Mapex Black Panther Phantom

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 10, 2017

The snare drum is the most played drum in your kit and is, therefore, one of the things that will most influence your tone. Does your snare stand up to the tone test? Or is it time to upgrade to a Mapex Black Panther?

The Black Panther snare is a great looking, awesome sounding snare drum that will help define your tone and help you to stand out. In a world full of drummers, have an outstanding tone could make the difference between getting that gig or being passed over for it!


The new Black Panther snare has all new appointments. Everything from the newly sculpted lug design to the updated badge has been tweaked and improved upon.

In addition, the Mapex Black Panther has a self-lubricating bearing. This means that you are given precise control, thus ensuring smooth operation while simultaneously allowing for smooth operation of the snare release.

Sonic Saver Hoop

The Mapex Black Panther uses an all new sonic hoop design. This design bridges the gap between flanged hoops and die cast hoops.

The Sonic Saver Hoop is made using a unique shaping process. This process ensures that the hoop will reduce the wear on your sticks and hands; depending on your playing style. This will also dramatically enhance the feel of rimshots.

But, what does this mean in terms of playing?

A better response for playing combined with the great tone of the shell itself will mean that your playing will be elevated to the next level.

While a bad workman might blame his tools, a bad workman also uses the wrong tools. You could build a house with nothing but a hammer, but it probably won’t be a great house. The Mapex Black Panther is the perfect tool for the serious and professional drummer.



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