Novation Launchpad Mini for Ableton Live

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 31, 2017

Novation Launchpad Mini

Do you use Ableton Live? If so, then the Novation Launchpad Mini is exactly what you need to take your music to the next level!

Ableton Live lets you do some amazing things, but, if you want to play your electronic music live then you will want more than just the software.

Sure, there are other midi triggers that might do an okay job, but none of them has been purpose built for Ableton.

Novation Launchpad Mini

So, what can the Novation Launchpad Mini do that sets it apart?

First off, it’s the most compact and affordable grid instruments for Ableton Live. The 64 mini pads can trigger clips, play drum samples, control your mixer or just about anything else. You could even make amazing YouTube performance videos using the Novation Launchpad Mini! But unfortunately, you’ll still need to make your own coffee.

It’s the Launchpad, But Smaller

The Novation Launchpad Mini is just like its big brother, the Launchpad.

It displays your session view on 64 multi-coloured pads. This will let you launch multiple clips at once. Additionally, you can also control anything else in Live.

It’s an evolution in creating electronic music! And this mini version does all the same cool stuff as the normal Launchpad. It’s just as durable and gig-ready. The only real difference is that it is, even more, portable and takes up even less space in your bag.

If you don’t play live, this is still a great unit. Most studios are hungry for space. Every nook is usually taken up – so it can often be a bit of a pain to bring a new unit into the studio. The compact size of the Launchpad Mini means that you can comfortably set it up on any table, without it taking up too much space.

For all the specs on the mini. check out the [Novation website].


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