Free Workshop: The Philosophy of Metal Bass Guitar

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 19, 2017

Marc Olwage from Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Every genre of music treats their bass players differently. Many simple rock bassists just play root notes, where a jazz player gets a ton of freedom. During this workshop, you can discover the Philosophy of Metal Bass Guitar.

When: 25 November 2017
Where: Paul Bothner Music Tygervalley
294 Durban Rd (also known as Ground Floor @ Victorian Towers)
Time: 11Hoo

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This FREE workshop will be presented by two of the most accomplished metal bass players in South Africa. They are Tim Leibbrandt from Infanteria and Marc Olwage from Zombies Ate My Girlfriend.

Both of their bands have won the Battle for Wacken and have gone to play at the Wacken Metal Festival in Germany. And Marc with Zombies Ate My Girlfriend went on to win the Metal Battle at Wacken.

Almost no bass player in the country has the accolades that each of these two has. So, to have a workshop where both of them are hosting makes this a truly once off experience. Any metal bass player will be sure to learn from the combined experience of Tim and Marc.

Tim Leibbrandt from Infanteria

What to Expect

During the course of the workshop, Tim and Marc will discuss everything that sets them above from the crowd. They will delve into their own Philosophies of Metal Bass Guitar, and how they incorporate that into their respective bands.

More specifically, they will look at:

The role of the bass guitar in modern metal
Approaches to live metal performances
Shaping bass tone

Seating is limited, so be sure to arrive early if you want a good seat to a great workshop.


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