Spotify Comes to South Africa



Spotify, one of the worlds biggest music SaaS platforms has finally come to South Africa. Now, instead of buying CDs or downloading music from iTunes, you can stream it online.

“Spotify is very excited to announce our launch in South Africa today. We have had the continent in our sights for a while and are finally able to offer South African fans access to all the music they already love on Spotify, while helping them to enjoy, discover and share new music from both local and international artists simply and easily.” said Michael Krause, Spotify MD, EMEA.

We live in an online era, where CDs and hard drives full of movies and music are becoming obsolete. It’s a time where instead of buying software, people pay a subscription fee to, in essence, “rent” what they want; this is known as software as a service or SaaS.

SaaS platforms have become all the rage, and are an influential element of the fourth industrial revolution. The SaaS business model has become so successful that even traditional companies like Microsoft have started to adopt it. That is why Microsoft office can no longer be bought but instead has become a monthly subscription service.

Spotify has a library of over 159 million songs, all of which you can access for free, assuming you don’t mind listening to adverts now and then. If you’re not a big fan of adverts, you can pay for a premium Spotify account which will only set you back about R60 a month. That’s less than the cost of a single CD!

With Spotify, you never have to worry about running out of storage space, backing up your music, or losing your music, since all the songs are hosted online. All you need to access one of the vastest music libraries on the planet is an internet connection. Check out Spotify and see what the fuss is all about!

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Jesse Jordan and Friends Live in Durbvanville


Jesse Jordan

After discovering that he loved writing songs in high school and taking some guitar lessons, Jesse could sense that he was embarking on a journey to follow his dreams.

Watch Jesse Live in Concert
Where: Durbanville Golf Club
Sport Way, 7550 Cape Town, Western Cape
When: 29 March
Cost: From R100
More Info

Jesse has had a career that many singer-songwriters would love. He has pursued his music with single-minded determination, and it has definitely paid off.

One of his first big miles stones on his journey was winning a national talent competition. After that there was no stopping Jesse! Not only did he get a mjor record deal, but Jesse went on to form the Jesse Jordan Band. The Jesse Jordan Band consisted of Alex Power on keys, Heindrich Schultz on guitar, JP Crouch on drums and Sheree Power on Rhythm guitar.

So far Jesse has managed to record four albums, but that’s just a start! He’s still in the prime of his career, and it would seem as though nothing is slowing him down.

Over the years he has played countless live shows; ranging from music festivals and parties to selling out venues. He has honed his skill as a performer and audiences always leave with a smile on their faces. Jesse is known to give 150% to every performance!

After years with the Jesse Jordan Band, Jesse has started a new solo journey. It’s just him, a guitar and his life experiences. He has spent the last two years writing new songs which explore the lessons he’s learned on his journey.

This new solo project is all about story-telling in the style of old-school singer-songwriters and bluesmen. It’s raw, personal and real. In his music, you will find a hint of Michael Buble meets Maroon5, but the sound is still unmistakably Jesse Jordan.

Faith Endorsement

In September 2017 Jesse Jordan was officially endorsed by Faith Guitars and Paul Bothner Music.

Faith guitars all have a rich and unique tone which perfectly matches the rawness of Jesse’s stories. It is a perfect partnership of tone and perfection.

To keep up with Jesse, go to his Facebook page or website and give him a like and a listen.

Quay Four Battle of the Bands 2018


Quay Four Battle of the Bands

It’s once again time for the annual Quay 4 Battle of the Bands, powered by Paul Bothner Music!  There are some awesome prizes this year, so be sure to enter your band.


1. Download the entry form by clicking HERE!

2. Send your completed entry form, a band photo and song/mp3 to

3. Wait for their call!


More About the Quay Four Battle of the Bands

Every Tuesday night from May 2018, bands will descend upon Quay Four at the Waterfront. Each band will battle it out to see who is crowned the 2018 champions!

This is definitely one of the “must attend” events for any cover band or restaurant band. The prize pool is one of the biggest in the country, so it’s no wonder that so many bands enter. Furthermore, the V&A Waterfront is a hub of tourist activity. So by playing at Quay Four you will have the potential to reach an international audience. This is a rare opportunity for most local bands.

And because of the level of interest, you can be assured of the quality of each band. So in addition to getting a great night out in the Mother City, you can enjoy some stellar music.

The battle is open to the public, with different bands battling every week. Each week will have a winning band, with the finals taking place on the 28th of August. So if you are looking for some great music at a great Waterfront restaurant, then be sure to book your table. Booking early would be in your best interest, as tables for the battle get booked up fairly fast.


