The DNA of Creative Effects and Synthesizers

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | March 8, 2017

If your songs are all sounding the same, then perhaps it’s time you explored the DNA of Creative Effects and Synthesisers.

FREE Workshop

You are invited to join a free workshop on the DNA of Creative Effects and Synthesis at Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead. The workshop will be presented by the International touring guitaristĀ Roberto Zechini (Italy) and Alistair Andrews.

When: 10am, 22 of April 2017
Where: Paul Bothner Music Plumstead
Shop G7 Richmond Center
Main Road
For more info, call Alistair on 021-761-4828 or email

DNA of Creative Effects and Synthesisers

This workshop is aimed primarily at guitarists who want to take a creative journey into exploring what effects and synthesisers can do your playing.

Whether you are considering buying effects for the first time, or if you’ve been using them for years, there is something for everyone.

Not a guitarist? You can still learn a wealth of information from the presenters. Learning what effects guitarist and bass players use, may inspire you to add something new and interesting to your vocal lines. In addition, knowing what effects and synths create specific sounds will empower any songwriting. After all, Knowlege is Power.

Topics for the Workshop

1) Effect Chains

Do you place your distortion pedal before your delay? Where should your looper sit? All this will be discussed on the day

2) Authentic Use of Effects

By learning how to fully utilise your effects, you will be able to create a better tone for yourself.

3) The Overuse/Incorrect Use of Effects

When using a new toy, like a multi-effects unit, there is always a danger of overusing effects and ruining your song or your performance

4) Looping and Delays

Looping is a powerful tool for the one-man-band. It can create layers of a song, one layer at a time.

By adding just a short delay when playing lead lines, a guitarist is able to add a dynamic to her playing that would be otherwise impossible to get.

5) Different Types of Synthesis

Come and explore the wide array of synthesis options available.

6) Conventional and Unconventional Effects

Take a walk through all the commonly used effects, and then explore some of the less commonly used effects like the slicer or octave-divider!

About Roberto Zechini

Roberto was Born in Fermo (Italy) on the Adriatic coast and began sudying music and playing the organ when very young. He was inspired to pick up a guitar at the age of 14, the beginning of a life long romance.

Roberto continued to study largely on his own and played in several bands. His first tour to Rome, Naples, Salerno, Pisa, Ferrara, Venice, Trieste, Merano when 16 yrs old, was as the young leader of a progressive rock band. He soon founded Mindslave, a group which got to the finals at Rockottantotto, a national competition of Italian rock.

As well as studying guitar, jazz and improvisation, Roberto also took up Russian language and literature and Philosophy. He obtains a 3 years course diploma in Jazz guitar with Garrison Fewell of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and then specialized in jazz guitar with Fabio Zeppetella, improvisation techniques with Ramberto Ciammarughi and jJazz Arrangement in the Fermo Conservatory. Roberto is taught himslef oud playing (Arabian lute) and got a Degree in Russian language and literature first at the University of Lomonosov in S. Petersbourgh and then at Macerata University. Later he attended a 3 yr seminary on the Philosophy of Aesthetics organized by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben.

Roberto regulalry plays festivals and international seasons in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, France, Russia, Morocco, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, South Africa and so on.
He is the principal of the ‘Chitarreto’ where he teaches guitar, jazz and improvisation. He also teaches jazz guitar, harmony and ensemble in the Arcevia jazz courses and in Jazz school Bettino Padovano in Senigallia.
He is Principle Masterclass tutor in DMS per il Teatro – Corsi di Alto perfezionamento, Montegiorgio



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