Roland DJ-808


Roland DJ-808

The first and only instrument for the DJ-producer; introducing the Roland DJ-808

The Roland DJ-808 is a truly game-changing DJ controller. That is because it is more than JUST a DJ controller; it’s a full on the instrument! In addition to being a DJ controller, it has a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing and the deepest Serato DJ integration you can get!

If you would like to receive an invite to an exclusive demo event on the DJ-808, send us an email to to book your slot. The event will feature a demonstration of the unit, plus an opportunity to try it out for yourself!

Above and Beyond

We live in a digital age, where more and more music and sound effects are being digitally produced. Through the partnership of Roland and Serato, you now have access to meld the best of software and hardware into one versatile unit. The DJ-808 seamlessly allows you to use Serato DJ software with the precise engineering Roland has become synonymous with.

This will allow DJs to discover new and creative tonal options, regardless of whether they’re on stage or in the studio.

Because of this deep integration, the controller can make full use of all the Serato DJ functions. To clarify, you will have support for DVS and dedicated loop control buttons. In addition, you have controls for Serato Flip, HOT CUE, FX, even Key Sync—it is all there!

Hardware Features

The built-in drum machine brings some of the world’s most popular drum samples to your fingertips. Roland has worked hard to ensure that all the drum samples have the lowest latency possible. This will ensure that you get the best feel and response from the Roland DJ-808.

The integrated TR drum machine contains the Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hats and Clap from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, and TR-606 drum machines.

The 4-channel mixer will allow you to mix in any instrument or midi unit, as well as vocals. For those DJ Producers who like to add new flavour to their live sets, this will prove to be a valuable ally.

The mic input for the DJ-808 is an XLR combo jack, to ensure high quality of sound transfer. Built into the unit is a the VT Voice Transformer. Because of this, you can drastically transform your voice on the fly.

It features knobs for EQ, Pitch and Formant, all of which allow for easy on the fly vocal effects. There is also a ducking feature which will automatically adjust the volume when speaking or singing into the mic.

Not pitch perfect? Don’t stress; the VT’s auto pitch function can repitch the incoming signal to match the key of your Serato DJ Tracks!

In Conclusion

This is the perfect unit for any DJ and Producer who wants to up their game. Nothing else like this exists on the market. Be a trendsetter, and start playing your sets on the first and only instrument for the DJ-producer!

If you would like to receive an invite to an exclusive demo event on the DJ-808, send us an email to to book your slot. The event will feature a demonstration of the unit, plus get an opportunity to try it out for yourself!

KZN Philharmonic Summer Series


If you’re in KZN and are looking to add some culture to your life, then perhaps the KZN Philharmonic Summer Series is the perfect solution!

KZN Philharmonic Summer Series

The KZN Philharmonic Summer Series is about half way through, with shows continuing until the 16th of March 2017. Tickets to the summer series range from R30 to R230 and can be bought through Computicket. [Click Here] to see the full event calendar.

The summer series features three world-renowned conductors, each of whom has a rich and diverse musical background. These conductors are:

Kwamé Ryan.
Kwamé is a Canadian of Trinidadian descent who will be making his debut with the Orchestra.

Daniel Boico.
Daniel is an Israeli-American who is the Associate Guest Conductor of the KZN Philharmonic.

Yasuo Shinozaki.
Yasuo is a Japanese maestro, who makes a welcome return to Durban to lead the last two concerts of the Season

About the KZN Philharmonic

The KZN Philharmonic has become known as one of Africa’s Premier orchestras, and honour which they have undoubtedly earned! Furthermore, over 70 full- time musicians, who have dedicated their lives to their art, work for the KZN Philharmonic. The mix of members is incredibly cosmopolitan, with musicians from over 20 countries filling up the ranks.

Bangani Tembe is a Juilliard School graduate who joined the orchestra in 1994. Because of his work, the orchestra has developed a strong vision of high artistic values.

Each year, the orchestra produces three symphony seasons which prominently feature top international and local musicians. The KZN Philharmonic Summer Series is one of these seasons.

