Drum Clinic With Andre Swartz


Drum Clinic With Andre Swartz

10 Grooves Every South African Drummer Should Know

Too many modern South African drummers focus entirely on sounding like drummers from oversea’s. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sound like Virgil Donati or Steve Gadd, it is important to remember your routes.

This drum workshop aims to demonstrate some truly African rhythms and styles to give your drumming a local flavour. Local is Lekker after all.

Interest in African grooves is on the rise internationally. To illustrate this, just look at the international popularity of Beatenberg, Freshly Ground and Matthew Mole, to name a few.

To that end, Andre will demonstrate some unique African styles. He will teach you the finer points on:

  • Ghoema (x2)
  • Mbaqanga
  • Maskanda (x2)
  • Traditional Gospel
  • Marabenta/Afro-Mambo
  • Kwela
  • Vastrap/Koortjies
  • Soukous (aka Kwasa Kwasa)

In order to ensure that you get the full experience of each of these styles, Andre will be accompanied by a live bass player.

Everyone who attends will also be given a groove chart so that they can read along as Andre plays. This will ensure that you get a thorough understanding as possible.

Once the demonstration is over, Andre will open the floor up for a Questions and Answers period.

Where: Paul Bothner Music Claremont
When: Saturday 8 October
Time: 11am

Andre Swartz Biography

Andre started playing the drums when he was 12 years old. His is influenced by a large variety of styles. These include Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Fusion, progressive rock, heavy metal, Traditional music( world), Funk, Soul, Afro-Latin.

Andre is passionate about music education. He is the head of COPA in Cape Town. But he doesn’t just teach music. He is actively involved with the development of music education. “I believe learning is what keeps the world a place of wonder and amazement and keeps the mind young. ” – Andre Swartz

He was taught by John Hargreaves ( taught me paradiddles), Frank Mallows, Efrain Torro

Andre has Played with UCT Big Band, National Youth Jazz band, National Youth Big band, Bokani Dyers, Amanda Tiffin, Seventh Son, Sarah Theron, Sonja Heroldt, Hot Water, Dax Butler, Tristan Weitkamp (USA)

Jean Village Music Fender Center



This is an open invitation to join us for the launch of the Jean Village Music Fender Center 

Fender Center Expo

On the 22nd of October 2016, Jean Village Music will be hosting the launch of their Fender Center. This is the first Fender Center in South Africa!

Most music stores carry Fender guitars. The brand is iconic and every guitarist knows what a Fender is; in the same way that every biker knows what a Harley is. However, while most stores carry Fender guitars, not many have the space for a huge selection of guitars and basses from across the board. Enter the Fender Center.

The Fender Center is a unique destination for all guitar fans. The center has the biggest selection of guitars available. If you’re looking for an entry-level Squier, or if you want  a top of the line American Stratocaster, you will find it at the Fender Center. All the guitars are grouped together. Because of this, you never have to search high and low to find your perfect guitar fit.

There are separate sections for Telecasters, Stratocasters, acoustics, bass guitars and others. It’s a real life, physical Fender catalog come to life.

Now you can truly experience the difference between ranges of guitars, hear how various woods sound and find your dream guitar. Nowhere else in the country is something like this on offer!

Fender guitars strive to transform music worldwide with revolutionary instruments and iconic designs. Come down to the launch and experience the Fender difference first hand!

Live Performance Demo

The day will start off with Jason Bradley playing a live performance. Jason Bradley is not just an undeniable country music force but with his larger-than-life personality, steely determination and proven ability, he’s a force that will continue to come.

Robin Gallagher will present a performance workshop after Jason has played. Robin is a master guitarist in addition to being the Fender South Africa brand manager. He is a master of hybrid picking and country sounds, yet his music is accessible and easy to listen to. For that reason, he is always a pleasure to watch.

During this performance workshop, Robin will discuss how to unlock your natural tone that exists between your guitar and amp. Afterwards, you will be given the opportunity to ask Robin a few questions.

Exclusive Giveaways and Launch Offers

There is be exclusive giveaways on the day. These include Fender hampers, T-Shirts, and caps! And if that isn’t enough, there will also be exclusive offers on some great Fender gear!

Rocktoberfest at the Quarry



The first ever Rocktoberfest will be held at The Quarry on the 1st of October 2016.

Our lucky winners from the Facebook ticket giveaway are: Lee Glanville and Nuschka Peters. They each won a set of double tickets to Rocktoberfest!

This is the perfect event to kick off October, and the last quarter of 2016. The event is open to all ages, so pack your blankets and folding chairs, and bring your family for an evening of great music!

South African legend, the Springbok Nude Girls have come out of a 5-year hiatus to headline the event. Joining the Nude Girls on stage is a  host of big local bands; namely McCree, Pebbleman, Southern Wild and Kiss the Sky.


