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Put your music first this festive season, and gear up with some of these great offers.

Go on, you deserve it! Whether you’re upgrading your guitar, or want to trade in your acoustic drumkit for an electronic one, we have the perfect deals for you! These are just some examples of what we have on offer. For a full rundown of everything on special, come and visit one of our stores!


Cort Z42 TR
Electric Guitar

The Cort Z42 is a great looking guitar with tons of character. If you’re looking to upgrade your electric guitar, or maybe move from an acoustic guitar to electric, this is a great option!
Festive Season Deal
R3 495

Standard Retail: R4 995

Acoustic Guitar

The solid spruce top on this guitar provides a superior tone that will only improve with age! Featuring a Cort CE304T ceramic pickup, the new SFX is ready to plug directly into your amp or PA!
Festive Season Deal
R3 195
Standard Retail: R4 395

Digital Piano

The Casio CDP-230 is a stage ready piano with basic functions and high audio quality. This is perfect for anyone who is wanting to break away from playing at home, to take their music on the road.
Festive Season Deal
R10 795
Standard Retail: R15 195

MAPEX Prodigy Kit
5-Piece Drum Kit

This all in one kit will last you for years to come. If you’re tired of using an entry level kit, and you want to elevate your gear to the next level, this kit has everything you need. And all is an affordable package
Festive Season Deal
R5 995

Standard Retail: R8 995

CORT Action Bass VI
6-String Action Bass

6-string bass guitars offer more tonal variety and flavor than regular 4 and 5-string basses do. If you’re feeling like you just don’t have enough notes when playing, perhaps it’s time for you to upgrade!
Festive Season Deal
R3 895
Standard Retail: R5 495

ALESIS Nitro Kit
Electronic Drum Kit

This all in one electronic drum kit is perfect for practicing at home, playing live or even recording in a studio. With more and more drummers adding electronic kits to their rigs, this is a great option to get you on your way
Festive Season Deal
R5 995
Standard Retail: R8 099

Buy three, and only pay for two!
With our festive season 3 for 2 deals, you can save even more money when you buy strings, picks, sticks and other selected small items!
Want to clear up some clutter?
Or offset the price of some new gear? Why not trade in your old gear for something new and shiny!

Trade In Your Old Gear


Trade In

Most musicians suffer from GAS; Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Because of this, we tend to keep buying new gear and seldom end up using our old gear again.

Are you one of those people who buy yourself a new guitar, with the promise of selling your old one once you buy the new one. Then, after three or four years you still have the old guitar laying at home. If so, you are in good company!

What about the cost of buying a new drum kit? Have you got your eye on a new kit, but you just can’t afford it?

We will consider doing a Trade In deal on most major music equipment brands. Just bring in the item you want to do the deal on and let us assess it for you. Just head down to any of our stores to get to process going.

Trade In Fine Print

All gear must be in mint or near mint condition. While the dings and scratches add character to your guitar, not everyone wants to buy a guitar with character.

All gear must be in perfect working condition, and where relevant, must be up to date. So you need to ensure that the latest drivers and OS versions have been installed.

All peripheries that came with the unit must be included. This includes, but is not limited to cables, software, alan keys, whammy bars and so on.

Only major name brands will be considered. So, unfortunately, we will not take in homemade guitars.

According to South African law, in order to do a Trade In, you must be the following documentation into the store:

Your Bar Coded South African ID book/card
Proof of residential address, no later than 3 months old. (So a phone or utility bill)
You must be over 18. If you are not, a parent or guardian must do the deal on your behalf
You will need to fill in a VAT264 form (available in-store)
In certain cases, proof of ownership will be required

Anything Goes Guitar Competition Winners


In November 2016, DV Village Music Bloemfontein and Kimberly each hosted a guitar competition.

The rules were simple: Do anything you like to impress the judges! After an intense competition, the winners for Anything Goes Guitar Competition 2016 were announced!


