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Paul Bothner Music Endorsees

Paul Bothner Music proudly endorses truly great musicians in South Africa. Some are internationally famous or on the way to mega stardom. They use gear made by Fender, Jackson, Cort, Guild, Ovation, Gretsch, Roland, Alesis, and AKAI Pro, amongst many others… because of the quality of their inherent tone, longevity, aesthetic appeal and reliability.


‘Popular enough to headline and get serious encores’, is the best way to describe this band. With master musicianship and groove, all in the context of ‘giving ‘em what they want’, this crew of winners manages to retain what musicians call integrity. Freshlyground brings together hipness, conscience and international level production. They hit the charts spot on the mark, even joining a shimmying Shakira on the 2010 FIFA World Cup theme, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).” For more information on the band click here


Mac Stanley

Melodic acoustic rock hardly comes better than that crafted by South Africa’s Flat Stanley, now known as Mac Stanley.

The accolades earned by the Cape Town-based three-piece, over their two studio albums – 2004’s ‘Of Secrets and Wine’ and 2007’s ‘Between 2wo Worlds’ and the unashamed adoration the band earns, each time they play live, has gained the band a strong reputation amongst audiences. For more information on the band click here

Mark Haze

Vocalist, Mark Haze can be described as an erudite prodigy, having been musically trained from an early age. Easily, the most pertinent reason for him reaching such a high level, in the SA Idols competition, to people in the know. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Mark Haze has a reputation for being one of the most energetic and entertaining live acts in the country. For more information on the band click here

Taxi Violence

If you like the tuneful use of light and shade like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies, Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, or any rock with that remarkable heaviness, grounded in performance and riffage, not sheer volume, you’ll love Taxi Violence. If you’ve heard Zeppelin’s John Bonham’s beats and the multi-guitar, low-end, V8-revving tone of a guitarist whom wields an axe, not a tennis racket, you’ll need to watch Taxi Violence live. Ever felt like you’ll never get to hear those bands because ‘someone’ said there’s no market for it here? They lied! Join the throng!

“Taxi Violence smashed onto the scene as a breath of fresh, raw exuberance without the need for any fancy ‘post’ this, or ‘neo’ that or cute little words like ‘alt’ or ‘indie’ necessary to define them. The result is that after seven years together, their sound is still a timeless ode to what they do best… rocking out!” – Dave Mac (Muse Magazine). For more information on the band click here

Almost Famous

This band’s ability is such that they are actually looked up to, in terms of technique. Not many guitarists can play like Charles Knighton-Pullen. This University Graduate should have an interdict charged against him, to keep the rest of our reputations safe. The bassist and drummer hold clinics to instruct (reads remedy) people. Enough already!

“This band is energetic, fun and most of all… talented. With a perfect mix of professionalism, experience and youth, they are designed for success, engineered for accomplishment and endowed with the seeds of greatness’” – Chad Saaiman. For more information on the band click here

Captain Stu

Captain Stu is a collective of musical superheroes, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite being in disguise, they’ve been well recognized on the South African music circuit. Touring and performing around the nation, since 2003, has made them a highly visible entity, in a world of musical apathy and a lack of good fun.

Their sound seamlessly blends ska, funk, punk and soul… and funny looking costumes. They offer a fresh approach to an eclectic African approach. For more information on the band click here

When Karma Sleeps

On the name ‘When Karma Sleeps’, the guys had this to say: “It was a long process that took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to come up with. To explain what ‘When Karma Sleeps’ means, is a difficult one. We prefer everyone having their own perception of what it means. To us, it’s about everything being governed by Karma. It might feel like it’s a perfect world but what happens when that element of karma gets taken away? Where would the world end up, if the principle of good and bad karma didn’t exist!? What happens… WHEN KARMA SLEEPS?” for more information on the band click here

The Jesse Jordan Band

The rock music scene and The Jesse Jordan Band… Consistency in the face of adversity, the chasing of a dream and the ultimate realization of that very dream…” For more information on the band click here


The Plastics 

This crew began in 2007 as an evolution of punk band HOAX. it’s now its own thing. Completely.They have been linked to a lot of things, they’ve worked with a lot of people, they’ve made a lot of friends. Words to discribe their music and, experience and work ethic include “innovative” , “Earl Grey”, “guerrilla”, “disco Something”, “retro rock” and “melody” amongst others. That’s no joke.Along with a cult following that trend to turn their sentence into acronym and get the dance floor riled up, The Plastics set out to take over the world, or at least play some darn good gigs along the way.2008 saw the release of the bands first EP The Plastics followed closely by another one; Kiss The Plastics (2009). Both distributed among Cape Town’s indie elite and head bangers for free. for more information on the band click here.

