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Bothners’ South African origins date back to around 1902, when Charles Bothner, a piano tuner by trade, set up shop in Cape Town. The business was soon importing and selling pianos. Over the next 50 years, with contributions from his wife and sons, Bothners became a countrywide household name.


In 1970 Charles’s son Paul founded Paul Bothner Music in Claremont, situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Gradually the business expanded, and Paul Bothner brought in experts as partners and associates, notably Keith Blacher and Roy Viljoen. Paul Bothner’s son, Charles Bothner, currently oversees operations. Today Paul Bothner Music consists of four stores servicing the greater Cape Town area and enjoys the status of premier musical instrument retailer in the Western Cape. Bothner’s has also recently widened its retail base to Johannesburg.

Logically, with the retail expansion, the company ventured into importing and wholesale distribution. This was encouraged by the acquisition of the Roland representation for South Africa (excluding Gauteng Province) in 1983. The company now imports a wide range of high quality products and supplies retail music shops throughout South Africa and it’s neighboring countries.

Bothners caters for pro, semi-pro, and home musicians, as well as recording studios and the broadcasting industry. Customers are assured of a comprehensive selection of quality products at competitive prices.

The Paul Bothner Group is controlled by the Bothner family, who also act as financiers to the business. From the retail customer’s point of view, this valuable service means that financed purchases are made easier and quicker than bank finance.


Paul Bothner Music is a customer driven business and the family believes in nurturing long-term relationships with their customers. The focus is on providing excellent service and expertise with a team of experienced experts. The staff members are highly trained and will assist their customers in a technically competent way. Emphasis has been placed on a strong infrastructure to provide back-up service and support.

Paul Bothner Music actively supports South African music and has close ties with local studios and record companies.