No Cutting Required Acoustic Guitar Pickup Options


Do you own an acoustic guitar that doesn’t have a pickup? Do you want to add an Acoustic Guitar Pickup but don’t want to risk the tone of your guitar by cutting into it?

Maybe you just want to avoid the bill of getting a luthier to install an acoustic guitar pickup. You’re not alone in this.

All around the world, there are people with guitars which are old family heirlooms that they are loathe to cut into. Or people who own inexpensive guitars that aren’t worth the cost of installing an acoustic guitar pickup.

For years the solution was to just mike up your guitar. The problem there is that mikes aren’t always the most reliable source for playing live. Additionally, if you move, the tone you produce changes. This means you can’t move around the stage which limits your ability to entertain.

Worse still, you might get feedback, depending on your guitar or the venue in which you are playing.

So, what options are available to people like that?

Simple. You can get a No Cutting Required Acoustic Guitar Pickup. These simple pickups just slide into the guitar and slide out again when you’re done.

Options and Types

There are a few different types of No Cutting Required Acoustic Guitar Pickups. The two most popular types are the sound hole cover pickup and the oyster pickup.

Oyster Pickup

An oyster pickup looks similar to doctors stethoscope and works in a similar fashion. For an oyster pickup to work, it needs to make contact with a solid surface.

They usually come with a bit of putty or reusable double-sided tape. This means that you can attach and remove the pickup whenever you like. The nice thing about an Oyster Pickup is that it can be used on just about any instrument From guitar to violin and double bass.

Sound Hole Cover Pickups

One of the most popular of all No Cutting Acoustic Guitar Pickup Options is the Soundhole Pickup.

These are as simple to install as an Oyster Pickup. To install one, all you need to do is clip it across your soundhole and tighten it once done. Some brands like the Seymour Duncan Woody range don’t even need to be tightened. Just clip it into the sound hole and you’re good to go.


These types of pickup seldom come with any sort of preamp. Because of this, some might think that they are of a poor quality. The truth is, that the quality is entirely dependent on the pickup you buy.

For example, the Seymour Duncan Woodie mentioned above is one of the most loved professional soundhole pickups in the world. Professional musicians have been using them since they launched.

But, if you’re not convinced, simply head down to your local music store and check one out. Because of how simple they are to install and remove, there is no reason to not try before you buy.

Free Drum Theory Lesson: How to Read Drum Charts


How to Read Drum Charts

If you’re a drummer and want to take your music seriously, then learning to read charts is non-negotiable. That is why we have this Free Lesson: How to Read Drum Charts.

Sure, you might have a great ear and can learn music after listening to it. That’s great, but, not always practical.

Let’s say for example that you’re playing with a new band and you’ve never heard their stuff before. What happens if you go into a studio to do session work, and don’t have time to work out a song by ear? Reading a chart can mean the difference between getting a callback or not being hired again.

Yes, having a good ear is important, no one would ever deny that. But, being able to read charts is just as important. Often musicians look at it as being one or the other. That is just not true! You need to learn How to Read Drum Charts to take your music to the next level.

If you are right-hand dominant, you wouldn’t think that you can chop off your left and not find simple tasks harder. The same thing applies to reading charts. Just because you have a good ear that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to read drum charts.

And if you have a bad ear, then that’s even more reason for you to learn how to read a chart.

This doesn’t just apply to drummers mind you. Every musician should learn to read basic charts.

In this free lesson, Rob from will take you through the basics of reading charts.

Video Breakdown

0:25 – Music Bars & the Stave
1:21 – Beats of the Bar & the Time Signature
2:20 – Quarter Notes
4:00 – Note Heads, Stems & their Position on the Stave
5:54 – Reading a Bar of Music
7:19 – Eighth Notes
10:04 – Different Notes in the Same Bar
11:33 – Sixteenth Notes
14:25 – Joining Various Note Types by their Tails
18:49 – Mixing Things Up

Join our Grand Opening Celebrations of Our Tygervalley Store


Grand Opening

You are invited to join us for the Grand Opening of our Tygervalley Store in Cape Town! 

On the 23rd of September 2017 we will be hosting the Grand Opening ceremony of our newest store. Join us for competitions, special offers, live entertainment, giveaways and family fun! A food truck will be there for those mid-morning munchies. So join us for a boerie and some music as we celebrate the opening of our 11th Store.

