South African Choral Concert


South African Choral Concert

The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town is collaborating with The Phenomenal Opera Voices to bring you a South African Choral Concert at Groote Kerk on Sunday 6 August at 3pm.

With a South African theme in mind, The Philharmonia Choir will be performing the San Gloria by Péter Louis van Dijk.  Additionally they will perform Prayers and Dances of Praise from Africa by Peter Klatzow.

The  Choir’s third movement will be Cover me with the Night, a prayer from Ghana.

Where: Groote Kerk, Cape Town
Adderley Street
Cape Town
South Africa

When: 6 August 2017
Cost: R120 per person
[Click Here to Buy Tickets]

Cover me with the Night.

Come, Lord, and cover me with the night.
Spread your grace over us
As you assured us you would do.
Your promises are more than all the stars in the sky;
your mercy is deeper than the night.
Lord, it will be cold.
The night comes with its breath of death.
Night comes; the end comes; you come.
Lord, we wait for you day and night.
—from an African Prayer Book, Desmond Tutu (editor)

Innovative and Impressive Work

The San Gloria is an innovative and impressive work for choir, organ and chamber orchestra. It is known for its powerful juxtaposition of ancient Latin texts with the colourful sound of the Khoi-San culture, thereby promising a unique experience for each and all.

For Prayers and Dances of Praise from Africa, Klatzow took the words from a prayer in An African Prayer book compiled by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and set them to music. The piece was commissioned by the South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) and first performed in 1996. The third movement is a prayer from Ghana, Cover me with the Night.

The Phenomenal Opera Voices conducted by Lunga Hallam will perform a variety of traditional African songs including Emvekhaya, Thina Siyagiya, Ndandenze toni kubazali, Kumnandukwethembu Jesu, Ndikhokhele bawo, Sasihamba Sisobabini and Unongqawuse.

Phenomenal Opera Voices was established in 2008 by Lunga Hallam. Lunga together with fellow ex-students from Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha enjoyed singing throughout their school careers. Lunga and the Luhlaza choir have represented the Western Cape in various provinces throughout South Africa at Eisteddfods and choir festivals.

The project consists of 33 members, all of whom are Khayelitsha residents. Phenomenal Opera Voices have a collection of young stars aged from 14 to 27 who are all serious opera lovers. Their repertoire includes extracts from Handel’s Messiah, Don Giovanni, Cossi fan Tutte, the Marriage of Figaro and many more well-loved opera pieces.

FREE WORKSHOP:Rudimentary Rudiment Incorporation


Rudimentary Rudiment Incorporation

All drummers will learn the basic Rudiments, but do you know how to incorporate them into your beats? Maybe you should check out the Rudimentary Rudiment Incorporation Workshop presented by Charles Ashley Hartzenberg.

This workshop will focus on how to incorporate rudiments into your playing style and will look at the differences between electronic and acoustic drum kits.

Where: Jean Village Music Centurion
Shop 3 Jean Village Shopping Centre
Corner Jean Avenue & Gerhard Street
When: 29 July 2017
Time: 10H00

What to Expect

During this workshop, Charles will give you practical advice and tips to improve your drumming. Special focus will be put on stick work and beats. The workshop will cover things like:

Double Stroke Roll
Single Paradiddle
Double Paradiddle
Latin Grooves.

Who Should Come

This workshop is perfect for any drummer who wants to add a bit more bite to their playing. Often a simple technique can be the force of change in your playing style.

So if you feel that you could, or another drummer you know could benefit from this workshop, then come on down and learn more about Rudimentary Rudiment Incorporation.

More About Charles

Charles Hartzenberg is a very well know gospel and jazz drummer with a career that spans over 3 decades.

He studied at the University of Cape Town with the likes of Jimmy Dludlu, Selealo Silota, Andre Petersen, Kesivan Naidoo and Wayne Bosch.

After studying at UCT, he also studied under the legendary drummers Kevin Gibson, Professor Micheal Chambell, Reny Mclean, Darell Andrews and Andrew Lilly.

He is currently playing with Afterdarc, Supernova, The Naledi King Band, Radical View, The Phil Collins Band and his own band called The Charles Hartzen band.