The Boulevard Blues Band

The blues got soul. Featuring musicians with a history of great success and with a varsity grad on guitar, the Boulevard Blues band has been rocking music lovers at venues, events and festivals in South Africa for over a decade, liberating their fans with nourishing soulful Blues and Rock. The band sets high standards in both music genres with their pure quality music that’s easy to listen to, and offer an unprecedented and entertaining live performance. For more information on the band click here

Obsessie Met Als

Gebore in die Jaar 2007, Obsessie Met Als is ‘n three piece, Afrikaanse Rock ‘n Roll band van Kaapstad, wat stadig maar seker ‘n groot belangstelling onder vele mense laat ontwikkel, met hulle energieke, omstrede en harde musiekstyl. Met die styl, energie en passie van hierdie ouens, het Afrikaanse Rock ‘n hele nuwe betekenis en dimensie gekry. For more information on the band click here

Black Market Riots

If you like Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Mastodon and very catchy musical hooks, you’ll love this crew. Imaginative songwriting, great technique, meaty tones and swinging, heavy grooves are the order of the day, for these aficionados. Since releasing their debut EP, ‘Box of Dreams’ in 2009 – BLACK MARKET RIOTS have taken the country by storm, sharing festival stages with some of South Africa’s biggest bands, and having their music video for “Machine” played on MK. For more information on the band click here

Joint State

An African rock band with talent, attitude and energy to match. Live performances and songs that leave a lasting impression on fans and listeners alike. Joint State was born in 2009, after three established musicians from Cape Town, joined forces to share their influences and talents. For more information on the band click here


CANNON are an Electric Blues/Rock band hailing from the Western Cape. These boys traversed the SA circuit for many years, till the decision to join forces, brought their unique musical influence to the world of Blues & Rock ‘n Roll!!! CANNON are an old school “In Your Face” band, who live for playing live. For more information on the band click here

Witness To Wolves

Cape Town based duo, Natalie Lucia & Matt Keeson, after encountering an inner musical awakening, created a collection of sonorous, well-crafted songs, each of these holding a strong sense of identity. Feeling an urge to delve into a deeper range of tone, Luke Otto (bass) and Kyle Gray (drums), were invoked, to imprint their presence in the band… two masters in their own right. Natalie’s rich voice leads the band through sterling performances, packed with emotion and a potent sense of inertia. For more information on the band click here


“Playing live, the band feel like it’s their duty to not only deliver their music, but to deliver a truly rock ‘n roll show. Their effortless destruction of stage after stage, has gained them fans with every gig… What a heartfelt commitment to their trade!!! Enmity…” For more information on the band click here



Reburn is an Indie rock band from Cape Town that delivers a powerful live act! Reburn has been ear-marked as one of the top bands, soon to be greats in South Africa, by those in the know. If you like your guitars snarling and wide open with that special chugging, motorcycle revving, harmonic range and the tightness being as locked like a loaded Glock 9, don’t miss them. For more information on the band click here.

Darren PetersenDarren Petersen 

Darren Petersen first started studying classical percussion and piano from the age of 9 years old, at Beau Soleil Music College. Throughout his schooling career, Darren competed in solo Eisteddfods and competitions for vocals and instruments. In Junior school, Darren was awarded the music prize for Top Music student of his class.

Here are just a few artists that Darren Petersen backed as a drummer: Loyiso Bala, Jack Parow, Elvis Blue, Zwai Bala, Ard Mathews, Tkzee, Kurt Darren, Chad Saaiman, EJ Von Lyrik and the lists goes on. For more information on the artist click here.


