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By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 26, 2017

new from namm
The NAMM music show is the biggest event of the year for musicians who love gear. Over the course of the show, all of the biggest instrument manufacturers from around the world announce their newest gear. Let’s take a look at what’s New From NAMM

After the show, retailers from around the world will get all the new from NAMM gear. With hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world announcing their newest gear, sifting through everything to find the best of the best can be an arduous task.

We have sifted through all the gear announcements and have put together the list of gear that we are most excited about.

Zildjian Genre Boxsets

Zildjian Genre Pack

Finding the perfect cymbals for your tone can be daunting. While an experienced drummer might not find it too tough, beginner and intermediate drummers might struggle.

To help drummers make their choice, Zildjian has released a set of genre specific cymbal packs. Now, all you need to do is select the genre that you play, and buy the appropriate cymbal pack.

Zildjian is catering for the Rock, Country, Gospel and Worship genres.

A0801R Rock Pack includes:

14” A Mastersound Hats
17” A Medium Thin Crash
19” A Medium Thin Crash
20” A Ping Ride
KC0801W Worship Pack includes:

14” K Custom Dark Hi Hats
16” K Custom Fast Crash
18” K Custom Fast Crash
20” K Custom Medium Ride
K0801C Country Pack includes:

15” K Light Hi Hats
17” K Dark Thin Crash
19” K Dark Thin Crash
20” K Crash Ride
AC0801G Gospel Pack includes:

14” A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats
17” A Custom Fast Crash
18” A Custom EFX
21” A Custom Anniversary Ride

Tony Iommi’s Signature Amp

Toni Iommi Signature

Tony Iommi is one of the longest standing Heavy Metal guitarists of all time. Considering his band, Black Sabbath, was the first band to ever be labelled Heavy Metal, it would be tough to beat his record.

He has used Laney amps to shape the tone and image of Heavy Metal for decades. Now, just in time for a new run of shows, Laney has issued a recreation of Iommi’s original amp and treble booster rig.

Made under Laney’s Black Country Customs banner, the LA100BL head and LA412 cab are hand-built, point-to-point wired reissues, with a hand-drilled turret board and original box frame-styled output transformer.

In addition to the head and cab combo, Iommi used a Ragemaster treble booster pedal. The rig just wouldn’t be complete without one. So, Laney has recreated it with their own TI-Boost pedal.

Availability of this rig will be extremely limited, with only 50 packs being made available globally.

Mapex Satin Tour Shell Kit

Mapex Satin V Shell

Mapex have announced the release of their Saturn V Tour Edition shell kits as part of their new from NAMM offering. These include the Saturn V Tour Edition 22″ 3pc Shell Pack in a stunning Black Pearl finish.

The Tour Edition kits deliver the same unmistakable Mapex tone, but with a simpler 3 piece setup.

The Tour Edition’s hybrid walnut shells feature Mapex’s SONIClear and trade bearing edge. This means the drum heads sit flatter and make better contact with the shells, resulting in a far greater resonance and tonal clarity. Because of this, drummers will have a deeper more rounded tone. SONIClear and trade tom suspension and specially designed bass drum claws are engineered to increase resonance by reduced contact and retaining shell vibration.

The Mapex Saturn V Tour Shell Packs are available with a 20″, 22″ or 24″ kick drum to suit any style, and in a selection of attractive vintage-look finishes; Vintage Sparkle, White Marine, Black Strata and the featured Black Pearl. The shell sets make and ideal starting point for a premium quality custom kit which you can finish with your choice of cymbals, extra drums and hardware.

RØDE 360 Microphone


RØDE is turning 50 in 2017! To celebrate, they needed something new, fresh and exciting. They rose to the challenge, and have released the world’s first 360-degree surround sound microphone.

Although shipping dates haven’t been released yet, the TFM-50 is a particularly anticipated model. This is because it was designed with the Grammy award-winning orchestral engineer Tony Faulkner.

Omni large diaphragm valve mics are pretty much the standard choice for orchestral work, with the “Decca Tree” Neumann M50 model often being used. The M50, however, is outside the budget of most people these days. Offering an equivalent to this is a smart choice for RØDE, and I’m sure it will prove popular.

Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170

Powerstage 170

Keeping your rig as small as possible is one of the most practical ways to gig (unless you can afford roadies of course). Guitarists have been refining ways to keep the rigs small for years.

Seymour Duncan has now stepped up the opportunity to make your rig smaller. New from NAMM is the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. A revolutionary pedalboard power amp designed for guitarists using pedals.

Now, a guitarists entire rig can finally fit onto one pedal board.

The Powerstage 170 is a 170-watt power amp with a crisp clean tone and 3 band EQ. This means that you can buy a small cab, and leave that big heavy Vox AC30 at home.

Imagine the freedom of showing up at a gig with a streamlined, lightweight rig that you can get up and running in under five minutes, with the confidence that comes from knowing that you will have your sound, no matter what.


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