Now In Store: Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | March 21, 2017

Mishar Mansoor Bulb Jackson Signature Juggernaught HT7FM HT6FM

If you’ve heard of Djent, then you have undoubtedly heard of Misha Mansoor, from the band Periphery. Misha, also known as “Bulb” is well known for his collection of awesome guitars. He has taken his wealth of knowledge and worked with Jackson to design a signature guitar. And so the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM was born.

Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM

Mansoor’s known to impress the most discerning of metal fans with his steadfast, fleet-fingered technique. He has personally designed the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM series of guitars. Because of this, you are guaranteed a guitar that will be perfect for Djent, and just about all styles of metal and rock.

The HT6FM is the 6-string version of the Juggernaut, which features a 25.5″ scale length. the HT7FM, on the other hand, is the 7-string version, and it features a 26.5″ scale-length. The added scale length of the HT7FM is what sets this guitar apart.

Both the HT7FM HT6FM Juggernaut guitars have a basswood body and a maple “Speed Neck”. To add to the guitar’s stability, the neck has been reinforced with graphite.

To ensure that these guitars are as comfortable to play as possible they have a wrap-around heel. In addition, you will get a 16″ flat radius ebony fingerboard, with 24 Jumbo frets.

To add to the guitars styling, the neck dots are offset, and the side dots are Luminlay. This means that you will always be able to see where on the neck you are, even on the darkest of stages!


Misha didn’t want to sacrifice any tone for the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM guitars. So, to ensure that the guitars sound great, he spent a considerable amount of time working with Jackson to develop new pickups for the guitar. The end result is the Jackson MM1 pickups; the perfect sonic match for the Juggernauts.

To ensure that you have a wide range of tonal possibilities, the guitar features a 5-way blade switch pickup selector. In addition, the guitar features a push/pull tone control. This is not to be confused with a coil tap. The tone control is a bypass switch. This means that is you want a pure, unaltered tone, you leave the tone knob down. By leaving the tone knob down you bypass unnecessary electronics, allowing you to get the best pickup tone possible.

Want to tweak your tone and have control shaping it? Simple, just pop the knob up.

For all the specs and colour options for the HT6FM, click [here]. If you would like to check out the specs and colour options for the HT7FM, then click [here].


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