Where: 294 Durban Road (Next to ORMS Camera Shop)
Ground Floor, Victorian Towers
When: Saturday 23 September
For more info or directions, give us a call!
Phone Number:  (0)21 802-0519

Opening Specials

What would a Grand Opening be without some specials on the day? If you’re looking for a new guitar, some PA, a drum kit or any other instrument come through for our opening specials.


We have seven great prizes up for grabs. So come down and enter our lucky draw competitions!

  • First Place: R1000 Paul Bothner Music Gift Voucher
  • Second Place: A set of Proel HFC16 Headphones ( 3 pairs in total up for grabs)
  • Third Place: A Set of buds Wired Headphones (3 pairs in total up for grabs)

In addition, you can win a 6 Week DJ Course valued at over R6000 sponsored by Red Revenge!


Win a R6 000 DJ Course Sponsored by Red Revenge 


10H45: Jesse Jordan
11H30: Official opening and ribbon cutting by Albert Frost
12H30: DJ performances by:

  • Codax
  • Johan Schreuder
  • Domique
  • Grimhouse

Family Fun

There will be a food truck selling some great chow, and a jumping castle for the young ones. So bring the whole family along for a day of great music and fun.

Karen Zoid Live at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town


Karen Zoid

Karen Zoid is one of the only musicians in South Africa to achieve critical acclaim for both English AND Afrikaans music. Because of this she has become an icon and a hero to many up and coming artists.

Karen will be in Cape Town and will be playing two shows at the Bater Theatre this September. If you’ve never seen Karen Zoid play then you should definitely head down to the show. She has a huge stage personality which never fails to leave audiences wowed.

When: 29 and 30 September 2017
Where: Baxter Theatre
Main Road, Rondebosch.
Cost: R250
Tickets can be bought from Computicket.

“The entirety of our life is a series of moments.” This performance will include classic rock arrangements, powerful ballads, and deeply moving compositions. Zoid`s super-charged rock energy and her ability to write gorgeous, delicately rendered songs have captured stage audiences around the country.

About Karen Zoid

The release of her first solo album (Poles Apart) 10 years ago fired the imagination of both critics and the public when she burst onto the scene with the song Afrikaners is plesierig.

The song became iconic and Karen Zoid became South Africa’s queen of rock crossing over between Afrikaans and English markets. Additionally, over the past 10 years Zoid’s albums achieved gold status, she received a SAMA for Best Female Artist, won numerous other awards and performed with international artists like John Mayer, Annie Lennox, Metallica and Hothouse Flowers. TIME Magazine and US News & World Report highlighted her role as an icon in South-African music.

Furthermore, first-year students at Universities study her writing as part of their academic modules. Fans were introduced to songs like Beautiful, Ons soek rock & roll and Verandering. In 2005 Small Room became one of the biggest songs being play listed on radio. Aeroplane Jane became the most requested song over the past three years on radio.

Artist Profile: The Amazing Jesse Jordan and Faith Guitars


Jesse Jordan

After discovering that he loved writing songs in high school and taking some guitar lessons, Jesse could sense that he was embarking on a journey to follow his dreams.

Jesse has had a career that many singer-songwriters would love. He has pursued his music with single-minded determination, and it has definitely paid off.

One of his first big miles stones on his journey was winning a national talent competition. After that there was no stopping Jesse! Not only did he get a mjor record deal, but Jesse went on to form the Jesse Jordan Band. The Jesse Jordan Band consisted of Alex Power on keys, Heindrich Schultz on guitar, JP Crouch on drums and Sheree Power on Rhythm guitar.

So far Jesse has managed to record four albums, but that’s just a start! He’s still in the prime of his career, and it would seem as though nothing is slowing him down.

Over the years he has played countless live shows; ranging from music festivals and parties to selling out venues. He has honed his skill as a performer and audiences always leave with a smile on their faces. Jesse is known to give 150% to every performance!

After years with the Jesse Jordan Band, Jesse has started a new solo journey. It’s just him, a guitar and his life experiences. He has spent the last two years writing new songs which explore the lessons he’s learned on his journey.

This new solo project is all about story-telling in the style of old-school singer-songwriters and bluesmen. It’s raw, personal and real. In his music, you will find a hint of Michael Buble meets Maroon5, but the sound is still unmistakably Jesse Jordan.

