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Weekend Warriors

There is nothing like playing in a band…

Weekend Warriors focuses on just two things, playing great music and having fun.

There’s no better way to get back to playing music than joining Weekend Warriors. As a Weekend Warrior you’ll be playing with other musicians of a similar level and playing the music you love, from Daddy Cool to Snow Patrol.

What’s more Weekend Warriors is fun, the Weekend Warriors programme takes away all the hassles of organizing rehearsals and gigs, leaving you to get on with want you want to do… making great music.

Let the good times roll!!

Weekend Warriors is an adventure that begins with a jam and ends with a gig.

The Weekend Warrior programme provides all the latest gear, the rehearsal space, a coach and even the other members of your band! After the jam you’ll rehearse one night a week for four weeks and then finish off with a gig in a local club, for your friends, family and fellow Warriors. Again it’s all arranged, the Weekend Warrior programme provides the staging, the sound, the lighting and even the roadies. All you have to do is show up, have fun and be a Star!!

Have fun making music again!

Getting involved in Weekend Warriors is easy and all you need is a little time and a good attitude. It’s all about fun.  No-one will get upset if you play the wrong notes – and there are definitely no nuns with rulers.

Can’t read music? No problem. Can’t read guitar tab? No problem. All we ask is that you know one end of a guitar from the other, or drum kit, or keyboard, or microphone.

The programme comprises:

  • A jam session for all potential Warriors, where bands will be formed
  • A weekly rehearsal for four weeks working with your own Weekend Warriors coach
  • All the latest instruments and PA at the weekly rehearsal
  • The big Weekend Warriors gig, complete with staging, lighting, sound and roadies all working hard to make you a star.

If you’re not sure, come along to the jam – no charge for attending. If you like it, join up!

For more information contact.

Brett Conradie
E-mail: Brettc@bothner.co.za
Tel: 021-799 4951

Bill Bennett
E-mail: billb@bothner.co.za
Tel: 021-595 2444
Fax: 021-595 2447

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