The Crypt July 2017 Gig Guide


Head on down to the Crypt this Winter! Here are the dates for gigs and jam sessions at The Crypt in July 2017. Below find the Crypt July 2017 Gig Guide

Crypt July 2017 Gig Guide

The Crypt July 2017 Gig Guide

Thursday 20 July (8pm to 11pm)
Chris Bakalanga Trio

Congolese guitarist and vocalist, Chris Bakalanga is born in Khinsasa. He is a regular performer at the crypt with his own sound and style.

Friday 21 July (8pm to 11pm)
Sylvia Mdunyelwa

Eminence of legendary cape jazz vocalist Sylvia “Mama Kaap” Mdunyelwa created her own hall of fame with, George Werner – piano, Norman Saul – bass and Stix Mrwebi – drums

Saturday 22 July (8pm to 11pm)
Afro Fiesta

Singing and dancing is in the genes of the Congolese. The rumba and many other electrifying rhythms cast their magic with Christian Bakalanga – guitar/vocals, Felix Garemua – electric/acoustic guitar/vocal, Djo Ikotela – bass/vocal, Jason Tamba-acoustic guitar and vocal, Glody Dinga – drums and congas, Daddy Bassing – bass/congas, Mofaya Mermans Mosengo on drums, bass, congas, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, vocals.

Tuesday 25 July (8pm to 11pm)

Jam Session

Every Tuesday great musicians from all over the cape – and also from overseas – come to the crypt for our weekly jam sessions always with a special guest. Alvin dyers- guitar, Roy Davids-drums and Tino Europa-bass.
Patrons: R50 cover charge and musicians free entry

Wednesday 26 July (8pm to 11pm)
John Russell trio

John Russell is a gifted guitar players who is a regular performer at the crypt’s jam sessions with a wonderful personal style. With Ramon Alexander on piano and Charles Lazar on double bass

Thursday 27 July (8pm to 11pm)#concertssa
Emily Bruce trio

“love is patient, love is kind, love is everything” according vocalist Emily Bruce in an interview. Lovely Emily, who performed at the cape town international jazz festival and on almost every other stage, is one of our greatest jazz singers with a fabulous repertoire.

Friday 28 July (8pm to 11pm)
Sange M Ensemble

Her velvet vocals and charismatic stage presence will make this a night to remember. Neliswa Sampi Mxunyelwa is a singer, dancer, drummer, percussionist and a song writer who was born in Lady Frere hospital, grew up and down Worcester (western cape) in South Africa and in cofimvaba in a village called Qamata, Emthonjeni ( Eastern Cape). Cofimvaba is where her family roots are and where her traditional elements come from (Umngqungqo). She started singing at the age of 8. Her stage name Sange. M depicts her performance presence. It means `hug’ as she embraces and taking care of her audiences, healing their souls through her wonderful music. She sings variations of jazz standards as well as afro jazz.

Saturday 29 July (8pm to 11pm)
Hassan Adas

This Latin groove band will light your fire and get you moving. Camillo Lombard- piano, Lucas Khumalo- bass, buddy wells- sax, Keegan Williams drums and John Hassan- percussion/vocals

August 2017

Tuesday 1 August (8pm to 11pm)

Jam Session

Every Tuesday great musicians from all over the cape – and also from overseas – come to the crypt for our weekly jam sessions always with a special guest. Alvin dyers- guitar, Roy Davids-drums and Tino Europa-bass.
Patrons: R50 cover charge and musicians free entry

Be sure to check out The Crypt’s website for all the up-to-date info


Learn The Most Recognisable Bass Riff Ever


The Most Recognisable Bass Riff Ever

Do you know what The Most Recognisable Bass Riff Ever is?

Your mind is probably spinning through all the songs you know and love. Maybe things like La Bamba, My Girl or Livin’ on a Prayer jump out at you. Maybe you’re more of a Stevie Wonder – I Wish kind of bass players.

While all of these bass lines are incredible and are definitely recognisable, none of these would be the MOST Recognisable bass riff ever. That honour falls to Fleetwood Mac – The Chain.