Prizes Include:

R20 000 Cash
Playing Contract at Quay Four
Musical Gear

For more info check out the Quay 4 website



Paul Bothner Music
Shure Microphones
JBL PA Systems
Stella Artois

Song Writing Workshop with AJ Brown


AJ Brown

Have you ever wanted to know how to write a pop song? Maybe you’ve tried a few times and just never worked out the hook, or couldn’t quite get it there. Or are you already writing pop songs, but feel you could still learn a little bit more to elevate your writing to the next level?

If that sounds like you, then the pop song-writing workshop hosted by AJ Brown is what you need. This FREE workshop has been organised as part of the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival.

When: Friday 16 March
Time: 14H30 – 16H30
Where: SACS High School,
Newlands Avenue, Newlands

Booking is essential. If you would like to reserve your spot, you can:
Alternatively, you can call Ann on 082 451 3696

More about the workshop: How to write a pop song

Writing a pop song is like baking; there is a set recipe you follow for the best results. To write a pop song, first, you must know what the ingredients are. Of course, knowing the elements is not enough, you also need to learn how to put them together. Once you learn how to mix the ingredients, you can focus on putting them together in a unique way.

This workshop will teach you the basics of songwriting, and help you explore your musical voice. As a songwriter, it is essential for you to learn how to write something that represents who you are. Your musical voice is what will set your pop songs apart.

As part of the workshop, AJ will be breaking down a few of his favourite songs to show you the principles of writing great music. After that, he will show you how to implement the techniques you learn into your own music.  By the end of the workshop, the group would have written a collaborative song.

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Rural Arts Network


Rural Arts Network

The pursuit of art and music should not be viewed as a luxury; every single person deserves to have an opportunity to express themselves, no matter what income bracket they fall into. The Rural Arts Network is an NGO which aims to make that goal into a reality.

Their mission statement is simple: “to provide youth and families in rural South Africa with access to arts development programmes that are both inspirational and educational in various mediums.” The Rural Arts Network offers lessons in a variety of subjects ranging from music and dancing to art and drama.

Projects like the Rural Arts Network are vital for the growth of arts and culture in South Africa. There are still far too many people in this country who cannot afford to study the arts. And why should they be deprived just because of the lack of money?

If you’d like to become involved with the Rural Arts Network, check out their website for more details.


The Team

Having worked with the local Elgin Learning Foundation for several years, arts queen extraordinaire Betsie Ryke founded the Rural Arts Network in 2014. Specializing in music and arts education, Betsie oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation as well as music activities like marimba and choir classes. She is passionate about education and sees the field of creative arts as a powerful tool to develop and empower our children and youth to help shape their future. Her hope is to use the organisation to bring the arts to more rural areas throughout South Africa beyond its current reach in the Elgin/Grabouw community.

Betsie Ryke

Reagan has been heavily involved in the life of the Elgin/Grabouw community for several years now. He has a passion for investing in the youth in the area and providing them with creative outlets to channel their passions and talent. Reagan’s strong suit is music: he engages in activities such as drumming, marimbas, rock bands and dance. He has been an integral part of the Rural Arts Network since it originated, and is an essential part of the team, both as a facilitator and operational manager.

Reagan Diedericks

Reagan has been heavily involved in the life of the Elgin/Grabouw community for several years now. He has a passion for investing in the youth in the area and providing them with creative outlets to channel their passions and talent.

Melissa Dietstein

Art guru Melissa Dietstein brings her hands-on creativity to the Rural Arts Network by providing interactive workshops in the visual arts. Melissa is passionate about developing relationships with learners of all ages in the local, rural community. She oversees art classes in several local schools and also runs an arts and crafts group for elderly women on local farms dubbed Granny Smiths, which is one of her favourite projects with RAN. Melissa heads up the art department of the organisation – bringing tireless energy and new ideas to the team.

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Cape Town International Jazz Festival Free Concert


Cape Town International Jazz Festival Free Concert

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is Africa’s biggest gathering of Jazz talent. One of the unique elements of the festival is that it is not contained to the weekend of the main event. Instead, every year, there are fringe events that jazz lovers can attend.

In addition to the main event, there are school band showcases, free music workshops, and there is an annual, free jazz concert in Green Market Square. Music should be accessible to everyone, which is why it is excellent that this free concert will be taking place.

As one publication put it:

“The free outdoor community concert allows audiences to catch a glimpse of what’s to come at the weekend-long fiesta and gives those who missed out on tickets – or couldn’t afford to buy them – a chance to soak up the musical talent of performers that they’d otherwise not have the opportunity to see.”

And the best thing is that the event is family friendly, so you won’t need to find a babysitter. So, pack your family, bring some friends, and get ready for a magical event.

