Band Academy: The Business of Music

By PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC | October 10, 2016


The Music Industry is a Business just like any other. It would be naive to think otherwise. 

Presented By: Lyle from GAGE
At: DV Village Music Kimberly
Shop 54 North Cape Mall
Memorial Road,

Home recording is on the rise. Because of this you can go to a local music store and buy a basic home studio set up, go home and record on the same day. Within a few days, you can have a simple album recorded. If you want  a better quality product, then you can practice and learn how to record until you get it right.

Or, you could go to a studio and ask them to record your album for you. After recording, you have a finished product that you want to get out into the world. So, what’s next? How does a band go from finished product to selling their work?

That’s where the Business of Music comes in.

Indeed, anyone can record something. That is undoubtedly the easy part. Growing your band profile, however, is hard.

In the golden age of music, a record label would pay for a band to record their album. Because of their investment, the record label would then spend money marketing the band and growing the band’s profile. The record label needed to make their money back in order the justify the initial investment. This is no longer the case. Consequently, musicians now have to do most of marketing themselves.

This installment of Band Academy will teach up and coming musicians the ins and outs of the Business of Music.

What to Expect

Lyle will be covering a broad range of topics related to the music industry. He will discuss:

  1.  How to progress as a band and individual
  2. Goals and Strategies
  3. Marketing including social media , merchandising and exposure
  4. Venue bookings
  5. Travel costs
  6. General life on the road
  7. Recording and SAMRO Procedures
  8. Running your band as a business: profits , reinvestments, and financial planning

Lyle Burger

Lyle is the guitarist for Gage. Gage has recently returned from their UK tour where they performed from London to Blackpool. Gage has played on some of the biggest stages in South Africa, including Oppikoppi and Splashy Fen. They are currently recording their 3rd studio album.

Lyle is intimately familiar with in the music industry. He has years of personal experience under his belt and is a great mentor to learn from.

Where and When

Saturday 15 October 


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