DV Village Bloemfontein Open Division

Michael Armstrong
Electric Guitar Division Winner
Stefaan Van Zyl
Acoustic Guitar Division Winner

DV Village Bloemfontein Under 16 Division

Heinrich Oelofse
Electric Guitar Division Winner
Carel Bester
Acoustic Guitar Division Winner

DV Village Kimberly

Martin Kitze
Electric Guitar Division Winner
Keydy O’Callaghan
Acoustic Guitar Division Winner

Prizes – Junior Divisions

Both the electric and acoustic junior division winners will receive:

One set of Ernie Ball guitar strings
R250 DV Village Music Voucher
Winners Certificate and bragging rights for a year!

Prizes – Open Division

Both the electric and acoustic open division winners will receive:

Three sets of Ernie Ball guitar strings
R500 DV Village Music Voucher
Winners trophy and bragging rights for a year!

Expose Yourself Winner


Expose Yourself Winner

During Rocktober 2016, Paul Bothner Music in association with The Uuscene held a one of a kind competition: Expose Yourself. After almost two months, the winners have finally been selected! 

Expose Yourself was a programme aimed at up-and-coming bands. After 8 weeks of having bands from all over the Western Cape enter, and 4 weeks of the semi-finalists duking it out at stores across Cape Town, Expose Yourself 2016 has come to a close.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that the winning band for Expose Yourself 2016 is:


Scores of bands entered the competition. With almost 50 entries in total, the demand for this competition was evident! Every single band who entered had their demos listened to by judges from the UnScene. After a long selection process, four semi-finalists were selected to play at our various stores, where they were judged and scored by judges from the UnScene.

They were:

CC Project
United Nation Gospel Band

Each of these bands played their hearts out, and the final scores were very close!

More About CC Project

CC Project is a four piece hard rock/hip hop band from the Western Cape. They draw influence from a wide variety of music. This is evident in their fresh approach to writing and playing music.

Their live performances will get you moving and they deliver a fun performance! This is done without sacrificing technical prowess and natural flair for their instruments.

The band draws diverse crowds and have an infectious groove that gives fans of all genres something to enjoy.

Guitars: Chris Noble
Bass: Alex Booysen
Vocals: Mvula Drae
Drums: Johan Pretorius

The band has won the grand prize. The grand prize consists of R3 000 in Paul Bothner Music vouchers, as well as an opportunity to play at the next UnScene event.


Boss Katana Amp Series



To most musicians, Boss is synonymous with rugged quality pedals that last a lifetime. In addition, they are world one of the world leaders in guitar and bass tone.

Boss have taken their years of experience, and have created the Boss Katana Amp range of amplifiers.

The amp has been named after the traditional Japanese sword; a symbol of honour and precision. The Boss Katana Amp range was born out of the same process that created the Waza amplifier.

According to Boss, “these innovative amps embody BOSS’s determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound”.

Upon first hearing the amp, you will notice how much punch it offers. It does so cleanly and without muddying up your tone. The dynamics are clean and cut through a mix well.

Players have said that this guitar works well for anything from driving metal to country fingerstyle playing. This is because the low end on the Katana amps is controlled and the tops have been perfectly pitched and voiced. This allows the amp to be used in a large range of genres.


The Boss Katana Amp offers five amp characters that you can choose from. They are Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars).

If amp modelling alone isn’t enough to get you excited about this amp, then how about onboard effects?

Moreover, you will be able to choose from 55 different customizable effects. This effect can be easily tweaked on your computer using the Boss Tone Studio editor software that comes with the amp.

Once you have tweaked your patch, you can save it to one of 15 save slots on the amp. This will allow you to have complete control to dial in the perfect delay or distortion. The amp lets you use 3 effects at the same time.

To further control your tone, there are dedicated gain, EQ, presence, and effects controls for adjusting your tone on the fly.

Once you find your perfect combination of effects, amp characteristics, and tone settings, you can save the whole set-up into one of four amp settings slots.