The KZN Philharmonic has become known for its dynamic approach to its education and community engagement. Because of this, one of Africa’s most vibrant community-centered programmes has been created.

The Orchestra is committed to harnessing the South African talent and providing a career path for young musicians through programmes such as the National Cadetship Programme.

So, if you want to support the arts and add som culture to your life, book your tickets today!

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals


For the noise conscious drummer, the Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals.

One thing that is not synonymous with drummers is the concept of quiet. Telling a drummer to play quietly is like trying to get a.. well a drummer to play quietly! Luckily the Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals are here to save the day.

Just like the real thing.

As a drummer, you may just want to practice at home without disturbing the neighbours or perhaps you’re playing a small show that requires a little less volume than normal. The problem being most drummers express dissatisfaction when using pads or other dampening devices. It’s like telling an electric guitarist to try playing without an amp. The Low Volume Cymbals have the same feel as normal cymbals but are up to 80% quieter. So with the “L” series cymbals, you don’t sacrifice the sound or feeling of playing real cymbals for volume.

The construction.

Apart from the obvious difference of all the perforations on the surface of the cymbal, there’s a bit more that goes into it. The Zildjian Sound Lab tirelessly researched and developed a specialised pattern made from a proprietary alloy, coated in a unique matte finish. This research and development meant they were able to achieve the best of both worlds: musical sound and lower volume.
Hitting these cymbals hard won’t quite have the same effect as hitting your normal cymbals. You will definitely hear the similarities and that Zildjian sound that you’ve come to love, but just at a much lower volume. They accommodate for your playing style and not the other way around. The Low Volume Cymbals ultimately let you practice as you play.

The Proof is in the sound.

Using a sound meter, Zildjian compared their traditional Zildjian cymbals with the new Low Volume cymbals. Basically, it shows you how your drums go from being the volume of a chainsaw to being as loud as being in your car.

Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM


Mishar Mansoor Bulb Jackson Signature Juggernaught HT7FM HT6FM

If you’ve heard of Djent, then you have undoubtedly heard of Misha Mansoor, from the band Periphery. Misha, also known as “Bulb” is well known for his collection of awesome guitars. He has taken his wealth of knowledge and worked with Jackson to design a signature guitar. And so the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM was born.

Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM

Mansoor’s known to impress the most discerning of metal fans with his steadfast, fleet-fingered technique. He has personally designed the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM series of guitars. Because of this, you are guaranteed a guitar that will be perfect for Djent, and just about all styles of metal and rock.

The HT6FM is the 6-string version of the Juggernaut, which features a 25.5″ scale length. the HT7FM, on the other hand, is the 7-string version, and it features a 26.5″ scale-length. The added scale length of the HT7FM is what sets this guitar apart.

Both the HT7FM HT6FM Juggernaut guitars have a basswood body and a maple “Speed Neck”. To add to the guitar’s stability, the neck has been reinforced with graphite.

To ensure that these guitars are as comfortable to play as possible they have a wrap-around heel. In addition, you will get a 16″ flat radius ebony fingerboard, with 24 Jumbo frets.

To add to the guitars styling, the neck dots are offset, and the side dots are Luminlay. This means that you will always be able to see where on the neck you are, even on the darkest of stages!


Misha didn’t want to sacrifice any tone for the Juggernaut HT7FM HT6FM guitars. So, to ensure that the guitars sound great, he spent a considerable amount of time working with Jackson to develop new pickups for the guitar. The end result is the Jackson MM1 pickups; the perfect sonic match for the Juggernauts.

To ensure that you have a wide range of tonal possibilities, the guitar features a 5-way blade switch pickup selector. In addition, the guitar features a push/pull tone control. This is not to be confused with a coil tap. The tone control is a bypass switch. This means that is you want a pure, unaltered tone, you leave the tone knob down. By leaving the tone knob down you bypass unnecessary electronics, allowing you to get the best pickup tone possible.

Want to tweak your tone and have control shaping it? Simple, just pop the knob up.

For all the specs and colour options for the HT6FM, click [here]. If you would like to check out the specs and colour options for the HT7FM, then click [here].

