The Boss ME-80 – Guitar Multiple Effect Unit

M80 Angled

Unique new footswitches. Twice the control of previous designs. Intuitive real-time sound shaping on stage. User-friendly dials with easy operation. Use in stompbox or multi-efx mode. Access BOSS Tone Central for great ME-80 patches plus demos and free patches created by famous guitarists!
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The Roland RC-505 Looper


Check out the incredibly funky and experimental video by the highly talented artist, Tioneb. Compact tabletop device with great features including INPUT FX and TRACK FX with a wide range of real-time processing options. Beatboxers, analogue or MIDI instruments, vocalists, and more can easily ride the controls. USB interface. Operation with external pedals. MIDI integration.
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The Boss WP-20G Wave Processor


If you’re looking for vintage guitar-synth sounds, the WP-20G Wave Processor™ is for you! This compact pedal gives GK-equipped guitarists six synth-type waveforms plus modulation and delay effects.
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Seymour Duncan Releases The Vapor Trail Analog Delay

BeFunky_Vapor trail.jpg

Special features! A TRS insert jack allows you to add effects to the wet signal. Output a wet-only signal for parallel effect loops or multi-amp setups. Or plug in any standard volume-type pedal, crank the Mix knob to full, and vary the amount of wet signal from none to full-wet using the pedal.
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Electroharmonix Epitome 3 in 1 Efx Pedal


Want an 18 string guitar sound? Deep space sci-fi synth? Real organ tones? Flange like you wished for? Infinity ambient drone? Watch the demo. Three in one: flawless polyphonics with Micro POG, plus the Stereo Electric Mistress’ creamy stereo flanging and chorus, and the Holy Grail Plus’ luxurious reverb. Includes Shimmer control for delay…
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Boss TE-2: Tera Echo


Powered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP), the TE-2 Tera Echo produces a dynamic new stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond traditional delay and reverb.
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Mighty Bright MB50612 Roadie Lights LED Set – On End of Line Special

Mighty Bright Roadie Set

Designed for DJs, roadies, stagehands, sound technicians, and musicians in general. Comprised of two micro lights, a carabiner LED, and keychain LED.
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The Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Boss DS1

This classic Distortion pedal provides harder distortion for guitar and keyboards. It faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of playing dynamics–at any volume.
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GR-D: V-Guitar Distortion

Roland V-Guitar Distortion GR-D

For use with MIDI equipped guitars. Unique distortion and synth tones by independently processing each guitar string, giving the modern player an array of fresh, bold sounds for their sonic arsenal. Wide, heavy, high-clarity tones that can only be achieved with GK processing..
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Fender’s Drive Pedal

Fender Drive Stompbox

Drive your tone into satisfying and natural-sounding overdrive with the Fender Drive Pedal.
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JP Farley’s Guitar Tool

JP Deluxe Guitar Tool

The best string-changing tool on the market. Engineered in America and made of stainless steel. Perfect for a quick string change or as a setup tool. The JP Guitar Tool is used by professional guitar techs around the world.
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Roland RH-5: Headphones

Roland RH-5

Flat response with 10 – 22,000 Hz. Great for audio playback and electronic musical instruments, such as Roland’s digital pianos and V-Drums.
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Roland RH-L20: Monitor Headphones

Roland RH L20

Allows external sound to be heard – ideal for hearing stage monitors, conversations while in process etc. High-resolution, high-quality sound, comfortable and secure fit during performance. 20 to 25,000 Hz
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Fender® Hal Leonard Guitar Instructional Book with SD Card – Featuring Nirvana

Nirvana for GDEC

This book/SD Card series lets you play your favorites songs just like the artists who recorded them by plugging into your Fender G-DEC 3 and playing along with the sound-alike recordings. This volume features 8 Nirvana classics.
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Zildjian’s Drumstick Wax

Zildjian Drumstick Wax

Zildjian’s new Drumstick Wax provides a comfortably tacky grip on any drumstick or mallet. Gripping wet objects has a separate set of dynamics, when you’re a drummer, moving the sticks really fast, beating drums or cymbals with high impact.
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