Mackie: From Mixers to Monitors and Sound Cards

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | February 13, 2018

Even if you’re not a professional sound engineer, there is a good chance you know about Mackie mixers. Ever since they came to market in the early 90’s, they have been a favourite option amongst musicians and sound engineers.

Greg Mackie founded the company with the aim of producing good quality, affordable, professional sound equipment. To this day the company follows that ethos. If you want a mixer for your two-piece band, or if you need something capable of handling a full band in your live venue, there is a Mackie option for you.

We recently got in a massive shipment of Mackie gear, so there’s never been a better time to get the mixer you want.


Mackie MIX5 Compact

The Mix Compact Mixers deliver the quality you expect from the world leader in compact mixer design.

Mackie 1402VLZ4

Now featuring brands’s flagship Onyx mic preamps, the comprehensive VLZ4 line delivers the proven feature set

Mackie PROFX22 V2

The ProFXv2 mixers provide a comprehensive live sound solution with a wide range of models, each delivering unmatched performance.

More than just mixers

We stocked up on more than just mixers. We also stock a range of monitors and other accessories. These are just a few examples.

[Click here] if you want to find out about specific pieces of equipment. Our gear is available both [on-line] and [in-store].

Mackie MR524 5″ Studio

MR Series monitors utilize our proven technology and acoustic tuning to deliver incredible accuracy and clarity.

Mackie ONYX Audio Interface

Whether you’re tracking your latest song idea or doing a live stream, the Onyx Series USB Interfaces deliver true studio-quality sound.

Mackie THUMP 15A 15″ Powered Speakers

Thump Series powered loudspeakers take their legacy of ultra-affordable, class-leading performance and reliability to the next level

Mackie Big Knob Monitor Mixer

Listening from multiple sources through multiple sets of monitors is the norm in professional studios. Managing all this can be a time-consuming and often a noise-ridden, confusing mess. With the Big Knob, you have complete control of all your sources and monitors without the annoying problems. Easily select from various sources and sets of monitors at the push of a button and control your level from one (big) knob.




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