By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | August 8, 2017

EVOLVE with these specials on V-DRUMS

Offers only available for August

The role of the drummer is changing fast, and so does the gear they use to deliver. eVolve into the world of V-drums, the undisputed leader and pioneer in electronic and hybrid drumming. Whether practicing, recording or playing live, delivering dynamic and versatile sound scapes has never been easier, more reliable or more refined. Visit your nearest dealer this August to find out more about the amazing specials on the gear that will eVolve your sound.

Perfect for practice, learning and fun. Quality with 15 expressive drum kits, beater-less kick pedal, Coach function, metronome, and recorder.
Limited Offer R8 495
Save R3 500

V-Drums V-Compact Series
V-Compact Series kit with mesh-head, cloth-head kick, V-Hi-Hat, triple-trigger cymbal, and TD-11 sound module.
Limited offer R9 495
Save R4 500

.V Compact Series kit with mesh-head, cloth-head kick, V-Hi-Hat, triple-trigger cymbal, and TD-11 sound module.
Limited offer R14 995
Save R8 995

Sheldon Yoko
Drummer for Francois Van Coke, Die Heuwels Fantasties & Thieve
Sheldon uses: Tm-2, SPD-SX, RT-30K and RT-30HR

Sabu Satsha
Independent session drummer

Sabu uses: TD-25K and SPD-SX

V-Drums V-Compact Series kit with mesh-head snare and toms, cloth-head kick, V-Hi-Hat, triple-trigger cymbal,SuperNATURAL technology, and TD-11 sound module.
Limited offer R22 995
Save R10 995

V-Drums Expressive mid-level drum kit with high-end playability and quick sound customization. Mesh-head pads for a natural feel and positional snare sensing for enhanced
Limited offer R32 995
Save R 16 495

V-Drums Expressive mid-level drum kit with high-end playability and quick sound customization. The sound engine responds naturally and organically to your playing in every way.
Limited offer R39 995
Save R 21 750

Peach van PletzenDrummer and producer Bittereinder, Yesterday’s Pupil, Zubz + Lavabeast, Van Pletzen, Bouwer Bosch
Peach uses: TD-30KV, SPD-SX and SH-01

Darren Petersen
V-drums Specialist, Independent Touring Drummer & Digital Percussions for The Voice South Africa
Darren uses: SPD-SX, HPD-20, SPD-30-BK, BT-1, RT-30’s and TD-25KV

Sampling Pad
A pad-based sampling instrument with innovative audio-capturing features, three multi-effects engines, and more.
Limited offer R 10 495
Save R 5000

Digital Percussion Pad The OCTAPAD SPD-30 combines cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds with the latest triggering technology.
Limited offer R 10 995
Save R 6000

Trigger Module Compact trigger module with two trigger inputs, SDHC card slot, powerful effects, and over 100 ready-to-play professional sounds.
Limited offerR3 395
Save R 1600!

Ben Peters
Producer for GoodLuck Music
Ben uses: HPD-20, SP-555, TD-15, SPD-SX

Adrian Langeveld
Drummer for Infanteria & Mark Haze
Adrian uses: TD-50K, SPD-SX, TM-2 and RT-30K

Acoustic Drum Trigger Easy to install, the single-trigger RT-30H attaches securely to the metal rim of nearly any standard drum. Newly developed self-guided mount makes installation easy.
Limited offer R995
Save R555

Acoustic Drum Trigger Ideal for use on snare drums, the RT-30HR supports independent head and rim triggering for playing two different sounds from the same drum.
Limited offer R1050
Save R645

Acoustic Drum TriggeR
Developed specifically for use on bass drum, the RT-30K provides fast and accurate triggering in a robust unit that’s simple to install.
.Limted offer R1050
you save R645


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