Music Programmes / In-store Tuition

In store tutors

We have a variety of in-house teachers teaching a variety of instruments at our Paul Bothner Music stores.

The Edge

Playing music in a band offers teenagers a fun, mind expanding activity with the added advantages of making friends and developing cooperative social skills. It’s a lifetime’s worth of enrichment that no TV or video game can match. Thanks to a new program offered by Paul Bothner Music called “The Edge”, teenage musicians are being offered the opportunity to improve on their playing skills while working with other teenagers under the guidance of experienced musicians in a safe setting.

Weekend Warriors

Have fun making music again! There is nothing like playing in a band, and there’s no better way to get back to playing music than joining Weekend Warriors. As a Weekend Warrior you’ll be playing with other musicians of a similar level and playing the music you love, from Daddy Cool to Snow Patrol.

Sesame Street Music Works

Sesame Street Music Works is an ongoing initiative to get kids up to age six and their parents, teachers and caregivers involved in active music making. The program uses the powerful appeal of the Sesame Street characters to spread this message across numerous media components, including television, video, the Internet, books, magazines and local/national public events.