Free Guitar Frenzy Workshop: The Guitarist Arsenal – Riffs, Scales & Gear

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 10, 2017

We’ve all heard the guitar called an ax before, but it is more than just a brute force instrument. There is, in fact, a full Guitarist Arsenal compromising of Riffs, Scales & Gear!

Join Marius Krüger as he explores the full Guitarist Arsenal of Riffs, Scales & Gear in this FREE Guitar Frenzy workshop.

When: 18 November 2017
Where: DV Village Kimberley
Shop 54 North Cape Mall
Memorial Road,
Time: 10H00

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at the intermediate to an advanced guitarist who is looking to expand their existing knowledge. The beginner can, of course, learn a thing or two if they decide to come along.

What to Expect

Marius will discuss a wide variety of topics all aimed to elevate your playing to the next level. More specifically he will look into:

How to utilize riffs and scales in your own music
Building finger strength using RIGHT and LEFT hand techniques
The basic structures of songwriting and harmonic chordal progressions
How to find your perfect tone – Amp and FX settings

After this, he will present a practical gear demo on his use of the Boss Loop Station.

He will end the workshop with a live performance and a Q&A session.

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More About Marius

Krüger frontman Marius Krüger is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, born and bred in the Diamond city (Kimberley).

Combining a decade of singing experience with almost 2 decades of guitar playing experience, resulted in an artist who can not only hold his own as a vocalist and songwriter, but his guitar playing and live performance have left many crowds pleasantly surprised and wanting more.

If you want to read more about one of Kimberley’s favorite sons, check out his full artist profile [here].


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