Just Arrived: The New Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | September 5, 2017

Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever wanted a small Bluetooth hi-fi, but just haven’t found one with styling or tone you like? Well then, perhaps the Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker could find a space in your home.

Fender makes some of the amps that have defined the tone of the last 40 years. Additionally, the Fender PA systems are an exercise in excellence; with even guys like Ritchie Blackmore using the Fender Passport PA system. So, what could be next for this audio giant?

Bluetooth Speakers. That’s right, Fender has taken their years of experience and shifted into a new direction. They have gone into the Bluetooth speaker market.


If you’ve ever played through or heard someone play through a Fender amp, you know first hand that they are the king of tone. Where would blues be with the sweet sound of a Fender Valve amp?

The Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker has two full-range drivers in addition to two tweeters. This generates a massive 120 watts of great-sounding audio playback power.

On the amp, you have the option to tweak the treble as well as the bass with a simple turn of a knob.


Fender has, for the past few decades, been one of the top instrument manufacturers in the world. Their styling is second to none, with many brands ripping off the Fender styling. The Fender Monterey Bluetooth speaker features vintage-style ’68 Custom grille cloth.


Naturally, you can connect to the amp via Bluetooth. But, if you don’t want to use Bluetooth there are still a number of other options available to you.

RCA jacks let you connect any RIAA preamp-equipped device—like a turntable. The auxiliary input jack lets you connect any device with a 1/8” (3.5mm) output—mono or stereo—so you can listen from legacy devices.

If you want to read all the specs on the Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker, [click here].

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