Got Pocket: How to be a Functional Rhythm Section

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 1, 2016


Most bands want to get people moving along to their music. Whether you want your audience to mosh or sway is immaterial; as long as the audience moves to your music.

Join us on Saturday 12 November 2016 at Paul Bothner Music Claremont for this free workshop discussing all things Rhythm

What is it that people move to? It is seldom the singer or the lead guitarist encouraging dancing. Sometimes it is, but most of the time it’s the rhythm section that gets the blood pumping.

If your drummer can’t sit in the pocket or your bass player can’t follow the drummer, your groove won’t sit well. And if you are not giving your audience something to groove along to, then you’re not giving them something to move to.

Where: Claremont Store
When: Saturday 12 November 2016
Time: 11am
More Details: For more information, feel free to drop up a mail or call 021 674-4030

Got Pocket: How to be a functional Rhythm Section

This works aims to teach bass players and drummers how to work together. Even though the workshop is aimed rhythm players, lead players can definitely learn something. This is because is it vital that every player in a band knows the role of every other player in the band.

Rhythm and Groove

The primary focus of the day will be on rhythm and groove. Groove is the interplay between the bass and the drums. If you’re struggling to find the groove, then this is the workshop for you!

Core Grooves and Styles

Every genre has a core set of grooves and styles that a band can implement. How comfortable are you will your styles core grooves and styles? Have you “Got Pocket”?

It is also a valuable tool to become familiar with other genres core concepts. That way if you want to add a bluesy feel to a particular section of a song, you’ll know and understand how to pull it off.


No one wants to hear robotic playing. Accenting on both the bass and drums can add your own signature to a piece. Learn how and when you should accent


Like all relationships, communication among the rhythm section is of utmost importance. Learn how to talk to each other, and your writing will reap the benefits

Serving the song

Eric Clapton once said, “Why play 1000 notes when one will do?” (I’m paraphrasing, but the idea is still the same). Are you playing to fulfil your ego, or are you playing to the song?

Learn how to serve the song, and you will almost instantly become a more enjoyable player to listen to!

About the Rhythm Section Project (RSP)

The RSP is made up of Jeanre Leo and CJ Duckitt. Both Leo and Duckitt have been an active part of the local music industry for years. In 2015 the duo formed RSP, with the sole goal of being able to do rhythm session work for any musician.

Their entire philosophy is being the best rhythm section possible. Who better to learn from?

Be sure to follow the guys on Facebook




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