Free Workshop: Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Cohesion & Symbiosis

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 19, 2017

Charles Knighton-Pullin & Gareth Howard are the guitarists from Cape Town-based metal band, Atlantic South. Join these two powerhouses as they discuss Cohesion & Symbiosis between a lead and rhythm guitarist.

When: 25 November 2017
Where: Paul Bothner Music Claremont
Corner Central & Hawthorne Road
Cape Town
Time: 11H00

During this workshop, the guys will discuss everything that makes them work so well. The interaction between a rhythm and lead guitarist can make or break a band. Charles and Gareth will do their best to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel! This is the perfect workshop for beginner bands who want to work well together. Intermediate bands who want to improve their existing dynamic will also benefit hugely.

What to Expect

To help you do this, the guys will discuss things like:

  •  Gear Selection: Complementary and fit for the purpose. This is important to make sure that your guitar tones don’t clash
  • The recording environment: Where to play and where to leave space
  • Playing Live and/vs Rehearsals: The differences and difficulties
  • Personality clashes: How to work with your band mates and how to resolve personality clashes
  • Playing styles and writing: How to work together with different playing styles


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More About Atlantic South

Atlantic South formed in late 2013 with a vision in mind to not be restricted to any sub-Genre of metal.

The band consists of five very different dudes from different backgrounds with one thing in common… The love of heavy riffs, crushing vocals, melodic choruses, and insane breakdowns.

The band started writing material right away and realized that the different styles combined created something very unique and interesting by not sticking to any sort of guidelines or rules. They write what they like and the end product is what they envisioned.


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