Home Practice

A big amp doesn’t sound good at low volumes. This is true for valve and solid state amps. When an amps volume is pushed, it has a natural breaking sound that you just cannot achieve when playing with the volume turned down.

In order to combat this, Boss have made the Boss Katana amps have a variable power control. This means that you can drop the power of the amp and still achieve a cranked amp tone, but without the neighbours complaining.


So far, there are currently 3 amps and one amp head in the Boss Katana Amp range.



 | KATANA-100/212

100 w 2 by 12 Guitar Amplifier
Read More



| KATANA-100

100 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




50 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




30 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using internal speaker)
100 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using external speaker)
Read More


Heavy Metal Techniques and Feel


Heavy Metal Techniques and Feel

Heavy metal guitar is about more than just huge, aggressive riffs. There is a myriad of different techniques that player use to get the perfect tone.

Join Oliver Saggerson from Bulletscript as he discusses all the techniques he employs in order to sculpt his personal tone. At 11am, on 26 November 2016 at Paul Bothner Music in Claremont.

Each player will use a variety of Heavy Metal Techniques and Feel to highlight their personal tone. Each of these personalised tones will offer a different feel, and convey a different emotion.

Metal offers hundreds of different techniques for each sub-genre in metal. From the intensity and speed of sweep picking to the low and heavy Djent style single note riffs. Each sub-genre is unique, and each player in each sub-genre is different.

Sure, thrash metal players use similar techniques. It is the implementation of each of these techniques that set players apart from one another.

Oliver Saggerson and Bulletscript

If you are a Bulletscript fan, after just a few notes you’ll be able to identify one of their songs. Even if you’ve never heard that song before. This is because they have a special and unique tone.

Oliver Saggerson is one of the driving forces behind the band’s tone, and he will be presenting this workshop, focusing on his specific tone and feel.

Heavy Metal Techniques and Feel


Oliver will discuss and dissect the various styles of playing he uses. He will then fo into more details about how he uses these styles to accent and highlight specific elements in his playing.

Techniques Toolbox

Oliver will then move onto his most used techniques. This will give you a greater insight as to what makes his mind tick. By listening to what he uses, and how he uses it, your own creativity might be sparked.

How to Get the Most Gut of a Riff

Having a cool riff is only the starting point. Do you know how to get the most of out your new riff?

Be Yourself

The metal scene is one of the scenes least likely to blindly accept a clone. Your audience wants to hear something new and fresh. Do you know how to maintain a unique tone and feel, even while you are learning from others?

For more info, call +27 (0)21 674-4030 or drop us an email

Where: Paul Bothner Music Claremont
Shop PO 01, Stadium on Main
Corner Central & Hawthorne Road
When: 11am, 26 November 2016

Chord Construction with Kody Chetty



Guitarists notoriously have the worst knowledge of music theory. If a pianist plays a chord, they will be able to identify each note that makes up the chord. A guitarist, on the other hand, will often know only the chord shape.

Join us at Glenwood Village Music in Durban, at 11am on 26 November 2016 for this informative workshop on chord construction, presented by Kody Chetty

Chord Construction

Chord construction is a vital part of elevating your music to the next level. If you know what notes make up the chord you are playing, you will have a better understanding of the harmony of your music.

This will empower you to write more interesting music, with greater depth and complexity.

Altered Chords

Once you understand how to construct basic chords,you will be able to move onto more interesting chord construction techniques.

Have you ever seen a chord name that just looks crazy? Something like G#m7B13/E can look intimidating at first, but once you understand how to construct chords, this will be less daunting. You could dissect the chord and learn each element one at a time.

Also, but knowing which intervals you are using in chords, you will be able to alter your chords to better suit your song!

Chord Construction to Help You Write Songs

The first thing that will be covered in chord construction, and how you can use this to help write songs. Are you sick of using the same 3 or 4 chords over and over again? And getting similar sounding riffs no matter what you try? Then it’s time to expand your knowledge of chords!