Blaq Pearl

Janine Van Rooy, the Blaq Pearl, started writing her first piece at the age of 12, with the intention of simply expressing herself and to release frustration, a stress which she’s had to deal with in her community and in life. Her first piece, ‘Life’s No Metaphor’ developed into a much lauded song. From such a young age, this precious gem of talent, had already begun singing choruses for her late brother ‘Devious’ (1977-2004), also her biggest influence. For more information on the artist click here

Mike Horne

Mike Horne started his musical career early, at the age of twelve, playing in church bands. He spent most of his first few years playing Gospel. His father, Gary Horne is an accomplished Tenor sax player. So, Mike grew up on a healthy diet of, Michael Brecker, Chick Corea, David Sandborn, Weather Report, Gerald Albright, Fourplay, Larry Carlton, and various Gospel artists. Mike played his first gig at the age of thirteen, and continued to play pubs and clubs, with his father’s various POP/COVER bands. For more information on the artist click here

Natasha Meister

Singer/songwriter, Natasha Meister has become our very own Blues Queen, in the 2 short years since returning from Canada, to her ancestral home in Africa. By 20 years of age, she made a huge impact on discerning SA audiences, especially in the blues/funk niche. Natasha has a great bluesey, Motown voice, plays phenomenal electric and acoustic guitar and is a gifted songwriter. For more information on the artist click here

Shaun Johannes

Raised in Montana on the Cape Flats, where being a musician was not perceived to be a possible profession, Shaun is a potent musical force. With a sound so binding, his talent has been drawn to stages as daunting as The Cape Town Jazz Festival, previously called the Cape Town/North Sea Jazz Festival. A self-taught pianist & bassist, whose first musical breakthrough came via The Little Giants band, comprised of young, gifted musicians from the townships & Cape Flats. Shaun, amazingly, went on to become a founder member of the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band in 2001 and then went on to study at The South African College of Music, at the University of Cape Town. He graduated with a B Mus (Cum Laude) in Jazz Performance (2006) and is completing his M Mus degree. For more information on the artist click here 

Louise Day

Talented singer/songwriter Louise Day has been captivating audiences and stealing hearts since the age of ten. A true Cape Town girl through and through… Her unique blend of Piano-Grounded Rock, delivered by her outstanding lingering vocals, has been showcased at some of the trendiest and musically influential venues in South Africa. For more information on the artist click here

Heather Waters

Heather Waters just oozes freshness. Her expressive nature puts you into a late 60’s trance… If you let everything around you fade into the background and zoom into that time-warp, when freedom-of-expression reigned supreme – you’ll get an inkling of what her music is all about. This is particularly evident as her songs are almost acted out on stage. She has an incredibly unique approach in both sound and performance. For more information on the artist click here

Kyle Petersen

This hip, young virtuoso started playing piano at the age of four!! To his fans this would come as no surprise! Kyle is a well-schooled prodigy… He went on to study piano and voice as subjects, before leaving for Greece, as a youth, where he performed on the Olympia Countess, as it sailed around the globe!!

He’s been musical director to many productions, at venues such as the Cape Town International Convention Center and Grand West Casino, amongst many others. He’s also a producer, session musician, highly trained vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and has had lots of radio airplay. The Kyle Petersen Band features his university trained brother, session star, Darren Petersen, who’s also travelled and performed, much like Kyle.

To buy his music, check out his gig guide and more, click here

Anton Botha 

Anton is a well-rounded artist whom impressed audiences in South Africa, with hits such as: “Jakaranda”, “Asseblief asseblief” and “Superhero”. He also became famous for combining old rock and roll tunes with traditional Afrikaans songs. Anton then released a phenomenal tribute album to one of his all time favourite bands… Smokie. Upon many requests he also released a cover album of all his favourite songs. This album is entitled, “The Songs We Love”. With his new Afrikaans album, Alles of Niks, he hopes to wow audiences with a very unique style of music. For more information on the artist click here.


Sammy Webber

“Ever since he can remember”… Sammy wanted to play an instrument… But due to a poverty stricken background, this was impossible until his late teens. Without any formal training, combined with sheer determination & talent, he started playing the guitar at the age of 19 and a year later, joined his 1st band as a rhythm guitarist. He played rhythm guitar for about 2 years and then, bass. According to Sammy he found his dream instrument when changing to bass. A pyrotechnician with blazing lines, tasteful, yet dapper, a household name, Sammy is a master of the craft. For more information on the artist click here

Charlie King

After playing in other bands, she fell in love with the blues and co-formed Diamondback Blues Band in 2009, playing at various venues and festivals in and around Cape Town. Charlie King has recently embarked on her solo career. Over the last couple of years, she has guest performed with some of the top South African blues artists, such as Boulevard Blues Band, Piet Botha, Dan Patlansky and Kevin Floyd. With musical influences such as Etta James, Koko Taylor, Janis Joplin, BB King and many more, you can look forward to the velvety tones of Charlie King’s vocals and the swampy feel of acoustic / slide guitar, resonating Original Blues songs. For more information on the artist click here

