Meet the Stellenbosch Team

The new Stellenbosch branch of Paul Bothner Music is set to open it’s doors soon. We are in the final stages of setting up the store, and are waiting on the municipality’s approval to finalize the last of the process.

While you wait for the new store to open, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our instrument specialists:

Haydn Van Rheede


Haydn studied Sound Engineering and Music Production at Cape Music Institute. He spent the year after graduation at the institute, lecturing Sound Engineering for a year. Currently drumming for The Winston Siljeur Project and HIS People’s Church in Eersteriver, Haydn also knows his way around the keys, and is very interested in Modern Synth gear and the possibilities that it brings.

He’ll be Head of Hi Tech, Keys and Drums at Stellenbosch branch.

Olivia Vermeulen

Olivia has 14 years experience in the South African Music Industry. She’ll be handling our administrative duties as well as being the friendly voice at the switchboard. It will be a shameful waste to limit her input to just these aspects though. She’ll also be overseeing the Orchestral and Classical elements of the store amongst other things. She also has an extensive knowledge of Music Literature in terms of books and popular curriculae used by schools and tertiary institutions.

Gerhard Croeser


Gerhard is no stranger to Paul Bother Music or its clients. He’s been servicing and repairing guitars and other instruments for years from the Somerset West branch. He joins us on a full time basis at Stellenbosch branch and will be offering his magic touch for repairs and setups at the new branch. He will also be handling sales on floor in the stringed instrument vein of things (guitar and bass, but also other) Somerset West(ians) will be happy to know that Gerhard will still be available on Wednesdays at the SW branch to still handle repair work and re-strings as well as assisting client on the search for their dream guitar or bass.

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Review: Roland TM-2


Do you love your drum kit, but wish it sounded different? Perhaps you wish your bass drum could be darker, or your snare sharper. Maybe you just want a different sound for a specific song. Maybe you play Jazz covers to pay the bills but rock out in a Metal band on Saturday nights and would ideally need two kits to get the job done.

Roland has the solution for you. The Roland TM-2 is a hybrid drumming module. What is a hybrid kit? Well, you can have your traditional acoustic kit, you can have a modern electric kit or, thanks to the use of triggers, you can have a mix of both – giving you the hybrid kit.

Triggers have come a long way in the past few years and drummers can confidently use them live knowing that they will track accurately and fast. Roland has been leading the way in the trigger market. The TM-2 is a great example of what can be done with triggers.

The TM-2 can take up to 4 triggers. A commonly used combination would be bass drum, snare drum and 2 toms.


Once you’ve mounted the triggers, you can either run a mono cable or a stereo cable to the module. If you run a mono cable you will have the same sound triggered regardless of where you hit the drum. If you run a stereo cable, you can trigger two sounds from the drum. So you could say have a rim sound and a centre skin sound.

The TM-2 has 100 banks built in. Each bank cab be a full drum kit, or have sound effects like explosions or claps. So just like a guitarist multi-effects unit, you can have a bank for each song in your set and cycle through them all to ensure that you always have the best sounding kit for your genre and style.

The TM-2 has full drum sounds as well as “element” sounds.


The drum sounds are full drums. So if you don’t like the sound of your bass drum, scroll through and find one more suitable. You can then use the two sounds together (mic your bass drum up and mix in the sampled sound) or you can use just the triggered sound.


When you as a drummer go to record in studio you will listen to yourself as you play through your monitors. Then the engineer will mix the sound of your kit, adding in missing frequencies and mixing down others. The elements option of the TM-2 allows you to do the same thing live. You can tweak the sound of your existing drums to get a perfect live drum mix.

Using the banks you can save these sounds and build your own presets for different venues you might play on a regular basis.


The TM-2 has a stereo out that you can run to a desk, as well as a head phone output for personal monitoring.
The TM-2 also had a midi out to run to a pc for recording.


The initial price outlay is R3995 for the module and R995 for the snare and tom triggers (each) and R1195 for the kick drum module. Most players will only use the kick and snare drum modules. This makes it a cheaper option than buying an electric kit. It’s also less cumbersome than making a traditional hybrid kit by combining an acoustic kit with an electric one.

