Mapex Falcon Double Bass Pedal

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | October 20, 2016

pi Mapex Falcon

In a time long ago, drummers never used to have double bass drum pedals. Things like the Mapex Falcon never existed! The really elite drummers could, however, use one foot and one pedal in a double rocking motion to simulate a double bass pedal.

Fast forward to today and we have a variety of pedals available for drummers to use. No longer must drummers use only one pedal to get that killer double bass pedal sound!

The advent of the double bass pedal has lead drummers to become faster and faster. Double bass drums have become a staple sound in most styles of heavy metal. In addition, many new styles of drumming have emerged because of the double bass drum pedal. To illustrate this, just look at blast beats!

In order to keep up with the stress, a double bass drum pedal is put under, a drummer must ensure that he or she gets a great quality pedal. It is because of this need that drummers through the years have turned to Mapex. More specifically, drummers are choosing the Mapex Falcon.

Mapex Falcon Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex Falcon design was influenced and road tested by a team of drummers looking for an incredibly smooth feel. But they wanted more than this, they needed it to have simple adjustability. The settings are dialed in at the factory, so it feels good right out of the bag. To make it work for your specific style, you only need to make minor adjustments. That means more time playing and less time adjusting.


The interchangeable drives (sold separately) allow players to purchase only one pedal, but still have the freedom to experiment. You can experience the differences between chain, strap, and direct drive feels. It also enables double-pedal players to use different drives for each pedal to balance the feel between the left and right feet.

If you want to learn more about what pedals Mapex offers, check out their website


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