Faith Endorsement

In September 2017 Jesse Jordan was officially endorsed by Faith Guitars and Paul Bothner Music.

Faith guitars all have a rich and unique tone which perfectly matches the rawness of Jesse’s stories. It is a perfect partnership of tone and perfection.

To keep up with Jesse, go to his Facebook page or website and give him a like and a listen.

Xander Ferreira and The Happy Show at Fiction


Xander Ferreira

The Happy Show is New York based Afrofunk discoteque party making its way to Fiction this Friday night!

Where: Fiction
226 Long St,
Cape Town
When: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: Doors open at 22H00
Price: Tickets are R60 and can be bought at the door.
More Info: For more info, be sure to follow the event on Facebook

Xander Ferreira and We Theory aka The Happy Show presents Aero Manyelo, We Theory, Xander Ferreira and Leeu (JHB). Expect rare and spectacular dance gems from continental African labels over the last 30 years as well as current productions from home grown talent Aero Manyelo.

That’s right! For a limited time, only Xander Ferreira will be in South Africa. If you’re a fan of EDM, then you’re going to love this show.

It’s Time For The 100th Annual Darling Wildflower Show


Darling Wildflower Show

The Darling Wildflower show turns 100 this year. With great bands playing on each day of the show this is sure to be a centennial to remember..

It celebrates an integral part of the Cape Fynbos Kingdom comprised of Renosterveld, Rietveld, Sandveld, and Strandveld where more than 1200 different species of flowers can be found.

This year’s show will be the 100th event, the Centenary Show! The display will focus on the Wildflower Society’s development through the past 100 years as well as the Herbarium project.

The Flower Show will offer a variety of activities to entertain young and old.

Live Music 

There will be a range of live music during each day of the Darling Wildflower Show. You can expect to see the likes of Klassik Musiek, Nedine Blom, Petra Mans Artist, Jimm Harisson Project, the local Darling Music For All – DMA music school, and many more! [Click here for the full lineup] 

Your ticket includes entry to:

• The Landscaped Hall depicting the flowers of the area in their natural habitat,
• An orchid display by Orchid Creations Darling by Trisha,
• A free ride on a tractor-drawn wagon to see the pristine wetland at Oude Post, which is not normally accessible to the public and may only be visited during the Show,
• A Craft & Gourmet Food Market,
• Safe and secure parking for vehicles,
• Free WiFi supplied by Fox Wireless at the festival venue.

This year you can also look forward to a range of workshops:

• Prof Peter Linder (currently residing in Zürich, Switzerland) will be doing two workshops called “Reeds In The Sandveld”, of which one will take place in the veld and the other at the Darling Club.
• “Tussie Mussie” workshops by Karen Moyle from Flowers on the Stoep: 16 & 17 Sep, 10-11am @ R300pp. Only 10 people per session.
• Khwattu San will be doing kids’ and family workshops about fynbos and its links to traditional San culture and their heritage.
• A talk by Simply Bee Natural Beeswax Products about bees and the importance of their conservation, at the entertainment tent on Friday, 15 Sep.
• And more!


Show Dates 14-17 September 2017
Thursday – Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00;
Sunday: 09:00 – 15:00
Venue Darling Golf Club, Jacaranda Street, Darling

Tickets Can be purchased online via

Ticket Prices

Adults: R60
Scholars: R40
Pensioners: R40 (Thu & Fri only)
Kids 13 years & younger: Free


Springbok Nude Girls at the Mercury Live in Cape Town


Springbok Nude Girls

Spring is in full swing, and that means that the night life in the Mother City is starting to heat up. Adding to that heat is the Springbok Nude Girls at Mercury Live.

Where: Mercury Live
43 De Villiers Street Zonnebloem,
8001 Cape Town
When: 21 September 2017
Cost: Between R100 (online tickets) and R120 (at the door)
Time: The doors to the venue will open at 19H00. So if you’re the kind of person who likes a quiet pint before a venue gets too full, arrive early. The first band will take to the stage at 20H15.

Be sure to follow the event on Facebook.

That’s right! Icons of South African Rock, the Springbok Nude Girls will be playing at the Mercury during September! So if you’re looking for an awesome way to spend an evening, then this is the show for you.

