Electromatic Pro Jet

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | February 2, 2017

Electromatic Pro Jet
With fat tone and great looks, the Gretch Electromatic Pro Jet might just be the guitar you’ve been looking for!

Gretch Electromatic Pro Jet

The Electromatic Pro Jet is a marvel to look at. It has the look of a more refined Les Paul. The two-tone body scheme screams class. In addition, the “hump block” inlays truly make this guitar pop.

A good looking guitar inspires the owner to pick it up and play it. Of that, there is little doubt. But, once the guitar has been picked up, it still needs to feel good and sound great!


The 12″ radius and 24.6″ scale length ensure that the Electromatic Pro Jet fits nicely into your hand. At no point will you feel overstretched or cramped.

The fretboard is Rosewood, which is one of the most popular fretboard woods. Not only because of its tone, but also because of the guitar feels under finger. In addition, the guitar comes with Jumbo frets. Fret size preference is very much a subjective issue. If you’ve never had to opportunity to play on Jumbo frets, you should try on of the Electromatic Pro Jet’s out. It is worth noting that it has been claimed that Jumbo frets are faster and easier to play.


The Electromatic Pro Jet comes stock with Black Top FilterTron pickups in the neck and bridge position. The balance between the pickups makes this guitar sound great in all positions. Not only that, but there won’t massive gain or volume changes as you switch between positions.

This makes the guitar more sonically predictable.

The Anchored Adjusto-Matic™ Bridge bridge adds stability and sustain to the guitar. One of the biggest advantages to playing a guitar with a fixed bridge or stop tail, is that no matter how hard you bend a string, the others will all stay in tune.

In addition, the bridge will keep its tuning better than most floating trem systems.

For all the specs, click [here]


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