Where: Greenmarket Square, Cape Town CBD
When: 20 March 2018
Cost: Free
More Info: For more information on either the free concert or on the main festival, check out the CTIJF website.


The 2018 lineup has not yet been announced, but if previous years are anything to go by, it’s going to a fantastic roster! The event runs for six hours and forms an official part of the Cape Town Internation Jazz Festival’s eights days of operation.

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The Kirstenbosch Gardens Summer Concerts 2017


The Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017

One of the highlights of the Cape Town music scene is the annual Kirstenbosch Gardens Summer Concerts.

Every year many of our friends take part in the Summer Series. This series is perhaps one of the most special in the country. There are only a handful of these outdoor events, and none of the others have a more beautiful backdrop.

Because the concerts are held in the gardens, this is an ideal outing for the entire family. Therefore, pack a picnic basket and bring the whole family along.

The area is safe and the sound is great! You’ll be able to enjoy great acts from the likes of Mi Casa, The Parlotones, and Freshly Ground.

Previous years have let you spend New Year’s Eve with Johnny Clegg and Slow Jack. This year, you can spend New Year’s Eve in the gardens with one of South Africa’s favorite electronic bands, Goldfish.

The line-up has been set and the tickets are currently on sale!

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017/2018

Artist Date Cost Time Book Online
Mi Casa 3 December 2017 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
Texas 8 December 2017 R495 7pm Book Online
Matthew Mole / Majozi 10 December 2017 R180 / R135 5.15pm Book Online
Mango Groove 23 December 2017 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
Goldfish and Hot Water 31 December 2017 – 1 January 2018 R385 7pm Book Online
Freshlyground 1 January 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
Prime Circle 7 January 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
The Parlotones 14 January 2018 R140 / R205 5.30pm Book Online
Fokofpolisiekar 21 January 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
The Soil 28 January 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
The Vamps 2 February 2018 R570 7pm Book Online
Beatenberg / Alice Phoebe Lou 4 February 2018 R180 / R135 5.15pm Book Online
The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra 11 February 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
Cape Town Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival 18 February 2018 R180 / R135 5pm Book Online
Lira 25 February 2018 R180 / R135 5.30pm Book Online
Goodluck / The Kiffness 4 March 2018 R180 / R135 5.15pm Book Online
The Christians (UK) 11 March 2018 R205 / R140 5.30pm Book Online
Jeremy Loops 18 March 2018 R205 / R140 5.30pm Book Online
Petite Noir (BEL) / Slow Jack 21 March 2018 R180 / R135 5.15pm Book Online
Dan Patlansky / Albert Frost 25 March 2018 R180 / R135 5.15pm Book Online

Ampeg: Bass Amps Built to be Worked Hard


Ampeg: Bass Amps Built to be Worked Hard
Everett Hull and Stanley Michaels founded Ampeg in the early 60s with one goal in mind; to build the most mind-blowing bass amps on the market.

The 60s was a time when big stadium bands ruled the roost. Every guitarist needed a massive Marshal stack. Some of them needed them because they were playing huge venues and needed the volume. Others needed them because they looked the part, To stand out, they had to do something extreme.

So the built and launched the SVT, a monstrosity of a bass amp. A 300-watt head that powered not one, but two 8×10 cabs. The designers of the amp, upon completion of their creation, became concerned. They thought that this amp would cause damage to those who used it, so they stuck a warning label on the amp.

Fortunately for the home user, the amps have shrunk down a bit. Now you can get that Ampeg quality, without needing a roadie to carry 105lbs speakers around! (Yes, the speakers for the 300-watt all valve monster that they built weighed 105lbs EACH!)


Ampeg BA-110V2
10″ 40-watt Bass Combo

The redesigned BA-110 bass combo amplifier is just the right size for rehearsals and small gigs.
R3 195

Ampeg BA-115V2
15″ 150-watt Bass Combo

The BA-115 15″ Bass Combo delivers classic Ampeg tone in a 150W design with performance-driven features perfect for the stage.
NOW ONLY: R6 995

Ampeg BA-112V2
12″ 75-watt Bass Combo

The BA-112 bass combo amplifier answers the call for an amp that’s both practice-convenient and gig-ready.
NOW ONLY: R5 195


Ampeg BA-108V2
8″ 20-watt Bass Combo

The newly redesigned BA-108 bass combo amplifier answers the practice needs of bass players from beginners to pros.
NOW ONLY: R1 795

Ampeg BA210V2
10″ 450-watt Bass Combo

The redesigned BA-210 bass combo amplifier is what you need to be heard over the band.
NOW ONLY: R12 970

R500 in Ernie Ball

Get R500 in Ernie Ball Strings for every Ampeg Amp valued at over R3 000 that you buy before March 31


Do you want to join our b(r)and as an Adminitrative Clerk?


