International Lefty’s Day 2017

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 10, 2017

left handed guitars

If you’re a ‘lefty’ guitar or bass player, you’re in great company! And you’re in luck; we have a great selection of left-handed guitars & accessories available at our Paul Bothner Music stores, or to order from our warehouse! Here are some example; come in and talk to us about a great deal!  Happy Left Handers Day!

Left Handed Electric Guitars

G250LH BK Cort Sterling Series
Retail Price: R4 995  Lefty Week Special: R3 695
SA160FMTGB/LH Ibanez SA series L/H Transparent Grey
Retail Price: R8 299  Lefty Week Special: R6 695
030-3019-500 Fender Classic vibe 60’s Strat
Retail Price: R10 950  Lefty Week Special: R9 695
032 1620 565 Squier Standard Strat
Retail Price: R6 995  Lefty Week Special: R5 595
030 3009 503 Fender Classic Vibe Strat
Retail Price: R10 995  Lefty Week Special: R8 795
X-2LH BK Cort X-Series Student Guitar
Retail Price: R4 395 Lefty Week Special: R3 495

Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Cort MR710F LH NS Acoustic Electric Guitar
Retail Price: R6 495  Lefty Week Special: R5 295
096-8313-021 Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat
Retail Price: R7 395  Lefty Week Special: R5 900
AD880CE LH NAT Student Line Acoustic Guitar
Retail Price: R4 195  Lefty Week Special: R3 395
AD810 LH OP Spruce Top Deadnought
Retail Price: R2 495  Lefty Week Special: R1 995
FVHGL Faith High Gloss Venus
Retail Price: R18 495  Lefty Week Special: R15 495

Left Handed Bass Guitars

B5 PLUS AS LH OPN  5-String Left Handed Bass Guitar
Retail Price: R9 595  Lefty Week Special: R7 695
Sterling RAY34LH BK Sterling Stingray Bass
Retail Price: R11 295  Lefty Week Special: R8 995
B5LH OPN  Open Pore 5-String Bass Guitar
Retail Price: R8 495  Lefty Week Special: R6 795
Cort ACTION BASS PLUS LH BK New Series Action Bass
Retail Price: R4 095  Lefty Week Special: R3 295
Cort ACTION BASS LH WS Student Line Bass Guitar
Retail Price: R4 350 Lefty Week Special: R3 295


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