The TM-2 is in my opinion one of the best investments a drummer can make. It allows you to dramatically change your tones while still retaining the kit you’re most comfortable playing. And if you decide to buy a new kit one day, you can take your triggers and module to the new the new kit and keep on rocking one.

If you would like more info on the TM-2, or if you would like to come into one of the stores to check one out, contact your closest branch.
[branch locator]

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Fresh From NAMM

Fender is rolling out two new USA-made models — the American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker and American Standard Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker — in 2015 that feature the new Tim Shaw “Shawbucker” humbucking pickups.
Shaw, a longtime Fender employee and acclaimed humbucking pickup guru, was enlisted to create a brand-new bridge pickup of unrivaled tone and quality. Shaw’s expertise dates far back, to his work with the first and biggest names in the history of humbucking pickup design, and the result of his efforts — the “Shawbucker” pickup — is an electrifying new landmark in Fender pickup design.
“He did not disappoint,” said Vice President of Fender Product Marketing, Justin Norvell. “This is a beautiful, musical sounding humbucker, and it’s paired with Custom Shop single coil pickups, so you truly have the best of both worlds. Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups and a Shaw-designed humbucker for the most musical, versatile HSS instrument we’ve ever designed.”
In the video below, Shaw explains his background with humbucking pickups and the approach he took to this Fender assignment. Norvell also offers a tonal demonstration of the American Standard Stratocaster HSS.


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Pops Mohamed & Dave Reynolds

Pops and Dave will be hosting a workshop this weekend!

When: Saturday 7 March 2015

Time: 12:00 till 14:00

Venue: Red Bull Studios
103B Bree Street, Cape Town

Pops is joining Dave Reynolds and Congolese folk-singer-bass-player Sylvain Baloubeta for The Acoustic Masala Tour. This manifests in a series of intimate shows around the Western Cape.

Pops Mohamed was featured in the tv series 21 Icons. He’s synonymous with the term South African Jazz legend. He’s a multi-award winning performer who’s toured with artists like world music legends Andreas Vollenweider and Baaba Maal, and recorded music with South Africa’s tribal people called the San, more commonly known as The Bushmen.

He also co-created the TV show Southern Rhythms. The show explores the relationship between music and spirituality in SA.

Dave Reynolds is SA’s leading steelpan player! He’s a SAMRO Award winning composer and also performs with acoustic guitar. He’s toured and recorded all over the world with legends like Steve Newman, Hugh Masekela, the late Gito Baloi, Tony Cox, the late Sipho Gumede, Paul Hanmer and McCoy Mrubata, to name just a few.

All online ticket booking carries an early-bird discount and venues are more intimately focused, so booking is highly recommended.

To make a booking, email

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Mo’ Live Blues!

Dan Patlansky.jpg

This weekend! Boulevard Blues headline Harley Davidson Two Passes Rally! Dan Patlansky at Hillcrest Quarry!

Friday 6 – Sunday 8 March

– Boulevard Blues are Headlining The Harley Davidson Two Passes Rally 2015, in Wilderness.

Sunday 8th March

– Dan Patlansky rocks Hillcrest Quarry before setting off on another International Tour to the UK.
– He’ll be joined by special guest Richard Pryor. The Band Borderline will be opening this event.
Don’t miss this chance to see Dan firing on all 6 electric strings with the full electric band.
Direct booking link: itickets 
For info, contact Hillcrest: 021 9764959 or mail:

Sunday 26th April (Monday 27th April is a Public Holiday)

The Big Blues Meets Rock Fest at Hillcrest Quarry
Details coming very soon… but bands have already been booked:

– Van Coke Kartel
– Albert Frost Trio
– Pebbleman & Guests
– Gerald Clark & The Deadmen
– The Black Cat Bones
– Plus More

Stay tuned to get your Blues Rock Festival fix!

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Fresh from NAMM 2015!



The BB-1X premium Bass stompbox is designed to make your bass sound bold and punchy.


More than just a standard compact bass pedal, the BB-1X is like a preamp, a crucial component in creating quality sound. It captures the essence and subtle nuances of your bass, amp, and playing and emphasizes all their best characteristics.