Ernie Ball String Collective VI


Ernie Ball String Collective VI

It is time once again for the ever popular Ernie Ball String Collective. This year marks the sixth instalment of this annual event which celebrates and showcases some amazing talent!

The Ernie Ball String Collective

The Ernie Ball String Collective VI has grown from year to year, and is sure to delight music lovers of all ages. The evening will feature six of Cape Towns top artists. Each artist will play 3 songs, in what has been described as a truly eclectic musical evening.

The event will take place on the 17th of February at the Slave Church Museum in Long Street, Cape Town.

Please note, that the venue (The Slave Church Museum) does not allow alcohol to be consumed on the premises. So if you would like to have a drink before the show, you should take a wander to any of the restaurants or bars that Long street has to offer.

Line Up:

Lucy Kruger
Joshua Grierson
Hezron Chetty
Eland Gray (aka Gary Thomas)
Francesca Biancoli
Manny Walters

Including special guests Jordan Sweke with Eland Gray and Andre Leo with Lucy Kruger.


Tickets will only set you back R80. For an evening of great music in the Mother City, that is a small price to pay. Especially when you consider the venue.

Tickets are available [here]. It is important to note that tickets will only be available at the door if the event doesn’t sell out in advance. So if you want to ensure that you get to watch the show, it is imperative that you buy your tickets in advance.

Address and Contact Details

40 Long Street
Cape Town

This event is proudly powered by Paul Bothner Music and Ernie Ball strings. For all the up-to-date information regarding this event, be sure to follow the event on Facebook.

Jazz for Hope


Jazz for Hope

Music has always been a bridge between people. It has the unique ability to bring together people of all races, creeds and incomes. It has always been, and will always be, a driving force for hope and peace. That is why events like Jazz for Hope are so important and need your support.

Jazz for Hope

Jazz for Hope is an initiative run by Alistair Andrews and a few of his friends in the Jazz music scene. Proceeds will be going to support Thembiteddy as she tours around the world on a tandem bicycle to raise funds for the School of Hope.

School of Hope

The School of Hope provides hope through education for at-risk and vulnerable youth and children. Since 2008 the school has matriculated 80 learners who would not otherwise have been able to complete their schooling. Through the efforts of a dedicated team of teachers, volunteers and a social worker, hope is restored to young people who need a second chance to complete their education in a safe and nurturing environment.


The line-up for the Jazz for Hope show is nothing short of stellar. Some of the biggest names in the South African Jazz scene will be playing at the event.

Kalahari Connection
Richard Caesar Band
Babette and Olga
Paul Du Preez
Beno De Maar
Gio Fisher’s Dance Group

It’s time to be part of the solution and bring hope to the needy! All you need to do to show your support is buy a ticket, nothing could be more simple.  Not only will you be bringing hope, you will also be in for an awesome night of music.

Date and Tickets

The show will take place on the 26th of February 2017 at the Baxter Theatre.  Tickets will are only R100 and are available through computicket. Click [here] to buy tickets.

Be sure the follow the event on Facebook for all the up-to-date information.

Searching for Tone


Are you searching for tone? The kind of sonic fingerprint that will set you apart from the crowds. We’re going to explore a few things that determine your tone.


I’m sure you’ve heard it said that tone comes from the fingers. And to an extent, that is true. How you use a pick or the velocity with which you strike your piano keys will affect the sound you produce.

If a guitarist isn’t fretting down hard enough, or her pick is being held too hard, the tone will be drastically different than if the correct techniques were employed.

If your tone isn’t quite up to scratch, then perhaps you need to look at your playing. However, if you are unable to identify problems in your playing, you should consult a teacher or another player. They will be able to identify where your weaknesses are.

But not all tonal problems come from your fingers. In a similar way that a players phrasing determines a part of their tone, their gear also plays a huge role in tone.


Gear is one of the most important elements of tone. If your keyboard cost you 50bucks at the local toy store, it just won’t sound good. It doesn’t matter if you’re John Williams or a 5-year-old who just had their first lesson, an inferior instrument won’t sound great.