Placing the Right Chords

Knowing how to build and alter chords doesn’t help much if you are using them wrong. Think about using a hammer as a screwdriver. Sure, you could get the job done, but there are better ways to do it!

Scales Over Chords

Once you have mastered what chords go where it is time to get into using the right scales over those chords. Once you can get the concept of the perfect scale over specific chords your playing will open up tenfold!

About Kody

In 1999 Kody Chetty completed his BMus Hons (UKZN/ UDW) in Classical music, composition and music production. Chetty wrote his Thesis on Modern Methods and Techniques of the Guitar. He works or has worked in almost all aspects of the Music Industry including Educator, Businessman, Salesman, Adviser, Designer, Arranger, Director, Manager, Entertainer, Player, and of course Artist.

He is currently the guitar lecturer and Head of Faculty at Campus of Performing Arts Durban.

Where: Glenwood Village Music
Shop 101/102, Glenwood Village Centre
Corner of Che Guevara Rd & Hunt Rd
When: 11am, 26 November 2016
For more info call (0)31 202 7755 or drop us an email


Kevin Rule on Melody in Metal


Melody in Metal

Melody is more than just a linear succession of notes in music. It is what speaks to us. It is the soul and emotion of a song. Without melody, music would be empty and meaningless!

Join us Paul Bothner Music in Plumstead, at 11am, on 19 November 2016 for this FREE Melody in Metal Workshop. Presented by Kevin Rule of WithDawn.

Every genre has its own rules for writing a good melody, but they all have one thing in common. Melody, is the voice of the song. It is (for the most part), the thing we sing along to. When was the last time you got a drum line stuck in your head? Now, when was the last time you got a melody line stuck in your head? Even if you are a drummer, the latter is more likely to happen.

Kevin will be exploring a variety of voicings and techniques during this Melody in Metal workshop.

Starting with the Basics

“Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”. During this journey of melodic discovery, Kevin will start on the acoustic guitar.


On the acoustic guitar Kevin will demonstrate some simple chord structures. From there he will show you how to manipulate those structures in order to play chords which are more accommodating to melody.

Creating Interesting Feels

From there, Kevin will demonstrate how you can create and alter the feeling of your music. He will show you how changing something as simple as the time signature can change the feel and overall tone of your piece.

Transitioning to the Electric Guitar

After you’ve got the basics, it’s time to move onto the electric guitar. Some songs and pieces don’t always transition well. During this portion of the workshop Kevin will show you his process for transitioning an acoustic piece to electric guitar.

To conclude the workshop, Kevin will give you a practical demonstration; using the With Dawn song, The Calm.

About Kevin

Kevin is more than just a metal frontman and stand up guy. He has been an active part of the Cape Town music scene since 1998. He has played in some of the most loved metal bands in South Africa, ranging from VOL and Dismantling the Architects to now being the frontman for With Dawn.

With Dawn won first prize at the Gandalf’s Bursary and played at the prestigious Krank’d Up Festival. In 2016 they embarked on a tour to Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Pretoria and started work on their follow-up release.

Kevin is, therefore one of the most qualified people to teach you about the importance and application of Melody in Metal


Where: Paul Bothner Music Plumstead
Shop G7 Richmond Centre, Main Road, Plumstead
For more info call 021-761-4828 or drop us an email


The Guitarist’s Journey from Bedroom to Stage



So you’ve been playing the guitar for a while now. You’ve got a few awesome songs that you’ve either written or learnt how to cover. So, what now?

Join Craig Viljoen has he presents this free workshop: The Guitarist Journey from the Bedroom to the Stage. 11am, 19 November at Paul Bothner Music Somerset West.

The guitarist’s journey is not an easy one. It is made even harder if you first need to figure out what to do or where to go. Fortunately, we live in the age of free information.

During this workshop, Craig will be sharing some of his hard earned knowledge.