Incorporating BOSS’ latest MDP technology, the BB-1X delivers a wide range of superior sounds, from natural clean tones to heavy distortion. It adapts and responds to any playing style or register, but never loses the body and core tone of your instrument. The BB-1X’s natural-sounding distortion preserves the high definition and dynamics reflected in the finest details of your sound.

The BB-1X provides a clear sonic outline to enhance your sound, yet never muffles your low end. With the Blend knob, you can easily adjust your tone by mixing the direct signal with the effect sound. Low, High, and Drive knobs offer an extremely wide range of sound creation. These controls not only shape the frequencies, but change the characteristics of the tone as well. The Line Out jack on the BB-1X goes beyond a standard DI out, providing a newly crafted and enhanced direct sound for reaching larger audiences through a PA system. The “1X” in the BB-1X’s name represents the pedal’s premium look, sound, and feel. Whether you’re defining your standard tone or spicing up your sound for soloing, the BB-1X Bass Driver is a must-have for every modern bassist.

– Bold, punchy sound that invigorates the original tone and responsiveness of your bass and amp
– Contains BOSS’ latest distortion, which adapts to every register and never muffles your low end
– Blend knob allows for mixing the direct signal with the effect signal
– Independent Low and High knobs for ultra-wide tonal adjustment
– Two output jacks: a normal output for a bass amp and a Line Out for a balanced connection directly to a PA or recorder
– The Line Out jack provides a modern and enhanced direct sound that brings out new characteristics in your tone
– The newest member of the special-edition X-series BOSS compact pedals, which offer premium looks, sound, and feel



Much More Than a Normal Bass Stompbox

Don’t let the appearance of the BB-1X fool you—it’s not just another compact effect pedal. Rather than a standard bass stompbox that’s used occasionally for musical passages or solos, the BB-1X functions more like a preamp and DI that enhances and refines your entire sound.

While many preamps color your sound or drastically change its character, the BB-1X is different. It emphasizes and invigorates the natural characteristics of your bass and amp, as well as the nuance of your playing style. Simply put, the BB-1X Bass Driver takes your normal rig and makes it sound even better!

Endless Possibilities for Creating Your Core Tone

All bassists are concerned with body, punch, and other fundamental sound elements, and need a wide range of adjustability to achieve their core tone. This is where the BB-1X really shines. With our latest technology, you have endless possibilities for producing a polished professional sound. In combination with the High and Low tone knobs, the Blend knob provides exceptional adjustability to dial in the perfect balance to nail your personal tone.

The BB-1X Sound Isn’t Smoke and Mirrors

In order to get a punchy sound with conventional bass pedals, the frequency range is typically narrowed down, resulting in a somewhat unnatural sound. In addition, the low end can get muffled while trying to achieve a transparent, high-definition distortion tone. As the distortion level is increased, the dynamic response is decreased, which limits your musical expression.

Thanks to the advanced technology from BOSS, the BB-1X analyzes the bass signal from several different dimensions in real time. An enormous amount of processing is performed according to the instrument, playing style, phrasing, dynamics, and more. This provides a wide range of possibilities to shape and enhance your sound without altering the fundamental tone of your instrument and amp. Combining solid low end with natural-sounding, high-definition distortion, the BB-1X delivers the dynamic response required to reflect the unique individual expression of every modern bassist.

Specially Tuned Line Out Jack for Impressive Direct Sound

On stage, the bass signal is typically split into two separate outputs using a DI box: one output goes to your bass amp, while the second output goes directly to the PA. The BB-1X features a convenient balanced Line Out jack that functions as a DI when you need it. But make no mistake, this is not your basic line out—BOSS has specially tuned it for superior tone.

The signature stage sound you’ve created with your amplifier and the DI sound presented to the audience can be quite different, because the PA engineer’s main consideration is an overall balanced sound of the entire band. After consulting with many top bassists and pro PA engineers, BOSS carefully considered their suggestions and incorporated some unique enhancements into the BB-1X’s Line Out.