This powerful 4 piece rock outfit is getting ready to blow some serious hair back! Even if you don’t have a single hair on your head!

This is pure 70’s hard rock with a modern Progressive twist, a dangerously high dose of musical instrumentation and a good smattering of smoky Blues sauce to round off this delicious original rock recipe.

Nude Girls

“I’m thrilled to have the undisputed rock kings on our stage,” says Mike Crawford of The Quarry “The Nude Girls represent a timeless age of South African rock. Their music conjures memories of the previous two decades and having them on stage with modern rock groups unifies the timeline of SA rock. To me, they are the epitome of our local rock culture.”

The Springbok Nude Girls (also referred to as Nudies or Nude Girls) burst onto the South African music scene in 1994. They played their first show in Stellenbosch.

The band grew from strength to strength and toured the country extensively. In 2000 they were awarded a SAMA for Rock Album of the year with their album Surpass the Powers.

Nude Girls Band Members

Arno Carstens
Francois Kruger
Theo Crous
Arno Blumer
Adriaan Brand

Buy your tickets to the event from Computicket. Ticket prices are R165 per person. Children under 12 enter for free.

More about the Quarry

The Quarry is one of Cape Towns open air music hot spots. Many of the biggest South African bands have played here. Located in the heart of the Durbanville Wine route, the Quarry plays host to massive open air festivals like the Table Mountain Blues Summit have been held at this unique venue.

The venue offers free secure parking.

Jackson Special Offers



Misha Mansoor, known as Bulb by some, is the founding member of Periphery, an American progressive metal/djent band based in Washington.

Mansoor’s career kicked off when he produced and co-wrote the Animals as Leaders self-titled album. After which he started production for bands such as Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris.

Because of his extensive experience producing albums, Misha now owns and operates a production company called Top Secret Audio. Misha formed the company with Periphery band mate, Adam “Nolly” Getgood.

Mansoor formed Periphery in 2005 and was initially the guitarist and drummer. While scoping out local talent, he met Jason Berlin, a drummer. After the meeting, Mansoor switched to playing guitar only (for Periphery).

Shortly after Berlin joined the band, he left to pursue a career in LA. After leaving he was  replaced by Travis Orbin. In order to pursue a session work career Orbin left the band in 2009.  Matt Halpern replaced Orbin and is the band’s current drummer.

The band now consists of Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, Matt Halpern, Spencer Sotelo, Mark Holcomb and Adam “Nolly” Getgood.

Over the years Misha has become renowned for his outstanding guitar work. Now, the esteemed Djent-leman himself and Jackson have collaborated closely on the Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7, a brand-new seven-string model like nothing else Jackson has ever seen—or heard—before.

In celebration of Periphery coming to South Africa for the Krank’d Up music festival, we are running a special on a selection of Jackson guitars! Prices are valid until 30 September 2016!

Jackson Special Offers


JS12 Dinky

Was R4995 Now Only R3 495

JS12 Dinky

Was: R4 995 Now: R3 495

JS12 Dinky
Was: R4 995 Now: R3 495

Flying-V Shapes

King V
Was: R8 995  Now: R6 295

Randy Rhodes

Was: R8 995  Now: R6 295

Randy Rhodes
Was: R8 995  Now: R6 295

Archtop Dinky TQ

JSTQ Dinky
Was: R8 495 Now: R5 895

JS32TQ Dinky
Was: R8 495 Now: R5 895

The All New Boss GT-1



Replacing the old Boss ME-25 is the newest offering from Boss, the GT-1. Offering premium tone for players on the go.

Whenever a guitarist thinks about what makes a pedal solid quality, Boss will almost always come up. Despite their reputation, Boss is not a company to rest on their laurels. This is why they are always improving upon previous designs and creating new gear with great tones. The GT-1 is no exception and delivers pro-level tones wherever you play.

The pedal features a modern look and feel. Specifically, the pedal has no hard edges which will ensure safe travel in a guitar bag. There are Easy Select and Easy Edit functions which allow for the quick selection and editing of patches.

The pedal is powered by 4 AA batteries which will provide hours of gigging or busking fun. You should, however, purchase the additional power supply. This will ensure that your pedal doesn’t die halfway through your set.

The GT-1 boasts an onboard expression pedal and comes preloaded with ready to play pro patches from Boss Tone Central.

Boss designed this pedal specifically for musicians on the go. It is surprisingly light weight while still delivering on durability and ruggedness.

Easy Patch Selection and Sound Creation

The GT-1 makes it easy for even a novice to get great tones. The pre-loaded patches all sound great, and they are easy to tweak. For the more experienced player, creating a new tone and patch is easy and intuitive. The easy-select function allows the player to choose patched by genre, distortion or effect type. While the easy edit function allows players to tweak the drive, modulation, and echo tones to fine tune the perfect tone.

