Fender FXA5 In-Ear Monitors

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 9, 2018

If you take your music seriously, then you should consider in-ear monitors. Not only will they give you the freedom you need to run around the stage without the worry of not being able to hear yourself, but you’ll be able to get exactly the mix you want. A great option for your in-ear monitoring desires is the Fender FXA5 in-ear monitors.

Arguably, the most important element when it comes to monitors is the sound quality. And the Fender FXA5 in-ear monitors delivers where it counts. They are clean, crisp, and offer the perfect balance of transparency, ambience reduction and clear headroom for pure, natural sound. The FXA5s sound so good, that audiophiles have been buying them to use as standard earphones!

This great tone is thanks to the Dual Balanced Armature Array. What that basically means is that it is a single-point speaker array. This means that the Fender FXA5 can deliver on tone across the sound spectrum. Additionally, there is a custom 6.5mm driver built-in which ensures that the low end of the spectrum remains tight.


Besides the great sound, there are a few other nifty tricks up the FXA5s sleeves. Things like the detachable MMXCI cable. This cable was made from silver-coated low oxygen copper to ensure that signal loss is kept to a minimum. So instead of good tone being lost to the ether, it goes directly to your ears, where it belongs.

Don’t you hate it when you want to unplug a cable, but you struggle to get it out? Well, thanks to the squared off connector, you won’t have a hard time pulling this cable out. The squared off cable also ensure that the cable has a tight and snug fit, ensuring it won’t fall out even during the most enthusiastic of performances.

And then finally there’s the fit. The FXA5 in-ear monitors feature a DHT shell. This Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT) shell provides a custom moulded-like feel. Fender scanned thousands of ear shapes to determine what shape mould would be the best to use. The end result is an in-ear monitor that can feel like a custom fit for 95% of the world.

So, if you’re looking for in-ear monitors that fit perfectly, sound great, and won’t let you down when you need them, then you need the FXA5s. Check their availability at our on-line store.


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