The body and core tone produced by the BB-1X’s Line Out is not the result of simply boosting the low end, which can result in an unbalanced band mix through the PA. Its special tuning provides a full spectrum of balanced sound, while never losing the body, punch, and presence of your individual tone.

Courtesy of your friends at BOSS, you get the best of both worlds with the BB-1X: an output to your amplifier for the stage sound you love, plus a separate DI that delivers optimized tone to the PA engineer for house sound you can trust.


Nominal Input Level

-20 dBu

Input Impedance

1 M ohm

Nominal Output Level

OUTPUT jack: -20 dBu
LINE OUT jack: -20 dBu

Output Impedance

OUTPUT jack: 1 k ohm
LINE OUT jack: 600 ohms

Recommended Load Impedance

OUTPUT jack: 10 k ohms or greater
LINE OUT jack: 600 ohms or greater

Controls: Pedal switch

LEVEL knob
BLEND knob
LOW knob
HIGH knob
DRIVE knob

Controls: Indicator

CHECK indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator)


INPUT jack
LINE OUT jack (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V)

Power Supply

Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61) or Carbon-zinc battery (9V, 6F22)

AC adaptor (sold separately)

Current Draw

54 mA

Expected battery life under continuous use (These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.): Alkaline battery – approximately 6 hours


Owner’s Manual
Leaflet (“USING THE UNIT SAFELY,” “IMPORTANT NOTE,” and “Information”)
Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61)

Optional extras (sold separately)

AC adaptor (PSA series)

Size and Weight

Width 73 mm
Depth 129 mm
Height 59 mm
Weight 450 g

0 lbs. 16 oz.* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

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COPA Industry Day ROCKS!

Drum and Bass

More than a great gear expo, Industry Day featured cool jams with hot student talent…

Paul Bothner Music visited COPA Cape Town and gave students the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings, advantages, features and benefits of some truly cutting edge and popular gear. The students seemed to love the featured gear and let rip with some really great playing.

Students, like guitarist Chris Noble (pictured below), gave us quite a showcase of the “EMG-pickup loaded” signature series Jim Root Fender Telecaster! Other notable gear included the Roland Cube 10 watt GX series amp and a valve-powered Vox Night Train NT15C1.

Chris Noble-Shreds.jpg

Amongst the bassists, the beautiful Fender American Precision Special proved to be quite a showcase as well, with even COPA instructor, Andre Swartz (pictured above) showing us how it makes music work with just about any playing style. Andre played big, fat funk and jazz lines through a Fender Rumble 40 bass amp. Incidentally, it weighs in at a record 8.16 kg. It’s probably the lightest bass amp around… but the tonal tonnage and volume is huge.

A few of COPA’s drumming students gave us an advanced technical showcase of fusion, funk and rock styles on the Roland TD-11KV electronic drum kit. The jam sessions were really easy on the ears because of the performers’ musical approach and the low overall volume. Roland electronic kits have volume control and tonal options which make them a real bonus for any level of musician.

This is probably any drummer’s ultimate rig – circumventing the usual bland practice pad tone for drummers — because the Roland kits have a crazy range of drum sounds available, at the tap of a button…
In fact, the rest of the band can play along through any size amp (practice or stack), even at home, not having to worry about neighbours. Naturally, blasting away on-stage is easy as well with no drummer’s microphone checks necessary and with the kit being so mobile, one person can carry all of it into the venue, electronic cymbals and all, by just folding it inwards, to fit through the doorway.

AKAI Mandi

Mandisi Mafu (pictured left), our AKAI Pro Specialist, and Roland Keyboard Specialist Kyle Petersen were in control of the AKAI & Roland display room. Students checked out vocal looping with the BOSS VE-5 and had more than a glimpse of other state-of-the-art gear. Mandisi noted that the students are so busy that some of them weren’t aware that there are such devices available. They hadn’t considered the potential of developing such ideas on their own. The current reality is that there’s a great market for musicians who use loopers and work without a band of musicians accompanying them. It seemed that many musicians who entered the AKAI Pro and Roland area were also unaware of how high the electro product line had ascended in practicality and out-of-the-box advancement, as well.