The Chain

The Chain is one of the only Fleetwood Mac songs to be credited to every member of the band. This was a full collaboration by the American-British band.

So what makes The Chain the most recognisable bass riffs ever? Simple – it’s just about everywhere.

Students who were asked to listen to all of the songs listed above all said that they knew the bass riff to The Chain. Many of them couldn’t name the song, or even knew where the song was from.

But they knew the riff. Not the whole song, just the ending riff. It is driving a fat end everything a bass riff should be. The song peaked on the charts at 36th place, and the album it is on “Rumours” is one of the band’s most loved albums.

But it wasn’t just the song’s performance on the charts that made it so recognisable. From 1978 until 1997 the ending bass line was official theme song that the BBC used for Formula One. This meant that the bass line was able to transcend the music charts. Additionally, the song is once again being used for Formula One, so it is once again in the ear and mind of the general public.

The bass line was played for almost 30years on an almost weekly basis for an international audience!

So while the bass line might not be the most technical, or the most popular to learn, its circumstances have definitely allowed it to become the Most Recognisable Bass Riff Ever.

The riff in question starts in bar 64 on the second page.

Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers


Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers

If you’re in the Centurion area and are looking for music education, then the Jean Village Music Store has you covered.

Learning an instrument isn’t always an easy task. The three biggest decision you will make in your first few weeks on your music journey will be:

a) Selecting your instrument
b) Buying your instrument
c) Finding a teacher or selecting your learning method

Selecting Your Instrument

If you are not certain what instrument you want to play, then a trip to YouTube will be your best starting point. Search for music that has the instruments you might be interested in. If you can’t think of anything specific just search for the instrument name followed by music.

So if you’re considering piano just search “piano music”. Listen to a few different instrument styles and pick whichever excites you the most.

If you’re still unsure, then get in touch with one of our guys and let us help you discover your dream instrument.

Buying Your Instrument

Buying an instrument for the first time can be daunting, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you.

For all the advice you could need on this subject, [click here]. That link will take you to our First Time Buyers Guides. From there you will find links to specific instrument buyers guides. If you’re not big on reading buyers guides, or if you still have questions after reading the guides feel free to drop us a line.

Find The Right Teacher or Teaching Method

If you decide to go the route of going for music lessons, the Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers are on hand to help you achieve your goals.

Most students progress faster and stronger with a teacher. A teacher can correct you if you make any mistakes and guide you towards the best approach for learning. Statistically speaking, you will progress slower without a teacher.

If you would prefer to not use a teacher, there are various online resources available to you.

Meet the Jean Village Music In-Store Music Teachers

Vaughan Hamilton – Piano teacher

Vaughan teaches piano through the Trinity, Royal school and Unisa programmes from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and above. He also teaches beginners of all ages from the “Alfred’s” basic piano courses.

071 565 8693




Sean Kensleer – Drum teacher

Sean Studied music at Pretoria Tech and teaches drumming to people of all ages. Children wishing to study drumming with Sean must be able to count because time-keeping is an issue and requires counting skills.

082 893 988



Nico Brewis – Guitar Teacher

Nico Brewis as been active in the music scene as a guitarist and vocalist for decades, he specialises in modern contemporary styles and has seen action in studios, live TV, and live performance in South Africa, Canada and England. He’s been teaching beginner and intermediate guitarists for many years. Some of these have gone on to successful careers.

012 644 9200

COPA Short Courses


COPA Short Courses

Do you want to improve your music knowledge or ability? Do you feel as though you are lacking something, but are unsure of how to improve? Then maybe you should consider enrolling in one of the COPA Short Courses.

Not everyone has the luxury of studying music and the business of music for years on end. This is especially true for older musicians who work a day job. So, what then is an easy solution?

COPA Short Courses

The COPA Short Courses all run from July 24 until November 3, 2017. So you will only need to commit to three months of classes.
While three months might not be long enough to truly master any subject, it is still long enough for you to get a firm foundation in a new field of study.

The cost of each course is R24 995.