Taking Your Playing to the Next Level

First, Craig will talk you through a few tips on how to take your playing to the next level. He will specifically be talking about the cover music angel. He will also talk about the importance of playing with other people.

Use of Effects

Do you know how to use your effects in a clever way? How tight is your mix when using chorus, distortion or reverb? Is less more, and when is too much? What about multi-effects pedals like the GT-100? Craig will be discussing all this and more!


Could your playing benefit from using a looping pedal? If you aren’t even sure what a looper is, then you should definitely consider attending this workshop.

Simple Home Recording

You will never be noticed if people can’t hear your music. But why spend a fortune on a basic recording when you can learn to do that at home!

Besides recording to get other people tp hear your music, hearing your own music is a vital part of the learning process. If you never record and listen back to your playing there is a strong chance that you will struggle to know which areas of your playing need improvement.

Generating Money

The hardest thing a musician can do: Generate money off their work! Craig will end the workshop off by chatting about how you can monetize your playing.

About Craig

Craig has been a professional musician for over 25 years. He is currently a member of KOBUS, Season Machine and Kirality. And as if that doesn’t keep him busy enough he also plays as a solo musician!

Craig is a teacher, producer, and songwriter based in Somerset West.

This is the perfect workshop for anyone wanting to start their professional music career


Where: Paul Bothner Music Somerset West
Shop 16, Checkers Centre
c/o Main & Gordons Street
Somerset West
When: 11am, 19 November
For more info with call us on (0)21 852-2030 or drop us a mail


Mauritz Lotz: Expanding Musicality


Expanding Musicality

Expanding musicality isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. This is especially true if you do all your writing by yourself. Now is the time for you to expand your musicality! It is time develop more as a musician.

“I know that the twelve notes in each octave and the variety of rhythm, offer me opportunities that all of human genius will never exhaust” – Igor Stravinsky.

Mauritz Lotz will be presenting this workshop. Lotz is one of the most prolific session musicians in South Africa. Over a career that has spanned over 30 years, Lotz has played on over four thousand recordings. He is, therefore, more than qualified to teach you how to expand musicality.

In order to help with expanding musicality, Lotz will cover a variety of topics; he will touch on everything from licks to constructing solos.


1) Simple way to expand licks

Most musician-songwriters develop their own “lick library”. This is a collection of licks they have developed over the years. These licks, however, have for some or other reason never been used.

There is potential is every lick! Lotz will discuss how he expands his licks. Accordingly, if you apply these tips to your licks you will be able to expand them and use them in fresh and interesting ways.

2) The importance of how to listen

You can count along with te drummer. Great! But can you listen to what the rest of the band is doing?

Many people seem to think that if you are not born pitch-perfect, that you won’t be able to develop your ear. But, like most things music related, you can train your ear.

You need to do more that just hear the notes, though. It is vital that you listen to the feel of the song. Great musicians play to the song, and the only way you can do that is if you listen, and listen properly.

3) Enhancing performance consistency

Your performance consistency is the key to your musical success. Every time you play live, you need to be sure that you are consistent.

You can’t afford to play brilliant one night, just to play poorly the next. Lotz will explain more about how he achieves musical consistency when playing.

4) Making practice more fun

Practicing can be a dull affair. If you aren’t having fun, though, there is a chance you won;t practice as often. Some people play games with themselves while practicing. Others might be aiming for new speeds or some other goal.

Lotz will share a few of his ideas on how to keep practices fun and interesting!

5) Construction solos

Finally, to round off the day, Lotz will discuss how to construct a solo. You can’t play a metal solo over a jazz standard. In the same way that you wouldn’t play a classical guitar solo in some Djent.

Lotz will demonstrate some of his soloing techniques which will, in turn, empower you to be to able to construct solos better.

This workshop really is a great opportunity for your playing and writing to get a breath of fresh air. If you miss this workshop, you will regret it!

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