Mark Fransman

Considered by jazz aficionados to be the musician’s musician, with keyboard and saxophone phrasing and technique, so adept, that he renders his audiences justifiably spellbound. Mark is one of the quickest-witted, expressive jazz wonders, to grace listeners in the new millenium. Often breaking down the musical boundaries onstage with jazz geniuses, like the time-guru, Zildjian S.A. endorsee Kesivan Naidoo, (a next generation Trilok Gurthu), Mark has navigated the globe with remarkable luminaries. He’s performed with Pharaoh Sanders, Finley Quay, Winston Mankunku, René McLean, Hein van de Geyn, Zim Nqwana, Gloria Bosman, Selealo Selota, Judith Sepuma, Errol Dyers, Jimmy Dlu Dlu and Dave Young. And, been on the same stage with such jazz artists as Cedar Walton, Andrew Hill, Donald Brown, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Danilo Perez and Yusef Lateef.

As a producer Mark has been awarded two SAMA Awards (South African Music Awards).

In 2004 he won the Best Producer Award for Jimmy Dlu Dlu’s, ‘Afrocentric’ and in 2007 he also won the Best Producer Award, for Moreira Chonguisa’s ‘The Journey’. For more information on the artist click here

Die Mislukte Rebellie

Die Mislukte Rebellie is ‘n 5-stuk AfrikaansCore (Afrikaans Hardcore) band gevestig in die Snortstad Pretoria. Hulle is hier vir die musiek en wil deur musiek ‘n verskil maak. Daar is soveel sinnelose en nuttelose dinge in alle daagse lewe, wat onderdruk en beheer deur algehele kontrole. In sekere sisteme kan jy net tot op ‘n punt opstaan en rebelleer daarteen.Soos die onvergeetlike, legendariese Johannes Kerkorrel, een van hul invloede, skryf. “Jy moet staan in jou ry, jy moet jou hare kort sny, jy moet al die pryse kry.” En later dan ook sê “Jy moet minder vrae vra oor die dinge wat jou pla, jy moet leer om stil te bly.” Hulle wil musiek maak om ‘n verskil te maak, maar nogeens die positiewe behou. Vir meer informasie op hierdie groep.


Uit die baard van die boland is gebore ’n ondier. Vier jong mans het besluit om liewer saam geraas te maak. Die resultaat was katastrofies. ’n Harige blinkoog monster het wankelend oor die strate begin loop en saggies skree. Benags het hy in skaduwees en die donker hoeke van feeste en Straatbyeenkomste geremoer. Die musiek was regte Afrikaans en dus eerlik rou. Dit was nie te sag nie, en nie te hard nie. Dit was die hartklop van ’n dier. Bedags het hy weer opgebreek tot in vier dele: Vir meer informasie op hierdie groep.


One of the newest bands of hot musicians in the Paul Bothner Music endorsee league, GAGE is a strong force in the South African music spectrum. Their legacy includes membership in bands like the SAMA Award winners, Sunways, and work with the renowned Buchanan brothers, Mark and Ian. The latter being famous for their master-musicianship in shred, fusion, jazz and hip hop with bands like Max Normal, Open, Chromoscience and more.

Their influences range from potent sources of music like Soundgarden, The Dave Matthews Band, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fear Factory, Opeth, Sepultura, Foo Fighters and Stereophonics. I’m sure you can imagine what happens when people are influenced with those riffs, drum patterns and song writing skills. The members are Jason Horseman on vocals and drums, Russel Nathanson on bass and Lyle Burger on guitar. For more information on the band click here

Th-Damned-CrowsTh’ Damned Crows

Formed at the foot of the notorious Devil’s Peak in Cape Town, South Africa, Th’ Damned Crows fell together in early 2012 through a mutual love of Rockabilly, Punk Rock and Blues, and a growing frustration at what was perceived to be a ‘safe’ music scene in their home town.Taking cues from the fringes of popular culture of the past 60 years, and putting a fresh slant on the sounds of the past, the band aims to strip away all the frills and take Rock’ n’ Roll back to its primitive roots; to make music danceable, controversial and fun. For more information on the band click here.


 Paul Bothner Music are proud supporters of their endorsees, fellow friends and musicians.