Introduction to Music Business

What to Expect:
This course will introduce you to the Business of Music. In addition, it will cover related subjects such as The Freelance World. Furthermore, you will learn Key Industry Functions, and Copyrighting & Contracts.

Added to that, is a subject called New Venture Creation. This will provide priceless financial and business advice from active entrepreneurs, to help improve your chances of success.

Cost: R24 995
[Read More]

Electronic Music Production

What to Expect:
Along with studying Electronic Music Production, you will learn more about music theory and aural. You will also be introduced to the business of music, learn live production, and gain understanding in Digital Audio Techniques.

Cost: R24 995
[Read More]

Music Performance

What to Expect:
Learn a practical instrument as well as music theory and aural. You will also be given a short overview into the Business of Music.

Of course, you will additionally take part in a live performance workshop. During this live performance workshop, you will learn to develop basic Stage Presence.

Cost: R24 995
[Read More]

If you would like to sign-up for any of these courses, you have a limited window of opportunity. The courses will all start in just a few weeks.

Roland Go Series of Keyboards


Roland Go

Roland Go Keys

Have fun with music – no experience necessary! That’s right, with the Roland Go Keys series, you can have fun with music even if you’ve never played an instrument before!

Learning to play an instrument can be a frustrating task. Before you can write any music you need to learn about music theory and how to play chords. This means that is can often take months or even years before you can play the music you heard in your head.

That is where the Roland Go Keys comes into its own. With an innovative loop mix function, anyone can build fully produced songs. You can do this straight from the box with no previous music experience!

In addition, there are hundreds of pro sounds for you to explore. And if that wasn’t enough, there is even a built-in recorder to ensure that you can capture the loops and songs you write.

If you want to learn more about the Roland Go:Keys, check out the specs [here].

Roland Go Piano

Do you want to play the piano, but are uncertain about where you should start? Then the Roland Go Piano is exactly what you should be looking at.

The Roland Go Piano has been described as being the perfect learning solution for all students. This is because the unit was built to be a complete piano learning solution.

Take your dreams of being a pianist and make them a reality!

The piano is affordable, small enough to be easily portable and has built-in speakers. This means that you can take your piano with you wherever you go. And don’t be fooled into thinking that you will get a sub-par tone.

No! Far from it in fact! The Roland Go Piano features authentic sounds derived from Roland’s premium home pianos!

To ensure that your learning goes smoothly, the piano is bundled with the best-selling piano method: Faber Piano Adventures.

If you want to learn more about the Roland Go:Piano, check out the specs [here].

Bluetooth Connectivity

The keyboards are both fully Bluetooth-equipped units. This means that you can stream music from any of your Bluetooth devices directly to your keyboards.

Midnight Oil & Freshly Ground Live


Midnight Oil

Mightnight Oil, the Australian band best known for their song, Beds are Burning, will be coming to South Africa. They will play one show only and will be joined by South African favourites, Freshly Ground.

Midnight Oil Featuring Freshly Ground

On July 29, Mightnight Oil will play a once off show at Marks Park, Emmarentia, Johannesburg. This will be the bands first time in South African in over 20 years!

The show will be a daytime event, so you won’t need to worry about getting a babysitter or worry about leaving your dog alone for too long. Gates to the venue will open at 10 am, and the event will wind down by 5 pm.

“It’s always great when international bands come back to SA. It shows that our industry is growing and sets the stage perfectly. The more we have international acts coming to SA, the more the world will see us as an international player. This will cause a trickle down effect, and allow local bands to play on international stages.”

What to Bring:

Since this is an outdoor event you should prepare for a sunny day. To that end remember to bring hats and sunblock. You should also consider camping chairs or picnic blankets to sit on. That is unless you prefer to stand for 7 hours, or don’t mind sitting on the dirt.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to bring in your own food or drinks.

What to Leave at Home

As mentioned above, you will not be allowed to bring in any of your own food or drinks. In addition, you cannot bring the usual such as glass, weapons or pets.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices range from R495 to R795, depending on where you sit. If you would like to buy a ticket, you can do so by clicking [here].

Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival


Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival

From Chamber Music recitals to musical masterclasses, the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival has something for all classical music lovers.

