Tunes Rehearsal Studio – Stellenbosch

Tunes Rehearsal Space

Tunes is a rehearsal studio – affordable practice space, good quality reference rehearsal recordings, drum lessons and retailing in musical accessories and more. They also stock electric, acoustic and bass guitars. They’ve assisted major players including Karen Zoid and Valiant Swart.
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In Studio with Co-op TV – Episode 17

co op tv logo

This episode features a step-by-step construction of a BIG club track and some other interesting snippets. Co-op TV is more than just a TV station broadcaster. It’s a local sustainable community network. It’s an information highway. It’s a place where people can come together from various backgrounds and communicate on their common interests.
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Salty Dogs Studios: high-class / low-cost


The fast expanding music industry in the Western Cape requires a well equipped space where new and established artists can rehearse and record their practise sessions with technical support available.
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Recording Acoustic Guitars


The acoustic guitar remains one of the hardest instruments record and get a great sound. It has a wide frequency spectrum, a large dynamic range and the sound you get is very dependant on the player. You can spend long, frustrating hours getting the perfect sound and recording it – but it can be worth it. A well-recorded acoustic guitar is a joy to hear. So, let’s take a look at what you need to know…
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Recording Electric Guitars


An electric guitar is capable of a wide range of sounds and is unique in that the amplifier and the speakers are as much a part of the sound as the instrument itself.This means that to record the “true” sound of the electric guitar, you ideally need to capture the sound coming from the speakers with microphones.
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