Boss Katana Amp Series

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | January 8, 2017


To most musicians, Boss is synonymous with rugged quality pedals that last a lifetime. In addition, they are world one of the world leaders in guitar and bass tone.

Boss have taken their years of experience, and have created the Boss Katana Amp range of amplifiers.

The amp has been named after the traditional Japanese sword; a symbol of honour and precision. The Boss Katana Amp range was born out of the same process that created the Waza amplifier.

According to Boss, “these innovative amps embody BOSS’s determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound”.

Upon first hearing the amp, you will notice how much punch it offers. It does so cleanly and without muddying up your tone. The dynamics are clean and cut through a mix well.

Players have said that this guitar works well for anything from driving metal to country fingerstyle playing. This is because the low end on the Katana amps is controlled and the tops have been perfectly pitched and voiced. This allows the amp to be used in a large range of genres.


The Boss Katana Amp offers five amp characters that you can choose from. They are Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars).

If amp modelling alone isn’t enough to get you excited about this amp, then how about onboard effects?

Moreover, you will be able to choose from 55 different customizable effects. This effect can be easily tweaked on your computer using the Boss Tone Studio editor software that comes with the amp.

Once you have tweaked your patch, you can save it to one of 15 save slots on the amp. This will allow you to have complete control to dial in the perfect delay or distortion. The amp lets you use 3 effects at the same time.

To further control your tone, there are dedicated gain, EQ, presence, and effects controls for adjusting your tone on the fly.

Once you find your perfect combination of effects, amp characteristics, and tone settings, you can save the whole set-up into one of four amp settings slots.

Home Practice

A big amp doesn’t sound good at low volumes. This is true for valve and solid state amps. When an amps volume is pushed, it has a natural breaking sound that you just cannot achieve when playing with the volume turned down.

In order to combat this, Boss have made the Boss Katana amps have a variable power control. This means that you can drop the power of the amp and still achieve a cranked amp tone, but without the neighbours complaining.


So far, there are currently 3 amps and one amp head in the Boss Katana Amp range.



 | KATANA-100/212

100 w 2 by 12 Guitar Amplifier
Read More



| KATANA-100

100 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




50 w Guitar Amplifier
Read More




30 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using internal speaker)
100 w Guitar Amplifier Head (When using external speaker)
Read More

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