Springbok Nude Girls at Mercury Live

On the 21st of September, the Nude Girls will be rocking the house at the Mercury. They will be joined by:

Southern Wild
Nick Turner Music

About the Springbok Nude Girls

Through a series of serendipitous events in the early 90’s in the small wine making town of Stellenbosch, Arno Carstens, Theo Crous, Adriaan Brand, Arno Blumer and Francois Kruger became The Springbok Nude Girls.

Little did they know that they would go on to become one of the most loved rock bands South Africa has ever seen, known for their high energy stage antics and unique musical sound which combines Punk, Reggae, Scat, Metal, Funk, and Jazz.

Since their first gig, in 1994, in Stellenbosch the platinum selling, award winning band have gone on to record albums that contain some of our countries most beloved anthems. They have headlined every major South African music festival and performed at some of the most auspicious international music festivals.

School of Rock Performing: Ultimate School of Rock Show 2017


Ultimate School of Rock Show

Catch the guys from School of Rock performing the Ultimate School of Rock Show at the Roxy Revue Bar!

When: September 16, 2017
Time: 11H00 till 14H00
Where: Roxy Revue Bar, GrandWest Casino
Cost: R120

The School of Rock Rock 101, Performance and Adult Performance students will be performing songs from the hit movie School of Rock. This is truly going to be Ultimate School of Rock Show. Be sure to follow the event on Facebook. 

More About The School

Welcome to your one-and-only stop for seriously fun, lasting music education – School of Rock Claremont. With passionate instructors, an impressive selection of instruments, and killer program offerings, School of Rock Claremont equips students with the tools they need to rock their worlds.

Music is about way more than solo acts. School of Rock Claremont is as focused on community, teamwork, and friendships as it is on inspiring awesome music. Through our performance-based approach, we foster an inclusive community of rockers in Claremont to build a unique type of confidence only gained through cool, real life experiences. Whether we’re in serious shredding-mode or just jamming along with the band, our team spurs the growth of real, practical skills for music-minded students.

At School of Rock Claremont, we believe everyone deserves to have fun and feel like a rock star. Visit us and get a feel for the awesome opportunities your child has waiting just around the corner.

Performance Program:

At School of Rock Claremont, the Performance Program puts students front-and-center on a real stage for real performances. Students get to show off their killer music skills while learning serious teamwork as they and their bandmates refine their abilities through some of rock and roll’s greatest hits.

All students in the Performance Program can expect:

• Weekly private music lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals
• Weekly band rehearsal to get students prepared for real shows
• The experience of performing on stage with their band at real venues
• Key learning in fundamental areas such as stage performance, harmonies, musicianship, and more
• Fun, music, and education wrapped into one all-inclusive experience!

Rock Your Mojo this Heritage Day at the Hillcrest Quarry


If you’re looking for an awesome way to spend Heritage Day this year, then you should come down to Rock Your Mojo at the Hillcrest Quarry.

For only R99 you can spend a whole day watching some of the top Blues and rock acts from the Cape. That’s right, it’s time to Rock Your Mojo.

With a massive 2000 watt sound system, the Quarry is one of the best outdoor music venues around. Some of the top artists in the country have played at the Quarry and all rave about the sound quality.

Where: Hillcrest Quarry
Hillcrest Estate, Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville
When: Sunday 24 September 2017
Time: 14H30 till 22H00
Cost: R99
All all the up to date info, be sure to follow the event on Facebook.

Family Friendly

This event, like most events at the Quarry, is a family friendly event. That’s right, even granny can come and Rock Your Mojo.  So bring the kids, pack in some picnic chairs and spend a day in the sun watching some great music.

Original Music and Some Homage

The format of this event will be slightly different from what one might expect. The bands will play not only their own music but will each be playing a few covers as well.

That means that you can expect to hear songs from artists ranging from BB King to Joe Satriani. Additionally, you will be treated to some Deep Purple, John Lee Hooker, Nirvana & much more!

Rock Your Mojo Line Up

Fourteen of the best-loved Blues and Rock bands from the Cape will be taking to the stage. The first band will start playing at 14H30, but if you want to get in the front row it’s best if you arrive early.

Crimson House
Jesse Jordan
The Stremes
Boulevard Blues
HAWK (Up & Coming New Band)
Dean ‘Satriani’ Jarvis
Lance ‘ACDC’ Jackson
Tauna Fern
Nhoza ‘Beth Hart’ Sitsholwana
Wayne ‘Hendrix’ Pauli
Doctor John
Redeye Riaan
Morne Two Keys & Madmouth Mike

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