Why Parents Should Consider Ukulele for Young Children

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 25, 2017

Why Parents Should Consider Ukulele for Young Children

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Are you a parent who wants your child to learn an instrument? Is she under 6 years old? Finding the perfect instrument for a child so young can be tough. Finding a teacher can be just as tough.

Have you considered Ukulele for Young Children?

Most teachers, when asked would say that 6 is the youngest they’d start a child. Basic numeracy and reading skills make learning an instrument much easier. Because of this, children who cannot yet read might find it tougher to learn to play.

That is where the Ukulele for Young Children comes in.

The ukulele is in an open tuning. This means that the instrument is tuned to an open chord. So, when all the strings are played or “strummed” at once, you’ll get a great tone.

This means that assuming the ukulele is in tune, it will sound great without playing a note. So, your kid can focus on the fundamentals like rhythm, and getting comfortable holding the instrument.

Of course, that can get boring after a while. Fortunately, the Ukulele for Young Children is still the perfect instrument. This is because with just one finger down you can play a chord.

So the chord shapes are really easy to remember. Within just a few short days of practice your child can be strumming House of the Rising Sun, and within a few short weeks, she’ll have perfected it.

Learn Together

Of course, you can join in too! Because the instrument is so easy to pick up, you could get one as well. If you’ve ever played an instrument before you will find it easy enough to pick up.

But even if you’ve never played an instrument before, you can still get the basics. Just find a good music teacher, and learn the basics before going on to self-study. If you don’t know any music teacher, we have a few in-store teachers who would help.

One teacher told us: “I gave my niece a pink ukulele for her birthday. She didn’t take to it, but my 4-year old niece loves it. She’s composing her own songs and singing along.”

If you have any further questions, or if you’d like to get a quote on a ukulele, drop us a mail and one of our guys will get back to you.




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