Prize winners

Paul Bothner Music also ran a lucky draw which featured give-aways to students (pictured right). Prizes included Fender, Mapex, and Zildjian T-shirts, packs of Rotosound electric guitar and bass strings, and Zildjian accessories in the form of cd wallets and dog-tags. We’ll announce the winner of the R500 voucher soon… Watch this space for more.

Judging by the kind of display of students’ technique, COPA is a great place to initiate your metamorphosis and become a professional musician.

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Assembly Presents Free For All

Assembly Free For All.jpg

Catch these awesome events at Assembly including a FREE FOR ALL this Friday 20 February!

Friday 20 February 2015

Honda Presents: Free For All

The Assembly recently celebrated their 7th year open – they’re proud to be a part of the Cape Town and South African Music industry! This week they’re opening it up and giving one back to you, on the house – free entry for all, all night!

In the same spirit – they’re opening it up for all DJs to give you the chance to perform on the night! Drop your mix on the Facebook event page – they’ll be listening in and choosing the lineup from all submissions! For extra points, get your friends and fans to comment and vote for you!



Saturday 21 February 2015

Honda Presents: Roastin’ Records, A Celebration of Vinyl

This Saturday ROASTIN’ RECORDS – Cape Town returns for a night in celebration of vinyl! They’ll be spinning their and your favourite records at The Assembly all night!


Roastin’ Records will be opening a Pop Up store so you can peruse and purchase an awesome selection of vinyl records. They specialize in vinyl records and record players and sound equipment.

Free before 10PM / R30 After

Backline equipment at The Assembly is sponsored by Paul Bothner Music.


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Akai Pro Advance Keyboards

The Essence of Progress

Advance Keyboards fuse the power of software instruments with the live playability of keyboard workstations.

Unprecedented Control of Your Virtual Instruments

AKAI Pro Advance49TopView.jpg

This is the way to do it! Akai Professional’s Advance Keyboards are like nothing else you’ve ever played. The Advance Series gives you unprecedented playability and unrestricted manipulation of any virtual instrument with their exclusive interactive, full-colour display, complemented by performance-friendly hardware controls. Available in 25, 49, and 61 key models, the Advance Keyboards deftly fuse the power of software instruments with the live playability of a keyboard workstation, so you can create like never before! The dividing line between software and hardware instruments is finally gone!

Akai Pro LaptopView.jpg

The Advance Keyboards transform computer-based plugins into an entirely hands-on playing experience. The keyboard surface features an integrated high-resolution full-colour 4.3-inch display, providing real-time control and feedback of all virtual instruments.

The screen instantly adapts itself to the selected plugin’s controls, delivering immediate 1:1 access to the instrument and various editable functions. Better yet, the Advance Keyboards work with any VSTi virtual instrument. Using the Advance Keyboard’s custom-designed Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software application, your entire VSTi library is controlled by one application. VIP operates as a plugin inside any major digital audio workstation (DAW) or as a stand-alone application on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Sophisticated but Easy to Use

Dedicated physical controls are thoughtfully included, with our RGB backlit, velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads on each keyboard surface. Rubberized pitch and modulation wheels provide simple, direct note manipulation with musically natural action. Easily-gripped, continuously-variable endless knobs let you make adjustments with granular or dramatic effect. Our custom semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keybed supports aftertouch, making it the ideal keyboard for seasoned live performers and studio producers alike.

We Give You Everything You Need

Included with each Advance Keyboard is the Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) application. VIP gives you immediate access to any virtual instrument in your collection-with or without a DAW-a powerful way to play virtual instruments live or integrate them into a recording session.

VIP software users can also create setlists that provide on-demand access to your customized instruments for stage performance and studio work. By simply pressing a single button on an Advance Keyboard, you can adapt to song changes as the live performance progresses-without ever reaching for your computer. That’s what you want!

You’ll also love VIP’s facilities for hyper-fast instrument and patch browsing, key zone splitting, layering of up to 8 instruments per VIP instance, expansive custom mapping capabilities, and support for any VSTi plugin. You can run as many instances of the Virtual Instrument Player as your computer allows. VIP runs as a VSTi, AU, RTAS or AAX plugin, allowing you access to VSTi’s in virtually any DAW, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live.