There are also dedicated panel buttons which provide quick on/off functionality for effect groups and also unlock “deep dive parameters for microscopic fine tuning”.

Read more about the GT-1 on the Boss Website

Artist Profile: Regan



If you’ve ever been to one of the big trance parties around South Africa, then you have most likely watched Regan play a set. 

Regan is the first South African trance DJ to really make it into the international trance scene. He is a fundamental force who is paving the way for other local DJs to break into the international market.

Regan first began performing in 1995 and has been playing an instrument since he was 14. As a self-described music addict, who has a passion for exposing people to new sounds, he is always on the look-out for new sounds and ideas. He uses these sounds in his record label, Nano. Best known for his non-stop promotion of psychedelic and holistic culture.

He has played at some of the biggest trance parties on the planet. He has a natural feel for the dance floor and is able to anticipate the dynamics required to keep dancers in their element. It is because of this that Regan is always winning new fans whenever he plays.

Best known for his big daytime set, Regan believes in sculpting a journey through music. Despite his reputation for playing daytime sets, he is still able to please a crowd at night.

Studio Work

Regan is also just as at home in a studio environment. He is half of Hydrophonic. In 2004 Hydrophonic released their debut album, Aquabatics.

“Aquabatics takes everything and fuses it into a fresh and distinctive tone”, reads one of the reviews. The album has no cliches or trance standards; it’s the most natural direction for progressive trance to have taken.  It is because of Regan wanting to avoid the cliches that he is so loved.

Nano Records 

It was during the 2001 party scene in Cape Town that Regan, Ans, and Chesh formed the idea for Nano Records. It has since grown to become one of the most respected Psy Trance labels on the planet.

Teacher Profile: Gryphon Music Academy


Gryphon Music Academy Logo

The Gryphon Music Academy is a guitar school based in the Plumstead and Claremont branches of Paul Bothner Music in Cape Town. They offer guitar lessons, bass lessons, songwriting courses and music theory courses.

Lessons are tailored specifically to each student. Regardless of style or level of proficiency, a syllabus will be written with each student goals in mind. If you’re looking to play acoustic pop songs, blues, a few songs around the campfire or learn to shred, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Gryphon Music Academy.

Styles and Features

Do you want to learn Led Zepplin, you’ll learn Led Zepplin. How about if wanting to learn Taylor Swift,  then you’ll learn Taylor Swift. If you want to learn Justin Beiber, you’ll learn Led Zepplin

The schools Motto is “Turning players into musicians”. “At the Gryphon Music Academy, we believe in teaching players to do more than just play the instrument. We encourage them to think about the entire scope of the instrument. Not just as a solo instrument, but in the context of music. Besides learning the practical side of playing, you will also learn music theory, songwriting and instrument maintenance.” – Warwick Levey, School Founder

If you want to make contact, be sure to visit the Schools Website.

COPA Day Gauteng



Go through and join COPA Gauteng for a day with live music performances, special offer announcements for 2017, competitions, staff and student interactions.

WHEN: 24 September 2016
For more info [click here] or follow the event on Facebook.

About COPA:
Campus of Performing Arts (COPA) was founded in 2001 and is a contemporary music college with campuses in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Our courses are taught by trained facilitators who are also music industry specialists and/or professional musicians, giving our students access to one of the most rounded and intensive practical programmes currently available anywhere in the world.

COPA offers full-time courses in:
Music Performance: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals;
Music Production (including Sound Technology, Sound Engineering and Disc Jockey); and Music Business.
Students are not only trained in their chosen major, but also in modules like Music Business and Music Culture to ensure that they are well prepared for a successful career in the music industry. Each campus boasts fit-for-purpose facilities with a recording studio, a technology room, a performance venue and practice facilities for use by its students.

All courses offered by our unique institution are accredited locally and articulate using RPL into qualifications offered internationally.

Campus of Performing Arts (Pty) Ltd is provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training until 31 December 2016 as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration certificate No.2011/HE07/004. Full accreditation by the CATHSSeta also allows COPA to train at an FET level as well as training previously disadvantaged individuals in the form of skills programmes, learnerships and bursaries (as and when SETA Funding permits), on courses found on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

PHFAT at Aandklas



PHFAT will be bringing the party to Aandklas Stellenbosch on the first weekend of the final term! Come and wreck yourself responsibly before the workload gets too much!