Are you tired of your current job? Does the idea of working in the music industry fill you with excitement? Then we NEED you! We’re looking for a part-time admin clerk to work at our N1 City store. Send in your applications to

Applicants must be:

  • motivated
  • bilingual
  • presentable
  • friendly
  • able to work under pressure

A proven track record of experience in a retail and administrative/cashier environment is crucial.


General Purpose

Maintain a professional and friendly entry point to the general public, customers, dealers and suppliers, both telephonically and face- to-face.

Perform allocated administrative tasks as required.

Below is a list of your main job tasks and responsibilities (and any other duties as directed from time to time).


  • Answer telephone, screen and direct calls. Do not allow the telephone to ring unnecessarily
  • Never leave the reception area/switchboard unattended
  • Take and relay messages to relevant persons via e-mail
  • Provide information to callers
  • Greet persons entering organisation in a welcoming manner and notify relevant staff member/members
  • Direct persons to correct destination e.g. customers for service department to workshop receptionist
  • deal with queries from the public and customers
  • maintain and distribute the telephone listing to staff
  • Ensure knowledge of staff movements in and out of organisation
  • General administrative and clerical support, including filing, petty cash and archiving documents
  • In-coming mail to be opened, date-stamped and distributed
  • Keep the reception area tidy at all times
  • Any other duties as directed from time to time

Goods Receiving

  • Receiving and checking of stock
  • Communication of stock received with head office
  • Merchandising
  • Accurate updating of pricing on sales floor
  • Restocking/reordering
  • Ensuring that all sales items are clearly, correctly and accurately priced
  • Updating of Appros and delivery notes
  • Managing and Overseeing of Repairs

The New Boss Katana Air


The New Boss Katana Air

To most musicians, Boss is synonymous with rugged quality pedals that last a lifetime. In addition, they are world one of the world leaders in guitar and bass tone.

Boss have taken their years of experience, and have created the Boss Katana Amp range of amplifiers.

The amp has been named after the traditional Japanese sword; a symbol of honour and precision. The Boss Katana Amp range was born out of the same process that created the Waza amplifier.

According to Boss, “these innovative amps embody BOSS’s determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound”.

Upon first hearing the amp, you will notice how much punch it offers. It does so cleanly and without muddying up your tone. The dynamics are clean and cut through a mix well.

Players have said that this guitar works well for anything from driving metal to country fingerstyle playing. This is because the low end on the Katana amps is controlled and the tops have been perfectly pitched and voiced. This allows the amp to be used in a large range of genres.

Introducing the new Boss Katana Air

The new Boss Katana Air uses proprietary wireless technology to connect your guitar to the amp. There is no setup required, all you need to do is plug in the special jack, and you’re good to go. What could be easier? In addition, the amp has the option for you to run it off batteries, meaning that the Boss Katana Air can be truly wireless.

The Boss Katana Air is not available in South Africa – yet, If you would like to know when they get here, be sure to join our mailing list. That way, when they land in South Africa, you will be amongst the first to know!


The Boss Katana Amp offers five amp characters that you can choose from. They are Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars).

If amp modelling alone isn’t enough to get you excited about this amp, then how about onboard effects?

Moreover, you will be able to choose from 55 different customizable effects. This effect can be easily tweaked on your computer using the Boss Tone Studio editor software that comes with the amp.

Once you have tweaked your patch, you can save it to one of 15 save slots on the amp. This will allow you to have complete control to dial in the perfect delay or distortion. The amp lets you use 3 effects at the same time.

To further control your tone, there are dedicated gain, EQ, presence, and effects controls for adjusting your tone on the fly.

Once you find your perfect combination of effects, amp characteristics, and tone settings, you can save the whole set-up into one of four amp settings slots.

Home Practice

A big amp doesn’t sound good at low volumes. This is true for valve and solid state amps. When an amps volume is pushed, it has a natural breaking sound that you just cannot achieve when playing with the volume turned down.

In order to combat this, Boss have made the Boss Katana amps have a variable power control. This means that you can drop the power of the amp and still achieve a cranked amp tone, but without the neighbours complaining.


So far, there are currently 3 amps and one amp head in the Boss Katana Amp range.



 | KATANA-100/212

100 w 2 by 12 Guitar Amplifier
Read More



| KATANA-100

100 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




50 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




30 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using internal speaker)
100 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using external speaker)
Read More

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    Spotify Comes to South Africa

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