Cape Town: Paul Bothner Music Plumstead

Paul Bothner Music Plumstead


Shop G7, Richmond Centre
Main Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Ref Point: c/o Gabriel Road and Main Road Plumstead

GPS:  -34.023111 + 18.466923

Tel: +27 (0)21 761-4828
Fax: +27 (0)21 761-4808

Shop Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday: 8.30 am to 2 pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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About Us

Situated on the Main Road, our Plumstead superstore offers two floors of the widest selection of music equipment in the Western Cape. With plenty of free and secure parking plus easy access from the M3 and M5 highways, Paul Bothner Plumstead is the ideal destination for your modern music shopping.

Our well trained staff is ready to offer assistance and advice in a way that is akin to the knowledge offered by true gurus in the realm of technical and pragmatic referencing, to make your life easier and add value to our stock and service delivery. With our regular customer focused sales training and our hands-on approach in equipment training sessions, we maintain the pertinence of our customers in the sales relationships which we develop and enhance.

Plumstead Branch Manager, Digby Kramer, pictured on the left, is amongst other things, a drummer and has been associated with master musicians like Efrain Toro. He should be recognized by many of our regulars as previously being manager at our Claremont branch.

Guitars for Africa!

We offer the largest selection of electric & bass guitars, nylon & steel string guitars, effects processors and amplification in the Western Cape. Speak to our specialised guitar sales staff for their expert advice on guitars, amps effects and accessories.

PA Department

Our PA Department, on the second floor, offers systems suitable for any application, from small indoor gigs, churches and school halls, to outdoor events and night clubs. Talk to our specialist salespeople, for expert advice on everything, from the smallest portable PA, through to large installations and massive concert rigs.

DJ Gear

From basic mixers, synthesizers, drum machines and sound modules, to the most sought after state-of-the art equipment. You’ll find all of these and more of the kind of quality, affordable stock in a modern, open-plan shopping environment. You’ll also find that our salespeople really know their stuff – it’s what we’re famous for.


With the widest selection of Keyboards and Digital Pianos in the Western Cape, we cater to every level of musician, with all sorts of needs. From basic home keyboards, through to the top-of-the-line pro user workstations and synthesizers, we have it all – and, of course, ready for you to try out. Our keyboard specialists are professional working musicians, whom can give you all the advice you require, to ensure that you leave with the keyboard or piano that best suits your individual needs.


Staff at our Plumstead branch are involved in the installation and support of the Music Labs of all the “Focus” schools in the Western Cape. Our expertise is also used at Universities. Our involvement in teaching and support at the Music Computer Labs at the University of Cape Town is a classic example of our commitment to Music Technology in Education. We also offer in-store music lessons.

Computer Support

We have experts on both Windows and Mac Platforms . We can build your audio PC to your specifications. Please click this link for more:

We’re authorized Apple re-sellers. We have solutions for iPad, iPhone and iPod users and can advise you on how to maximize these units for music performance, recording and music teaching applications.

Hi-Tech & Recording Studio Equipment

You’ll find everything you need right here, from music software and recording systems, ADAT technology, digital mixers, reference monitors, high-end microphones and signal processors. And everything is sold with the guarantee of professional after-sales backup and service. We have experienced in-house recording engineers and Music-technologists. We offer live demonstrations of the hardware and software on both Mac and PC platforms.

Drums and Percussion

We have a complete percussion and drum department, with a huge variety of acoustic as well as electronic drum-kits, marching band drums, cymbals, percussion and accessories. Our drum experts and support staff are involved in the industry as performers and teachers.

Books and DVDs

We stock teaching tutors and repertoire material for most instruments and will go out of our way to get whatever teaching material is available.

Brass Woodwind and Strings

We also cater to all your Orchestral instrument needs, from beginners to professional, from Classical to Jazz.

Demo Rooms

You’ll find our Plumstead store should cater to your needs for demos, whether it’s for synthesizers, drums, brass instruments, guitars or even microphones.