WHEN:Saturday 17 September 2016 – 19:00

Set For The Sky
Black Sugar
The Young Folks

R40 Pre-sold
R50 door
Tickets avaiable from Aandklas or e-mail info@setforthesky.com

More about PHFAT

PHFAT’s unprecedented rise in the South African Music Industry is as much about his warm commercial appeal as it is about his cold honest introspection. Even though a string of charting radio hits such as “Lights Out” and “The Whip” have solidified his position as a South African commercial music heavyweight, it is PHFAT’s darker and less radio-friendly singles that stitch together his carefully constructed live shows with an inimitable, primal energy that keeps fans coming back.

PHFAT’s dark electronic hip hop beats are woven seamlessly with intricate raps, melodic hooks, charactered interludes and crowd chants that culminate in cathartic frenzies. Although known in particular for his explosive festival performances, He is as comfortable performing to a crowd of twenty as he is to a crowd of twenty thousand, and equally at home sharing a lineup with your favourite local punk band as he is with your favourite international pop star.

In fact, when the internationals are in town, PHFAT is a go to for the lineups and he has performed alongside (amongst others) Public Enemy, MGMT, Milky Chance, Casey Veggies, The Cat Empire and Rudimental as well as having headlined just about every major festival in South Africa (including Rocking the Daisies, Oppikoppi, Sonar, In The City, and more)

Whilst his latest single “The Whip” dances around 5FM’s top 30, he is hard at work on his next release. PHFAT’s future has never looked brighter.

Roland TD-50


On the 9th of September Roland had one of the biggest product rollout events ever; launching over 30 new products!

One of the new products launched was the TD-50 drum module and drum kit, a truly game-changing piece of gear for any professional drummer!

Any pro drummer will be able to attest to the fact that anything less than the ultimate sound is unacceptable. The TD-50 has been built on the foundation of Prismatic Sound Modeling and provides the widest range of sounds yet.

The advanced processor is complemented by newly developed snare and ride pads, which feature multi-element sensor systems and high-speed digital communication with the module. The kit also includes top-line tom, crash, and hi-hat pads, and the module provides deep editing features and flexible connectivity to put you in charge. And as an alternative to the included KD-140-BC kick, you have the option of mounting a KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter on your favorite 22-inch acoustic kick for powerful hybrid performance and big stage presence. Offering supreme playability and unmatched expression, the TD-50KV and KD-A22 deliver the most impactful live V-Drums experience ever.

Dynamic prismatic sound modeling brings your drumming to life

Great drummers demand great performance, and at the heart of the Roland TD-50KV, you’ll find the TD-50—a powerful new sound module whose original Prismatic Sound Modeling technology means that every element of your playing style is caught and conveyed in thrilling detail. Working alongside the TD-50KV’s newly developed snare and ride cymbal pads—which feature our most advanced trigger-sensing technology yet—the TD-50’s high-resolution processing gives you the most lifelike, resonant, and expressive sounds you’ll hear from an electronic kit.


Play genuine snare techniques with the new 14-inch PD-140DS

Working alongside the TD-50 sound module is the PD-140DS digital snare pad, which brings a new level of expression to your snare work. A brand-new, three-layer mesh head is fitted to a standard size 14-inch shell, providing natural rebound and feel that’s instantly familiar to play. And now, thanks to Roland’s newly developed multi-element sensor system, your strokes across every area of the pad are more closely detected, and your playing dynamics captured in minute detail. In addition, traditional cross stick technique is automatically detected as the pad senses your hand and adjusts accordingly. With the unmatched response of the PD-140DS, every snare nuance is natural, detailed, and bursting with character.

Express yourself with larger cymbals, including the new CY-18DR ride

Cymbal choice is a serious business, and the new TD-50KV includes some of the best. It features larger crash cymbals (CY-14C and CY-15R) than its TD-50K sister kit, and expressive players will also benefit from the new CY-18DR V-Cymbal Ride. With its regular 18-inch size and familiar motion during performance, this new digital cymbal fits seamlessly into your kit. Meanwhile, the high-resolution, multi-sensor system within the cymbal pad continuously detects every stroke from edge to bell, working alongside the TD-50 module for dynamics and response that have never before been heard from a cymbal pad. Put the CY-18DR through its paces with techniques from cymbal legato to soft bell strokes and hear the detail for yourself. You can even mute the bow with a finger touch!

Add the optional KD-A22 kick drum converter for feel and presence

There’s no denying the satisfying feel and onstage presence of an old-school acoustic bass drum. If you love the feel of your acoustic kick, it’s easy to incorporate it into your new TD-50KV setup using the optional KD-A22 converter package. Once fitted to your regular 22-inch bass drum, you’ll get incredible feel with Roland’s innovative air-damper mechanics working alongside the acoustic shell, plus visuals that make a statement on any stage. The KD-A22 package includes a front head and a batter head with a kick-pad sensor unit, plus metal hoop and shock-absorber cushions to retrofit your acoustic drum by exchanging its head and hoop.*
*A 22-inch bass drum is not included in the KD-A22 package.

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