That doesn’t mean you need to spend tens of thousands of rands on the best of the best gear either. Just make sure that whatever you get is sufficient to play on stage with. If you are unsure, then ask a customer consultant at any Paul Bothner Music store. These guys are there to guide you in your purchase, so be sure to use them.

Everything you run affects your tone. From your instrument to the pedals and amp, down to the cable you are running everything through.

A naff cable that is rusted, and has been in your family for 3 generations should probably be thrown away. Ensure that your cable is well insulated, and has strong conductivity. Your cables don’t need to be gold plated, but they shouldn’t be scooby-doo wire that you’ve soldered jack plugs onto either.

Wiring all your pedals with true bypass jacks is also a great way to improve tone. The more circuitry your tone runs through, the higher your level of signal loss. So by running bypass jacks, you can reduce how much unnecessary resistance your signal is running through.

And if your guitar needs a tonal facelift, then consider improving the electronics. Searching for tone and sound improvements can seem daunting, but it’s easy when you know where to look.

For an in-depth look at the benefits of upgrading your guitar, [read this article]


So, while searching for tone, you’ve identified that your playing and your gear are fine, but your tone is still lacking. What next?

Have you looked at your strings or your skins? Over time, your strings and drum skins start to stretch out and lose tone. There is little you can do to stop this from happening. Once you start losing tone because of perishables, replace them.

And while you might think to yourself that it isn’t that much of a big deal, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When strings (guitar, violin, bass, piano – you name it) start to die, you lose more than just a great sound. Your intonation starts to go out as well.

This means that even if you are playing the right notes, what you play will sound wrong.


Your gear is gig ready, you’ve got fresh strings, and you’re playing is perfectly rehearsed. You should have great tone right? Well, not yet.

Now is that time that you need to start playing with your settings. Have your compressor settings been optimised? Do you know what each frequency range on your graphic EQ sounds like?

Do you know where in the mix your instrument is supposed to sit? If you are unsure of this, then speak with a sound engineer or consult Google. Ultimately, if your bass has too much treble, it might conflict with the guitarist and sound horrible. On the flip side, if your bass has too much bass, then your tone will be flat and floppy.

In Conclusion

Getting intimately familiar with with the tonal qualities of your instrument and the settings of your gear will be the only route to true tonal liberation. While settings you find online could be a good starting point, you need to learn to listen to your playing and your gear.

Spend time listening to your favourite artists play, and try to dial in your tone to emulate them. Then from there tweak your tone to suit your needs.

And remember, just because your sound is great when playing by yourself in your bedroom, that doesn’t mean that it will translate well to a band environment. So always be listening, and adjusting your tone.

Like with everything music related, this will take practise and learning. But ultimately, the payoff will be worth it.

Back to College 2017


It’s almost time for universities and colleges to go back. We can’t control the price of textbooks or course fee’s, but we can help alleviate the burden. Here are some great gear specials for Back to College, to help you save some extra cash.



ALESIS CORE1 USB Audio Interface
Standard Retail:R9 490


Roland UA-3 USB Audio Interface
Roland RH-5 Headphones
Bulk100lu5 Cable
Standard Retail: R3 785


Roland UA-22 USB Audio Interface
2X bulk100lu5 Cables
Standard Retail: R11 795


Roland UA-55 USB Audio Interface
Proel Eikon8 Monitors
Boss ME-25 Effects Pedal
2x bulk100lu5 Cables
R11 995
Standard Retail: R19 495


Laney IRT-PULSE Pre-Amp
Roland RH-5 Headphones
R7 995
Standard Retail: R12 240

PA Combos


Laney AH210 Portable PA
2x Carol Plus Microphones
2X Thor UM065 Mic Stands
2X Thor US052 Speaker Stands
R8 595
Standard RetailR12 513


AKG Wireless Guitar Pack (WMS40MINIIISM1)
Proel LT812 – 2×8″ speakers 1x 12″ Sub
Proel MI10 Mixer
2X Thor US052 Speaker Stands
R19 595
Standard Retail: R28 290


H&H VRE-15 400w speakers
H&H SR1200 2x 600w power amp
2x Thor US052 Speaker Stands
Carol DWR-882 Dual Cordless Mic Set
R9 995
Standard Retail: R15 335