Date: 10 Days (from June 30 until July 9)
Time: 8pm
Location: Stellenbosch University
Merriman Street, Stellenbosch
More Info: Phone 021-808-2358

The Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival is the only event like this in Africa! The festival brings together some of the biggest world-renowned musicians to perform in Stellenbosch. Additionally, the festival aims to coach and nurture the talent of younger musicians.

What does the Festival Entail?

At Night

One of the major draw-cards is obviously the opportunity to see and hear some world-class recitals. These recitals are performed by the best local and international musicians. The recitals start at 8 every night.

Works from some of the greatest chamber composers of all time will be played. You can expect to find Brahms, Mendelsohn and Saint-Saëns making up the programme.

For the last few days of the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival will change up the programme slightly. For the last few days, you can expect to hear full orchestral concerts. These concerts will include works from greats like Sibelius, Walton and Rimsky-Korsakov (Scheherazade).

During the Day

A festival wouldn’t be much of a festival if there were no daytime activities.

During the day over 300 students from around the world will be able to attend lectures, presented by experts in chamber music. In addition to the lectures, students will also be able to attend coaching sessions. Furthermore, they will be given to opportunity to play at various lunch time concerts.

These lunch-time concerts are free to attend, and the public is encouraged to pull through to admire the talent being showcased.

Overall, this is a not to be missed event. This event has helped put South Africa on the international Classical music map and will continue to do so for many years.

World Changing Four Chord Songs


Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to write a song that could change the world?

If you would like to download the PDF Chord charts for the Influential Four Chord Songs there will be a link below each song. Alternatively, send the Gryphon Music Academy  a mail and they’ll send you the song pack via email.

Do you feel as though before you can change the world, you need to develop your musical chops? What if I told you that you only need four chords? To prove my point, I’ve put together a list of the most influential four chord songs.

An Exercise in Splendid Simplicity

Yes, you read that properly! You only need four chords! But, there’s a catch...

You need to have something worth saying. But, if your message is solid, your song can become an anthem! From writers like Bob Dylan to the Beatles, there are simple four chord songs everywhere!

There are musicians out there who disagree with this sentiment. They would argue that complex music can convey more complex emotions. And in this regard they are right. But, it’s a mistake to dismiss simple music.

When writing, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that complex music is better. Learn to master simple harmonic progression, learn how chords interact, and then you can start to write more complex ideas.

influential Four Chord Songs

What if you’re not interested in writing songs?

As a beginner guitarist, learning these simple four chord songs will help you improve your playing. As an experienced player, learning these songs will improve your repertoire and perhaps unlock new harmonic ideas.

So, what makes a song influential?

For this list, I’m looking as songs that propelled a band to the next level, had a political impact or impact on society, started a genre or has been covered a lot since its publication. Some of these songs changed the world, others just made the world a slightly better place.

Most influential Four Chord Songs

1) The Beatles – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

By the time that The Beatles released ”I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, they were already an immensely popular band. On the day that I Wanna Hold Your Hand was released, the Beatles already had “She Loves You” at the number one spot on the British Bill Board.

Two weeks after I Wanna Hold You Hand was released, it finally overtook “She Loves You” for the number one spot. It then went on to spend another 21 weeks in the British top 50.

What really sets this song apart though, is the fact that is was the first Beatles song to make it onto the American charts. By February 1st the song held the number one slot in the American charts and paved the way for the British music invasion into the States.

In 2013 Billboard named the song the 44th biggest hit of “all-time”.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

2) Edwin Starr – War

It can come as no surprise that War made it onto the list of Influential Four Chord Songs. War was the first Motown song to make a political statement. The song was originally recorded with the Temptations, but was later recorded was a single by Edwin Starr.

The lyrics, “War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” still resonate in the hearts and minds of people across generations. This protest song made anti-war anthem history.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

3) Nirvana –  Smells Like Teen Spirit

In early 1992, Smells Like Teen Spirit shot to the top of the mainstream music charts. Moreover, this moment is often regarded as the moment rock entered the mainstream.

