Free Workshop: Finding Tone: The Marriage of Guitar and Amp

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | November 19, 2017

Good tone is elusive. For some, good tone is impossible. They chase it like Ahab chasing his whale. But, with the right tips, anyone can get great tone!

During this FREE Workshop, Luke Clayton from the Parklands College will discuss Finding Tone: The Marriage of Guitar and Amp.

When: 25 November 2017
Where: Paul Bothner Music Parklands
Shop G32 Sandown Retail Crossing Shopping Centre
Corner of Sandown Road and Wood Drive
Time: 11H00

Who Should Attend

Anyone. Everyone.

Are you completely happy with your tone? Or, is there still some room to grow? If you feel like your tone could use a facelift, or even just a small tweak, then you’ll definitely want to attend this workshop.

Even if your tone is just “one small tweak away from perfection”, you could benefit from this workshop. Maybe Luke will identify what you’re missing.

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What to Expect

Luke will cover some basic ideas and some advanced concepts all relating to tone. More specifically he will be looking into:

Guitar and amp matching: which pairing will give you the tone you want
Basic guitar and amp controls that shape your tone.
Setting up a digital amp: what are all those buttons for anyway? Microphone placement: making sure your tone is translated through the PA
After all the gear is in place, what difference does your playing make to your tone?

More About Luke

Luke is a well-versed guitarist and sound engineer having played and engineered many styles of music over the last 14 years.

Having spent many years in studios and at gigs, Luke has spent a large part of his career exploring the world of tone both on and off the stage. Luke currently teaches guitar and sound engineering full time as well as keeping himself busy with his latest musical project, The Voltic.


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