With the Advance Keyboards, you get uninhibited access to any virtual instrument in your library without losing focus of the instrument in front of you. Nothing else can do that for you.


The Advance 49 Keyboard comes with a 16GB download of over 10,000 sounds from industry-leading developers at AIR Music Technology, SONiVOX, and TOOLROOM RECORDS. This comprehensive collection of nine plugins provides you with an instant palette of contemporary, sought-after sounds for both live performance and studio production.

Advance Keyboards Highlights:

  • Keyboards for advanced virtual instrument performance
  • Integrated 4.3-inch high-resolution full-color screen with dedicated interface buttons
  • Screen provides 1:1, real-time feedback of plugin parameters
  • Includes Virtual Instrument Player software for unprecedented virtual instrument preset management, control mapping and multi patch creation
  • 49 premium, semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keybed with aftertouch
  • 8 large, endless and continuously variable control knobs
  • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive MPC pads with RGB illumination
  • Dedicated pad bank, transport control, octave, and performance buttons
  • Note repeat, time-division, pattern arpeggiator, and tap-tempo buttons
  • Rubberized Pitch and Modulation wheels
  • Expression pedal and footswitch inputs
  • USB and 5-pin MIDI Input/Output for use with any MIDI capable software or hardware
  • Functions as a standalone controller
  • Included sounds: Vacuum Pro, Loom, Hybrid 3, Xpand!2, Velvet and Transfuser by AIR Music Tech, Eighty Eight Ensemble by SONiVOX and exclusive artist launch packs from TOOLROOM RECORDS (downloads). Plus 100’s of other VI’s and sounds from a growing list of partners, available for purchase, downloadable from the VIP Store
  • Available in 25-, 49-, and 61- key sizes

Virtual Instrument Player Software Highlights:

  • Plays virtually every VSTi-compatible plugin
  • Operates as a standalone virtual instrument player for your computer
  • Also operates as a plugin within any AU, VST, or AAX compatible DAW
  • Organizes your plugin collection with intuitive browsing by plugin, artist collection, instrument type, timbre, and more
  • Access, edit, and mix up to 8 virtual instruments at one time
  • Setlist feature lets live performers switch between patches from any plugin instantly from the keyboard
  • Extensive key zone splitting, custom mapping, and instrument mixing options
  • Pre-mapped to hundreds of industry-leading virtual instruments
  • Unlimited instances of VIP may be run in a DAW


Advance Keyboards include Vacuum Pro, Loom, Hybrid 3, Xpand!2, Velvet and Transfuser by AIR Music Tech, Eighty Eight Ensemble by SONiVOX and exclusive artist launch packs from TOOLROOM RECORDS (downloads). Plus, there are 100’s of other VI’s and sounds from a growing list of partners, available for purchase, downloadable from the VIP Store.

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Art Moves Africa Grants


Art Moves Africa, is an international non-profit organisation aimed at developing the arts and culture sector in Africa. They have recently relaunched their mobility grants program, an initiative to facilitate artistic exchanges within Africa.

The AMA was founded on the principle that they want to grow the channels for cultural exchange in Africa, and encourage shared participation and growth between artists across the continent.

During May 2013 owing to funding cuts to the culture sector AMA was obliged to end the grant program, the re-launch of the AMA grant program was made possible thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs and Stichting Doen.

Artists in the performing and visual arts, music, cinema, literature and cultural advocacy sectors are welcome to apply for a grant to travel within and between various African regions at no cost to themselves if they are selected.

The board of directors who will be choosing who the grants are allocated to are a diverse cosmopolitan group, including Luc Mayitoukou, a cultural manager from the Congo, Judy Ogana manager of Kenya’s Go Down Art Center, Tarek Abou El Fetouh director of Egypt’s Young Arab Theatre, Farai Mpfunya director of Zimbabwe’s cultural fund trust and Mariam Mayoumbila a cultural entrepreneur from Chad.

More information on the application process can be found [here]

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