Grunge was still in its early days, but after Smells Like Teen Spirit hit the charts it grew in popularity. It became so big that Grunge became the sound of the 90’s. Even kids cartoon intro’s were becoming more rock orientated.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

4) Elvis –  Jailhouse Rock 

Elvis was the King! He has influenced Rock music in a way that very few people could ever achieve. He was good looking, had a great voice and a Bad Boy image. The number of Elvis impersonators in the world is the only clue you need that the King was loved and still is today. A few of his songs could make the Influential Four Chord Songs list, but Jailhouse Rock is definitely the top.

Jailhouse Rock is one of the Kings greatest achievements. It is one of the top selling Elvis songs of all time and was voted by Rolling Stone to be one of the most influential rock songs of all time.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

5) Green Day – American Idiot

American Idiot is a great example of most influential four chord songs. When this song first came out, all my mates started playing it. It was simple and fun to play. When I started teaching in 2007, people were still asking to learn it.

And in 2017, students still ask to learn this song. It is all about calling the media out for the way they covered Iraq War. The world over, teens came to music because of this song.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

6) Bob Marley – Redemption Song

Redemption Song is considered by many to be Marley’s greatest work. Some key lyrics were derived from a speech given by the Pan-Africanist orator Marcus Garvey, entitled “The Work That Has Been Done”.

The song reached the 66th slot in the Rolling Stone The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

7) Curtis Mayfield – People Get Ready

People Get Ready has been named the 24th greatest song by the Rolling Stone The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In addition, it made the list of 100 Greatest Guitar tracks and was entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, as one of the 500 songs that shaped Rock and Roll.

Furthermore, it was named as one of the Top 10 Best Songs of all time by Mojo Music Magazine, and was entered into the Grammy Hall of Fame,

In 2016, People Get Ready was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry due to its “cultural, historic, or artistic significance”.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

8) Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit was a song in protest about racism in America. Moreover, the song has gone on to inspire novels, poems and other creative works.

Not only that, the song is still being covered today. It has been covered in the past by Nina Simone, UB40 and Annie Lennox.

The original song was entered into the Grammy Hall of Fame and has also been included in the list of Songs of the Century. This is determined by the Recording Industry of America and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

9) Bob Dylan – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven’s Door can best be described as an exercise in splendid simplicity. A simple strumming pattern with just four open chords. And, in addition, this song is beautiful to listen to and easy to play.

This is by far one of Bob Dylan’s most covered songs. Just about everyone and their mum ends up learning to play this song at some. To put it another way, each generation remembers a different version of this song. Whether it be the Dylan version or the Guns n Roses version, or one of many others.  This is the perfect example of a simple song that can influence the world.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

10) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert – Same Love

During every struggle, there is music. Whether they be songs of protest or anthems of the people, music has always been the collective voice of people.

The LGBT community has been in the spotlight a lot in the past decade, with more and more Countries recognizing their rights. This has been a contentious issue for many people.

Same Love will always be the song that joined together a community before same sex marriage was legalized in Washington.

Want to download the PDF version of the chord chart? Click [here]

In Conclusion

This is my list of Most influential Four Chord Songs of all time. Yes, there are other influential four chord songs in the world. There are some that didn’t make it on the list. That isn’t to say that they were bad songs, but, rather they did not fully fit the theme.

These songs are simple to learn. Furthermore,  with just a little practice you can master them in no time. Some people master new songs easily. However, there are many who don’t. Are you someone who struggles to learn new songs or chords? Here are some tips:

  • Listen to the song. Listen to it until you know how it sounds in you head. Only then will you be able to figure it out
  • Strum once every time there is a chord change. This will train your ear and help you find the rhythm. If you struggle with this, just keep at it. It gets easier in time.
  • Learn the lyrics, and strum once when you get to a chord change. From there, make up a strumming pattern that fits in the timing. Most of the time you don’t need to get the exact strumming pattern. A simple analog will be enough.
  • If you really still struggle, perhaps book a few lessons. A teacher can help you to learn how to figure out rhythms in chord songs. And, once you know how to do it, it’ll always be easier from there.

If you feel as though I’ve committed a huge crime against music, and left one of your favourite songs off this list, then please tell me about it in the comments below.

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