Yamaha MG06X mixer
Rode RODM1 Microphone
Boss VE-8 Singer Vocal Processor
2X Thor US052 Speaker Stands
R9 595
Standard Retail: R14 550


Roland Cube – CM30 Amp
2x Carol Plus 3 Microphones
Standard Retail: R6 993

Guitar Offers

Acoustic Guitar

R9 795
Standard Retail: R13 995

GRETCH Electromatic
Pro Jet Electric Guitar

R8 195
Standard Retail: R11 695

12-String Acoustic Guitar

R3 895
Standard Retail: R5 495

Dinky Metalic Blue

R 3 750
Standard Retail: R 4 995

Candy Apple Red

R 13 250
Standard Retail: R 17 695

Cort GB Series Basses


At the NAMM Music show, Cort unveiled their newest range of bass guitars; the GB Series basses. The GB Series basses are for the modern players with a leaning towards the traditional look and feel but with modern appointments and features that improve the overall performance of the instrument.

GB Series Basses

The Cort GB Series Bass are one of the newest offerings from Cort. They come in an array of woods ranging from Swamp Ash to Poplar. Each of the basses comes in a 4-string or a 5-string version.

GB Custom NAT

The GB custom bodies are made of Swamp Ash with a Spalted Maple Top. This gives players a classic tone with a modern twist. Because of the nature of Spalted Maple, every single bass in the series will have a unique look.

To bring out the natural tone of these woods requires some great electronics. To that end, Cort has stuck some Seymour Duncan pickups into the bass. The pickups used to allow for a wide sonic range right at your fingertips.

To ensure that you remain plugged in while playing, Cort has added a Neutrik locking output jack to the bass. This means that if you accidently step on your cable, it will stay firmly in place.

GB7 Series

The GB75/74 basses are also made from Swamp Ash, but they don’t have the Spalted Maple top. This allows for a completely classic bass tone.

The 7 series features a single-coil neck pickup and a Jazz-MM humbucker in the bridge. The addition of a 3 band EQ and coil tap allow for some great tonal versatility.

GB3 Series

The GB Series Basses also come in an entry-level offering. The basses have been designed to look, feel and sound like a vintage bass. They basses capture the essence of the classic bass sounds that remain timeless to this day.

For all the specs on each of the Basses in the Series, check out the Cort website

Win a Set of Double Tickets to Our Last Night


Win a Set of Double Tickets to Our Last Night

Do you want to win a set of double tickets to Our Last Night and Set for the Sky at The Mercury Live on 11 Feb?

All you need to do to enter to win a set of double tickets to Our Last Night is fill in this form!

Rocking for Rhinos recently announced that Our Last Night will be touring South Africa in February 2017. They will be supported by South Africa’s very own Set For The Sky. The bands are performing FREE of charge! This is in an attempt to raise as much money as possible for anti-poaching efforts in South Africa.

Our Last Night

Our Last Night has perfected the mixture of melody and might. Not content to rest on the laurels of scene ornamentation or status quo presentation, Our Last Night have worked hard to capture the spirit of song-craft that drove their initial inspiration to get themselves on the road.

Set for the Sky

Set For The Sky is an experienced Cape Town based alternative rock band, focused on theatrical, high-energy performances.

With a sound catering to fans of rock, hardcore and progressive music, SFTS strive for high quality in their sound. The same quality applies to their electric live performances. At all times they demonstrate their international standards; not just in their music but in their professional attitudes.

Set For The Sky have been gigging actively since the beginning of 2013. They continue growing in the South African and international markets.

Rocking for Rhinos

Rocking for Rhinos is a Non-Profit Organisation which merges conservation, entertainment and the public with one united aim – to save our rhino. The foundation was formed in January 2012, with a group of like-minded people who were all plagued by one fundamental issue – the now critical plight of our disappearing rhino population and the war that must be waged against the poachers and ringleaders who are the direct cause of the demise of this gentle creature.

For all the up-to-the-minute information, be sure to follow the event on Facebook

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