the Barleycorn Music Club apart is that it attracts a listening audience.

This is not a nightclub or restaurant where the live acts can sometimes become background noise. At Barleycorn, when you play the audience will quietly sit and listen to your set.

This is not an audience looking for a party. This is an audience who, above all else, want to listen to your music.

“Playing at Barleycorn for the first time was a weird experience. No one spoke during my set. No one moved around, and the only sound was my voice and guitar. It was surreal, but also amazing. It’s definitely something every musician should experience at least once.”

Club Nights

The club meets every Monday night at 8 pm at the Villagers Football Club. This is based in Claremont, Cape Town.

There are usually four acts per night. These acts range from new up-and-coming musicians to established legends like Tony Cox. Entry is R40 for non-members and R30 for members.

There are snacks available and there is also a bar for drinks.

This week at Barelycorn

Ruby June

Born and raised in Mossel Bay but now living in Cape Town and working as an Indie-Folk Rock singer/songwriter and guitarist, Ruby’s main influences include Karen Zoid, Freshlyground, Norah Jones and Jack Johnson.

She has been playing extensively in many venues throughout the Western Cape and Cape Town and launched her debut EP to a sold-out crowd at Café Roux in CT in October last year, as well as having her song “Dance With Me”, playlisted on several South African radio stations.

She was recommended by Andre to be one of his support acts, so get ready to hear and experience a sizzling set.

Caroline Blundell & Ben Badenhorst

Caroline needs little introduction.

She has been playing in folk clubs and festivals country-wide since the early 70’s, together with her boet Jonny and sister Juliet.

The siblings’ father, Keith, formally started folk music in Johannesburg. He has also contributed, over the years, to the Four Winds Folk Club in PE and the Barleycorn and is still sustaining this in 2018!
Caroline is writing lots of new material and has pulled in Ben Badenhorst on second guitar.

Born in Cape Town, Ben has travelled extensively and has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years as composer, guitarist, bassist, drum programmer and sound producer.

He has over the years collaborated with many SA musicians such as Steve Newman, Andre Goosen, Wendy Oldfield, Jamie Jupiter, Chris Tokalon, The Jazz Reggae Project, Sons of Azania and others. Ben adds a rich and interesting layer of notes over Caroline’s melody and voice.

Get ready to have your socks blown off by this set!

Andre de Villiers Band (FEATURE SHOW)

The Andre de Villiers Band consists of Andre (guitar & vocals), Lloyd Martin (drums), Tony Drake (keyboards) and Jonny, Caroline and Julie Blundell (guitars, bass & vocals).

Andre is a South African singer/songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist, with an amazing voice, who has been playing since the 70’s and who has won awards in Paris, London and New York and has written many TV commercials (e.g. Volkswagen, Lufthansa, SAA and Mc Donald’s).

Over the years he has collaborated with many musicians and bands such as Chicago, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dolly Parton Band, Joe Bonamassa Band, Blood Sweat and Tears and the David Letterman Band.

Andre, although based in Cape Town, has recorded 12 albums over the span of his career (all involving self-penned songs) and spends most of the time travelling the globe, sharing his gift in theatres, at universities and many other venues.

The years of experience and quality of the musicianship is jaw-dropping, and you are in for a treat and experience of your life.

Apply to Play

If you would like to play at the Barleycorn Music Club, all you need to do is contact the presenter of the evening that you wish to play on. You can find all the details on the Barleycorn website.

If you want to be kept up-to-date on who is playing at the Barleycorn, you can sign up for regular SMS or email updates. Alternatively, you can follow them on Facebook


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