Fastest Hands 2018

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 8, 2018

Think you’re a fast drummer? Sign up for this fun drumming contest on the day and compete against your friends and fellow drummers for great prizes. Open to all. 

Have you and your friends ever wondered who the fastest drummer in your group is?  Wonder no more!

Where: DV Village Music Kimberley
Shop 54 North Cape Mall
Memorial Road,
When: Saturday 18 August

How It Works:

All contestants will be scored on playing single strokes (no bounces, presses or buzz) for 60 SECONDS and recorded by the Drumometer. Whoever has the highest score (the most strokes in a minute) will be crowned the 2018 winner!

There are 2 division for the competition. 
Junior (Under 16)

The winner of the Junior Division will win:
Zildjian Drum Sticks
Winners Certificate
R200 Paul Bothner Music Gift Voucher


The winner of the open division will win:
Zildjian Drum Sticks
Winners Medal
R350 Paul Bothner Music Voucher



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